New ‘Spider-Man’ Swinging Into Comic Book Shops Following Death Of Peter Parker

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There’s a new web-slinger in town.

New Yorkers take their fictional heroes seriously, so it may come as a shock to some that Peter Parker, the Queens native whose destiny was forever altered by a radioactive/genetically altered spider, has been killed off in the “Ultimates” imprint of Marvel Comics. The Ultimate series is different from Marvel’s standard line, in which Peter Parker is still happily toiling away as everybody’s favorite hard-luck hero.

No, in the Ultimates series, Peter Parker gets killed at the hands of his nemesis the Green Goblin. But, being a comic book series, no hero stays dead for long. While Peter Parker may be gone, a new kid is stepping into the tights: Miles Morales.

Miles Morales is a half-black, half-Hispanic super-powered teen who gets into the hero game after being inspired by Parker’s death.

“He’s younger than Peter Parker, he’s coming from a completely different background, a completely different world view,” writer Brian Michael Bendis told the Associated Press. Bendis, who has been writing Ultimate Spider-Man (and many other) comics for Marvel since 2000, is enthusiastic about the change. “I’m now sitting with a pile of legitimately new Spider-Man stories to tell and that is the best news a writer could have.”

No word on whether the change in ethnicity is going to play a role in casting decisions in upcoming Spider-Man movies or Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.

What do you think: does a comic book super-hero’s ethnicity matter? Is this just a cash grab from Marvel or a long-overdue update? Sound off on our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Pablo Parker says:

    I can see it now…..Minority Man will be a drug dealing, gang banging coyote, smugging member of La Raza across the border, while killing white people and making babies that immediately qualify for welfare.

  2. Niles Baker says:

    WHITE folks see right through this sh|t.

    1. Bob says:

      LOL…’s only the effing wiggers at Marvel comics who can’t see the irony in making a once-valuable franchise into cheap sh.tskin knock-off and killing the original money making character! LOL!

      I wonder if they consult for Ocommie’s White House? hahahahahhaaha

  3. Edward says:

    Yeah, he is fighting not for Justice but for ‘mo welfare checkses. Pitiful. The blacks need to get it together. The first black president has been a disasster so far. He’s so lazy and in so far over his head. It’s proof that affirmative action doesn’t work and is dangerous to society.

    1. Richard says:

      That was a racist comment.

  4. Mike Matheson says:

    You are a completely LIBERAL POLITICALLY CORRECT RACIST BIGOT. This is pandering to certain people cuz of the COLOR of their SKIN. This is RACIST.

  5. jasperddbgghost says:

    Why not just make him a gay, Jewish, quadriplegic, black, transexual with four anuses and a phallus for a nose. Seriously, who wants to read this trash?

    It’s not about artwork or writing good stories anymore. It’s about catering to PC.

  6. Terry Knows Moore says:

    To bad……….the first copy will sell for collectors, the rest will not.

  7. Keebler says:

    Great, now we have a brother thug super hero to run through the city to beat up and rob people. He is more than likely here illegally and for what he is not getting from robbing people, he is getting from our government. To top that off, he has an illegal girlfriend that is spitting out illegal babies every year to gain more income from the government and just adding to the gene pool of degenerates.

    I have been to NY four times in the last year and can see why things of this manor are being created. NY is vile. But what else would you expect from a place over run with Dems.

    1. Dave says:

      Try Hawaii, it’s even worse.

  8. Josh says:

    People who get paid lots of money & are claimed “experts” in their fields are usually so untalented & devoid of new ideas that they are unable to create anything unique or of inherent value in the real world. Without the backing of the establishments, connections, payola schemes, etc. – these people would wither away into insignifigance in the real world. Just because a person has a paid position to do something by no means translates into their creative ability or capacity to do so. How they’re “reinventing” the charater is an amatuer idea that’s been seen a million times – it’s tiring & boring…just like most of the movies made today.

  9. Shazamm says:

    I usually just squish spiders, unless they are daddy long-legs. Those are the good ones and they don’t bite.

  10. DerHitman says:

    Ironically today’s “storm” is millions of social parasites illegally border-jumping and breeding indiscriminately. Perhaps the new Spiderman’s power should be contraception.

  11. Chicago Nick says:

    You can go here and let em know what you think about their PC illegal alien suckking up move

  12. Chickenbig says:

    This will be about as successful as the black karate kid…

  13. Shazamm says:

    Really? People still buy comicbooks?

  14. IGotGirth says:

    What a joke. I am so sick of the liberal elite’s idea of a perfect world being jammed down my throat. Of course I am a racist for disagreeing with them. You know what? I don’t care and I assure you my family and children will not be supporting anything Marvel anymore. Your racist card playing days are limited.

  15. Big Joke says:

    What a F U C K I N G joke.

  16. misterfister says:

    What’s next? Superman being replaced by a generous jewish guy?

  17. Gregg Velosi says:

    No, you ultra-tolerant twit, they arent “doing the right thing”. If you’d pull your head out from between Obama’s legs, you’d see more clearly

  18. Edward says:

    China took the jobs from Mexico, so I wouldn’t crow so loudly Jose. Mexico is losing even worse than America is.


    Wow. CBS is infested with racist morons.


    Idiots. All of your white wives crave a black man to split them open and give them the pounding you could never give. Most of them have probably done it already.

    1. Abe says:

      That’s because a black women knows what a bunch of lazy deadbeats you are.

    2. JeannieD says:

      I can comfortably say as a white woman that this statement is pure and utter b.s. – I wouldn’t touch you OR any of your “bruthas” with a 10-foot pole.

  20. Chicago Nick says:

    Gee I hope the half Amigo is as good as the half black Keynesian Banana Boat captain….An Affirmative Action Super Hero….No wonder America’s in terminal velocity free fall, it doesn’t care anymore about who does what best, it’s what color of skin is the whiney beeeech of the month.

  21. Jerimiah says:

    EDDIE S ;

    MORON !!!!

    or, if you are 12 yrs. old, i apologize.


  22. Gena says:

    Hey maybe he will clean up the ghettos and gang bangers! It’s not like those communities are doing any work on cleaning them up.

  23. John says:

    Miles Morales?! Why not Speedy Gonzales?!

  24. Craig says:

    He gets his power from drinking fourty ouncers whereupon he can steal air conditioners for copper at breakneck speed!

  25. matt says:

    the ultimates line jumped the shark a long time ago.

  26. tewk says:

    Color must matter to Marval, or they wouldn’t be changeing iit on SpiderMan. And iMarvel l thinks this will attract more blacks/hispanics, then it floows they will lse white patrons.. Indeed theyve lost mine. But like everyother American istitution,,,,,Marvel is being destroyed….oh well.

  27. Noreaster says:

    Marvel Comics have been hi-jacked by the socalist liberals…….
    White people seem to have a bulls-eye on their backs these days.

  28. bossou says:

    Who knows what his voice sounds like,deepa dapa or k- no speakie.

  29. Jim in Houston says:

    Could this be that Oblamer is now truly a comic book character? I am so sick of all the left wing PC BS I could puke!

    1. Jack says:

      I’m so sick of right-wing paranoid racism. Don’t try to force others into fear and hate just because your ‘party’ relies on it. I visited the republican website and was amused to find that their basis is one of the failures of Obama rather than the merits of their own party. Just in case i didn’t think of it before, they kindly shoved in my face the donation options. I think most would rather tolerate political correctness than political incorrectness

      1. ab says:

        Hey jack political correctness is a cop out.This not paranoid,at every turn you and I.
        are attacked every day by your left wing views. Taking our freedoms away,Taking
        every little thing that makes us Americans.Spider man is just the latest in long line of
        white people do not matter.OH go to your other buddies web site you will get the same thing.

      2. Someone who can write says:

        Ab cannot form a sentence to save his life. Remember when writing to use a subject and a verb! Also, please stop adding periods and commas where they do not belong.

        A well educated minority

  30. cmm912 says:

    Can you say PANDERING?!?!??? This is a JOKE, RIGHT?!?!? No?
    OK, I have an idea, why don’t they make the new Spiderman a black, spanish, chinese, japanese, greek, arab, indian (American & hindu), korean, swedish, norwegian, dutch, portugese, peruvian, czech, polish, african, polynesian, canadian, jamaican, french, iranian, turkish, iraqi, pakistani, afghani, british, italian, russian, german, cajun, eskimo, mongolian, LGBT?!????

  31. MisterJones says:

    Please come to my neighborhood I need another shoot and see target.

  32. He says:

    Stan Lee quite opeds to yourself – if this isn;’t Stan then pull your PC head out of your Arse!

  33. Obama Lied says:

    Kill them all off, and replace them with left wing Obama voting democrats. I just don’t understand why they don’t do what they REALLY want to do: make all democrats into heroes to fly around and save the universe from the tyranny of capitalism. That is what it is ultimately about to these left wing numbskulls

  34. Richard A Hooks says:

    I watched a real life cop show.. the mother of a 22 year old kid.. who was gunned down on the street.. told the COPS she wasn’t no snitch.. that about says it all.. on crime fighting

  35. me says:

    Stories for two groups of people who do not read or graduate from high school – way to go!

    1. He says:


  36. Mongoose says:

    Who cares what color Jesus’ skin was? Black, brown, white, pink with purple polka dots? Who cares? Methinks you don’t get the whole concept.

  37. Fred says:

    I blame the Tea Party

  38. Karl says:

    What’s the breakdown of the Villain’s ethnicities? Is the new Spidey going to be pitted against exclusively pasty white guys?

    PS if there are only a couple “villain’s of color” I believe that is tokenism.

    1. Vince says:

      Yup. You just can’t have minority bad guys in this bizarre utopia known as the world of Progressives. Also known as Fantasy Land.

  39. MoeLarryCurly says:

    Perhaps the new Spider Man can team up with Juan Epstien, The Puerto Rican Jew from Welcome Back Kotter. Spidey catches Bad Guy- Epstein shoves a rubber hose up his nose.

    Shalom, Amigos!

  40. bossou says:

    Who know what his voice sound like,deepa dapa or k- no speakie.

  41. MisterJones says:

    Buy yourself some preperation H and comit suicide by using it as directed,it should cut off the air to your brain,no wait you dont have a brain LMAO.

  42. Ken says:

    Political Correctness Gone wild. Even though this is only in the ultimates line of books, I think it’s ridiculous. I have nothing against super heroes of any race or gender, but why not create a whole new hero? A dearth of new ideas, a dearth of creativity and an overwhelming amount of self congratulatory PC’ness.

  43. truth teller says:

    The only problem with the new Spiderman is that he: 1) refuses to work, and 2) is too dumb to know how to use his powers.

  44. smokehouse56 says:

    I am sooo glad this is useless information to me. Who the hell is spiderman?

  45. Johnny says:

    Makes you wonder why companies go out of their way to commit corporate suicide.

  46. Erik Lundrbeck says:

    Oh boy….the insanity of our PC society. If Peter Parker dies, then just end the series for crying outloud and make Miles Morales into some other superhero,

  47. ricardo maxwell says:

    Leftists liberalism and political correctness, as well as Democrats and Obama, have ruined America.

  48. Tel... says:

    I’m glad you took time from your World of Warcraft game to post here. I bet you have a “Che” t-shirt don’t you sport?

  49. Elwoood says:

    Can Jonah Jamison say anything derogatory towards Spidey? Or will that be racism? Better replace all of them, and make sure to re-color Venom white.

  50. Sven Anders says:

    If the P.C.-agenda isn’t blatantly obvious in this one – then I don’t know what is. They should make it politically-correct and give this new “hero” a lower IQ, an alternative school GED, and an EBT card.

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