Bride-To-Be Says Scaffolding At Park Slope Reception Building Casting Shadow On Picture Perfect Wedding Plans

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Imagine getting engaged and finally booking the place of your dreams for the reception only to find out a giant eyesore may be standing in the way. That’s precisely what Rachel McLennan and Brian McAllister said happened to them.

The couple dreamed of a beautiful wedding reception at the historic Montauk Club in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Featuring a grand staircase and columns, the building reeks of grandeur, but only if you can get past the scaffolding.

The situation, the couple said, was so alarming they changed the location to another place in the area.

“You walk out, you think people might throw flowers or rice or would blow bubbles or whatever it is and there’s black and blue scaffolding,” McLennan told CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano.

McLennan claims she did not know about the scaffolding when she booked her wedding. She said that she learned about it through an e-mail, just months before her October wedding date. She said her picture-perfect wedding plans are now in shambles.

“They should have let someone know and I signed my contracts not knowing any of this could even be possible,” McLennan said. “To have something like this happen and then to spend so much money and not be able to get it back is really unfortunate.”

Kevin Brooks, treasurer of the Montauk Club, said the venue didn’t tell couples about the necessary improvements because they were unsure at the time contracts were signed when work would begin.

“It would be much, much nicer to not have scaffolding up, but it would be much worse to have the building or the balcony collapse,” Brooks said.

scaffolding at montauk club Bride To Be Says Scaffolding At Park Slope Reception Building Casting Shadow On Picture Perfect Wedding Plans

Scaffolding can be seen on the side of the Montauk Club in Park Slope. (credit: CBS 2)

Brooks went on to say that the building work was not something done to “injure somebody’s wedding plans.” He argued that it was simply a matter of safety.

“The balcony that is being repaired right now — as we speak — was not something that could be deferred,” he said.

Those words seemed to be little consolation to McLennan. The Montauk Club offered a discount on catering, but several couples are said to be speaking with attorneys about possible lawsuits.

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  1. Morgan R. says:

    You two are unreal. Bitter much?!

  2. Phil DeBasquet says:

    Pay for a wedding out of your own pocket and see how you feel then. You pay for the scenery not just the dinner.

  3. AMan says:

    “the building REEKS of grandeur”


  4. Bridget says:

    The venue did not tell the brides because they wanted the money. Plain and simple. The brides all should have been notified well in advance even if they did not know the exact date of when the work would start and give the brides the option of getting a full refund and finding another place or have the wedding at their venue at a big discount which is fair. They will have alot of lawsuts and will probably lose. When I got married at Leonards of Great Neck back in the early 90′ when I went to make my final payment I noticed that their were scaffolds all of the inside of the hall. They were painting and my first questions before I handed over the money was “these scaffolds will be gone on Saturday right”. The guy told me honey they will be gone by friday afternoon because we have a wedding Friday night. They were gone on my wedding day.

  5. tMenino says:

    This is just like buying a brand new car and then going to pick it up and they give you a car with dents and scatches all over it. Chances are none of you would be happy with that because you were “sold” one thing and given another; Whether it is a wedding or a car we all want to be treated with rspect and honesty and chances are no one would have taken the car in this situation so why would you want to have the wedding there? Sounds to me like the Montauk needs to look in the mirro and decide what type of club they want to be known as when it comes to doing right by it’s members and guests.

  6. ham07 says:

    As much as I despise and like park slope for its snob factor, Leave the brides alone. The place advertises to be a picture perfect backdrop for a wedding, you can’t sell a contract and not deliver what you are selling. That is BS. Seems like alot of male commenters here under the whip and acting up.

  7. Bernie Sanders says:

    get over it its about your life together not the party ! if it rains you will be safe ~

    1. Bridget says:

      @Bernie, people pay alot of money and want their day to be perfect. Let’s see how you would like it if you spent your hard earned money on wedding for your daughter and have to walik into a place that has scaffolds and drapes all over the building.

  8. Morgan R. says:

    P.S., they knew about the scaffolding way before these brides signed their contracts!

  9. Morgan R. says:

    I have to say a few things:
    I am the Maid of Honor in one of the weddings that had to be rescheduled because of the Montauk Club lies. Not for nothing, there are at least 10 other brides involved in this debacle. For someone to say this woman is being dramatic or a “bridezilla” is completely ridiculous. Any girl who has had to go through the stress of planning a wedding understands that what all of these ladies are going through is nothing short of a nightmare. You act like she is crying hysterically and causing a scene. At least she spoke up about this. One of the brides had to change her wedding 10 days before her actual date!! If you think that’s okay then you’re delusional. Bridezilla is so off the mark!

    1. themadjewess says:

      “bridezilla” is completely ridiculous.

      You are all a bunch of spoiled, rotten BRATS.
      Everyone here knows it.

      Our nation is falling apart and somehow THIS story made it to the big news.

      Get some discipline in your lives, because *NOBODY* gives a rats a$$ if it is raining on your friends wedding.

      1. Fred Zeppelin says:

        Looks like @themadjewess is one of those Tea Baggers – go back to the Midwest honey.

      2. Morgan R. says:

        I agree with Fred!!!!!!
        Spoiled rotten brats??!!!! You don’t know anything about any of us. You just assume because you’re miserable that everyone else is the problem? You don’t know where any of these brides have been or better yet what they’ve gone through. You act like they wrote the article themselves. No one is taking away from the tragedies of the world today. We don’t work for the press and dictate what makes a story and what doesn’t. Sounds like a bunch of bitter people who despise happiness and happy endings if you ask me!!!

  10. Chas says:

    Boo freakin’ hoo!

    1. themadjewess says:

      EXACTLY, Chas-boo friggin hoo, what a BABY, put this witch on BRIDEZILLA

      1. Fred says:

        Better yet, why don’t we put your callous a$$ in the middle of the FDR so you can play in traffic.

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