Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee Selling Children’s Cartoon About 9/11 Attacks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – 9/11, the cartoon?

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee thinks it’s a good idea. He’s one of two people behind Learn Our History, a company which says it is “dedicated to celebrating America’s contributions to the world and making it fun for kids to learn our history.”

The way to make it fun? Cartoons. The company has put together three of a planned 14 videos in its “TimeCycle Academy” series. The series is about a group of kids who “go back in time to relive the most influential stories of our nation.”

They’ve produced three features so far: 9/11 & The War on Terror, Origins of World War II and The Reagan Revolution.

“Our children’s classes and learning materials are often filled with misrepresentations, including historical inaccuracies, personal biases and political correctness,” the company says, explaining part of their educational vision.

The image at the top of the website depicts three historic American figures: Benjamin Franklin, Ronald Reagan and George Washington.

The company pledges the videos are “free from distorted messages that dilute the significance of our nation’s most important series.”

A promotional clip of the 9/11 video is on YouTube. It depicts a cartoon jet hurtling toward the Twin Towers before cutting to a child looking up and saying “No!” Another child asks “Who would do such a thing?” After introducing Osama bin Laden, the cartoon shows a group of men in traditional Islamic garb, waving AK-47s, saying in heavily accented English “The time for Jihad is upon us! Death to the Americans!”

While the promotional video makes mention of the fact that bin Laden is dead, it ends with a cartoon George W. Bush delivering his iconic “I can hear you, and the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon” remarks at Ground Zero.

“In this important film, the time traveling teenagers learn about America’s heroic response to the tragic events of 9/11,” the website reads. “They strive to understand why Al-Qaeda attacked us and how the ongoing War on Terror protects Americans at home and American ideals abroad.”

Watch the video:

In an introductory message on the site, Huckabee says “Schools across the country have turned their backs on our children by distorting facts, imposing political biases and changing the message behind the important lessons of our history.”

The video is available for $9.95.

What do you think of the video? Tell us your reaction in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Katie Lynn says:

    This sounds exactly what is being indoctrinated in North Korea. B.S Propaganda

  2. Katie Lynn says:

    We should get a cartoon out on how Huckabee is a cop killer by pardoning a criminal

  3. Steve says:

    I was 5 blocks away when the first plane hit the North Tower.

    Where was Huckabee? What gives this STUPID HICK the right to hijack a terrible tragedy so that he can make money.

    And what about that two-faced, loudmouth ex-Mayor (whose last name begins with a G)? Where are these losers, when our first responders desperately need help?

    They are both a disgrace!

  4. Fitzroy Marcus says:

    Profiling,tokenism and subtle racism at work! Why only dark people are portrayed terrorists?Where is the mention of a hard decision taken by a black president? One can depend on the GOP distortions to portray patriots as GOP & White!

  5. Rafael Alejandro Martínez says:

    Oh, Americans… So naive. This is just like the old time Nazi or Socialist propaganda, and now targeting children. Clear signs that the country and the society is going down. Keep the people ignorant and leave the gov (and their comercial allies) do what they want to do…

  6. sk says:

    history is never black and white! it all depends on who telling the story and who is teaching! i don’t know if a cartoon is the best approach to teaching young children about 9/11 but why are leftists allowed to say what e ver they want, including mnay anti-american ideas, and they are always considered peaceful/democratic? but the second you mention question moslems or minority groups, even if it is true, you are racist! leftists don’t really care about democracy, just that their voices are heard!

    1. Stephen Smith says:

      You claim “leftists can say whatever they want, including anti-American ideas”.

      Ever hear of the First Amendment? Now there’s an American Idea right there, son.

      Besides, YOUR version of anti-America ideas is usually only that…YOUR VERSION. Idiot.

      1. sk says:

        yes the libreals can express their thoughts and are protected under the first amendment. I don’t argue w/ that! but that sill doesn’t explain why the leftists liberals feel they are entitled to complain about what ever they want but if you say soemthing bad about n a minority group, they don’t feel YOU are entitled to your opinion ( not an american idea)!

  7. MadeinNYC says:

    A governor from Arkansas has no place making a movie about 9/11. He’s just trying to get publicity. I feel that when children are old enough they themselves can research what happened that day and not have to watch some movie that will probably just scare them..

    1. Fannie Lou says:

      He is not a governor. He is an ex-gov. He has the rights of free speech. Just like the liberals.

  8. Hank Warren says:

    Forget Huckabee and his propaganda 9/11 cartoon (about as accurate as the 9/11 Commission Report). Don’t waste your hard-earned money, instead read a BANNED 9/11 book like “America Deceived II” by a real rebel and the “World’s Most Hated Author”, E.A. Blayre III.
    Last link (before Google Books bans it also]:

  9. DR. MENGLE,GOT TWINS? says:

    will this cartoon of the untied snakes worst day so that moron bush reading my pet goat..oh cupcakes..the goat is used in santanic worship..the devil was loose on that day..and its not over..the people in our government who pulled this..will learn wonder our children are morons like that repug thug bush… read books..thats the way..what next the carttoon of the fall of the amerikan empire?

    1. emmas says:

      bad idea..history should be taught es it happened with the fact and not anind of distortion..i dont think huckabee has the right idea here and after all, he is with the fiox tv network!I am a 28 years old doctor, mature and beautiful.and now I am seeking a good man who can give me real love , so i got a username Lindasunny2002 on–a’ge’l’es’s’da’te.c óm–.it is the first and best club for y’ounger women and old’er men, or older women and y’ounger men,to int’eract with each other. Maybe you wanna ch’eck ‘it out or tell your friends!

    2. WilsonVictor says:

      Showing this to your children should be considered child abuse. Loose change or zeitgeist or alex jones or jordan maxwell or michael tsarion or OSHO or something that teaches your child to question authority and not be a slave or something that teaches him about tyranny or the constitution or how about self inquiry and meditation and self realization…@Eman
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  10. Maureen Hice says:

    The “Huckster” has no shame…Who died and left an ignorant ex governor in charge of”teaching, or to espouse his bigoted views on the backs of the dead,in the disguise of teaching children to what? Hate anyone different?…Makes me want to vomit…

  11. D says:

    While it was being made, it was contentious – and will remain so long after all participants have passed away.

    It is valuable to children to get to see and hear and argue all sides: to fail to do that is neglect & child abuse.

  12. Omar says:

    A politician teaching children about history? Uh I meant to write HIS-Story? I’m sure this unbiased account is purely factual and contains nothing that could potentially influence young minds in a let’s say “theocratic” way.

    I’m sure Huckabee is also an accredited historian and qualified to teach children too. Next up, a cartoon about why evolution doesn’t really exist…for people AND other creatures that live on this planet.

    This is utterly ridiculous.

  13. Freedom lost says:

    i wonder if the video explains how Bin Laden was provided Stingers to take down Russian Helicopters and how Bin Laden’s dad financed Bush’s failed oil company…… i doubt it…

  14. David P. says:

    My kids and I have watched the two other videos, i found no fault in them. I lived through Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan. My grade school journal in 1979 talked about the comming ice age, acid rain within 20yrs, and i had a teacher draw a bell curve and explain the the U.S. was on the down hill slide. Then came the Regan Revolution. Remember today, write it down. Only in the future can you gain perspective.

  15. Laurence Glavin says:

    Good timing; this week is the TENTH anniversary of George W. Bush’s month-long vacation, during which he was warned about al Quaeda’s plan and opted to work on his golf game instead. Check out “Fahrenheit 911” at your local library for videoe of this.

  16. aceross83 says:

    Why are they teaching history with a cartoon that glorifies George Bush? History can be taught through the millions of hours of news feeds and footage from the tragedy. WE just have to know that what we think we know is skewed and the American public will never know the truth behind that days occurances.

    There were plenty of cameras and people around to record history on that day; we do not need a cartoon portrayal.

  17. Buddy says:

    There is Truth and there is Truth. Take your pick – – – or should I say, “your shovel”?

  18. Chris H says:

    I would want to see the cartoon before judging it. If we are so willing to freak out about hearing a cartoon about 9/11 without even watching it first then how are we any worse than the Muslims that condone any visual representations of Mohammed?

    1. aceross83 says:

      Jesus and Friends to the Rescue……errr uh Dubya and Friends

    2. Chris H says:

      I meant condemn, not condone.

  19. Dale Weatherford says:

    Elvis still lives..and we blew up the towers! Im with the Government And We are
    here to help!!..Turn of CNN and get a breath of fresh air..How Dare Fox news
    give you the left AND THE RIGHT view of things..

    1. Michael H. says:

      Fox “News” gives you the right view of things and then shouts down and cuts off the microphone of the left.

  20. Michelle Obama says:

    I wonder if they include the part where NORAD stands down? Or when Building 7 falls at free-fall speed even though a plane never hit it? Or when the FBI miraculously finds one of the hi-jackers’ passports almost in perfect condition? I wonder if they include Pat Tillman’s death in Afghanistan at the hands of his fellow soldiers and the subsequent cover-up by military brass? Or that we’re protecting opium fields in Afghanistan?

    1. The Troll says:

      I wonder when you’ll leave your basement? Or find out that real life is much stranger than conspiracy theories? Or that conspiracies are fantastically hard to keep because people love to talk?

      1. caseyinaustin says:

        I’m sorry, which of those was a theory? The previous post may be alluding to a greater conspiracy, but all those things listed are factual.

      2. michaelfury says:

        All these scientists, architects and engineers living in their basements too?

  21. Jason Lee says:

    This was done better in Team America: World Police. Many members of F.A.G. are commenting on here today too.

  22. The last rational man in America says:

    I don’t know what’s worse- the movie or this comment thread.

    1. TV Lies says:

      Both are sypmtoms of mass brainwashing.

    2. Jason Lee says:

      There is no rational unless you’re a machine. Therefore you don’t exist.

  23. Michael Givens says:

    Buildings fall down from fire every single day. The WTC towers fell down, not from impact, but from fire.

    Watch a video of a building being brought down by demolitions. Do you notice the loud BANG in the video of dynamite exploding to blow out the supports? Now, show me THAT in the WTC collapse video. I don’t see it. I see fires, then I see it collapsing, starting at the floor that is on fire.

    You have personal issues that makes you believe what you believe. Get help.

  24. Concerned Citizen says:

    saddens me that even we as a people are not united and consider blaming/accusing the left or the right. Anything with such strong subject matter that if not handled delicately will definitely shape the perceptions of little kids as to what “bearded men in typical islamic garb” are or what they do.

    1. M 1 says:

      Please clarify for me what part of killing thousands of innocent office workers and causing billions of dollars in damage and turning up the heat in a massive global jihad we are supposed to ignore with respect to “bearded men in typical Islamic garb”?

      1. aceross83 says:

        Not every man with a beard is a scary muslim, and not every muslim is a jihadist.

        Concerned Citizen doesn’t want to see racism taught in schools through videos such as this. A child’s mind is easily molded and they are mixing fear into the clay. They might as well bring segregation back.

      2. Chris H says:

        Fixed this for you…

        Please clarify for me what part of killing thousands of innocent *Arabic citizens* and causing billions of dollars in damage and turning up the heat in a massive global jihad we are supposed to ignore with respect to *America’s War on Terrorism”?

  25. Blowback says:

    Kids already understand how 911 happened. If you kill people to steal their oil, they will fly planes into your buildings.

    1. Michael Givens says:

      Afghanistan doesn’t have oil, idiot. And we are giving billions of dollars a year to the countries that have oil.

      1. Not Michael Givens says:

        Hey dummy, the hijackers were Saudis! And they cited the western occupation and looting of Iraq for the past century as one of their reasons for the attacks. Also US military bases all over the place in Saudi Arabia to support the monarchy there to control the oil supply.

      2. Realist says:

        No, it’s really more about intolerant ideology.

        Thank god we don’t have that type of thinng here, with a political organization placing rabid ideology before common………… Oh yeah, we do.

    2. Michael Givens says:

      Just curious, did Bali steal oil too? Because jihadists blew up a bomb in Bali. What about Spain? Because the blew up trains in Spain.

      And what about the Muslim men in the USA who murder their own daughters because they are becoming to western, huh?

      So, stoning a woman to death because of an accusation of adultery, that the husband can levy with no evidence, is reasonable?

      So, banning women from driving a car is reasonable?

      So, forcing women to hide their face and cover the bodies head to toe in 120 degree weather is reasonable?

      You people who act as if MODERATE Muslims are morally equivalent to western values, let alone the jihadists who cut people’s heads off, make me sick.

      1. Blowback says:

        Who cares what they do in their own countries? Stop bombing them and stealing their resources and they’ll leave us alone! Just read the reasons they have given for the attacks.

        As for those who immigrated to the US, as long as they don’t break our laws who cares what the women wear or if they drive?

        Children already know this, why don’t so many adults? Mind your own business, don’t kill, and don’t steal.

      2. Michael Givens says:

        You aren’t grasping simple English presented to you.

        We aren’t STEALING oil. We are BUYING oil and they are the wealthiest people in the world.

        Bin Laden was a millionaire. These terrorists are often doctors and have PHDs. The idea that they have a REASONABLE motive for wanting to behead someone is insane.

        There is no justification for beheading someone, simply because they are a Jew or too Western?

        That’s what you fail to see. They are INSANE with hatred.

        I’m guessing you don’t make excuses for the KKK who lynched Blacks, huh? This is that. This is hatred, pure and simple.

        Question – since we get most of our oil from Canada, why aren’t Canadians blowing themselves up in Times Square? Oh, that’s right, they aren’t insane.

  26. Michael Patrick Schmitt says:

    Huckabee is nuts to be doing this. Actually he was nutty before also. Ron Paul has a more correct version of history. When America sticks its nose in other countries business, we should expect them to retaliate.

  27. Michael Givens says:

    And we have gone to the Middle East to spread democracy. Who are they electing? Hamas and, soon, The Muslim Brotherhood, both of which want Israel wiped off the map, as does the average Arab in the Middle East.

    How did we, ultimately, get Bin Laden? By soldiers in Afghanistan or Iraq? No, we went into Pakistan and shot the guy in the head with Navy SEALs. After that happened, I realized having 100,000 troops in the Middle East is a sad waste of American lives.

    Israel LIVES right there, and they aren’t invading Arab nations. They use intelligence and strategic bombing, when necessary.

    Going into Iraq and Afghanistan, and now Libya, was a huge mistake. Get our troops out of there. Get out of South Korea. Get out of Germany. I will not sacrifice my son for these causes.

    I love how the Right wants to cut government…except for the Defense Department. The defense budget went up 12.4% in 2010 alone. It’s almost $700 billion per year, and we make about $2.1 trillion. It’s 1/3rd!

    Let’s show Reagan getting the heck out of Lebanon after our Marines were killed. Ronnie wasn’t stupid. He new the Arabs are freaking nuts and left them alone.

    What Huck wants to do is just show another slanted, incomplete history lesson. I say we tell the whole story.

  28. Kusokurae says:

    “Schools across the country have turned their backs on our children by distorting facts, imposing political biases and changing the message behind the important lessons of our history.”
    And now Mike Huckabee will try his hardest to ensure that the deception continues.

  29. Michael H. says:

    The religious right has tried to push science out of schools, and now they’re going to try and push revisionist history into our classrooms. I fear greatly for the future of the American people. Extremists like Huckabee are going to drive this country straight into a new dark age.

  30. The Wally Lama says:

    Wow . . . the wack jobs are out in full force on this one.

  31. avi says:

    good job mike- the left is already distorting history. just look at the anti semitic comments that have been posted.

    1. ohyan2912 says:

      Hear Hear!

  32. Conspiracy Theory says:

    Yes, Ace Ventura… please come up with your real and true version of how you rescued the Miami Dolphin

  33. Liberty says:

    What a wonderful idea! Americans have been taught lies for many years now in school and in all media forms. It is time for truth. They cannot protect themselves and the institutions that keep them safe unless they know they the truth. Go for it, Governor Huckabee!

  34. Kevin D. Korenthal says:

    Parroting more discredited revisionist history. Nice job useful idiot.

    1. Iraq Vet says:

      Go back to sleep Kevin. Everything is just fine. Baaaaaaaaahhhhhh.

  35. Fred Smith says:

    Thanks for the laughs!
    I enjoyed Latoya Jackson’s cameo , a few seconds in.
    I could almost hear the banjo music.

    1. Michelle Obama says:

      Latoya Jackson… LOL!

  36. Kevin D. Korenthal says:

    It’s no fricken worse the the leftist revisionist history that I was forced to learn IN ORDER TO GRADUATE TO THE NEXT GRADE so I am all for it!

  37. MorganGray says:


    1. Howard Ferrer says:

      Showing this to your children should be considered child abuse. Loose change or zeitgeist or alex jones or jordan maxwell or michael tsarion or OSHO or something that teaches your child to question authority and not be a slave or something that teaches him about tyranny or the constitution or how about self inquiry and meditation and self realization…

  38. MorganGray says:

    Gee, Mom; how much hate and bigotry can you cram into one sentence? I’m concerned for *your* kids.

  39. Danny says:

    Haha your pretty funny TruthIsReal for saying something as untruthful as that…

    Let me correct that statement for you… Every person that thinks 9/11 was a false flag to go to war in Afghanistan is unintelligent for they can provide no ’empirical evidence’ that proves such a statement.

    1. Howard Ferrer says:

      Wheres the evidence that proves otherwise? Nobody has ever shown evidence of planes disappearing in fields or jets crashing into buildings with no engines or damage to the lawn. Wheres the evidence of buildings coming down from fire? When does molten steel pool in the basement of a structure if it fell from a fire that was 80 stories up? and how come there’s molten steel anyways? And what about the reports of the building coming down before it actually did? and what about building 7??? They specifically said that one was a controlled demolition! there’s video of them evacuating, telling people “they are bringing it down”. How? They magically rigged an entire building in a few minutes? I have another question… You really believe what they say is true?

      1. Terry Black says:

        People saw it happen. It was on TV. You must have missed that.

  40. Medbob says:

    What is inaccurate about this video? It is all factually correct and dispassionate.

    1. Howard Ferrer says:


      1. ohyan2912 says:

        Typical response of the low brow, inbred moron!

  41. The Clintidote says:

    Leftists hate it when you show the Moslem death cult for what it really is.

    1. Danny says:

      For they don’t think with both there feelings and brain but only there feelings.

    2. SenateCrimeWatch says:

      right wing radical Zionists like Breivik hate it when you tell the American public of the ZIONIST satanic cult for what it really is.

      1. ohyan2912 says:

        You have opened you fowl mouth and removed all doubt, YOU ARE A BIGOT!

    3. Katie Lynn says:

      & who killed some of the children of Norway?

  42. Jon says:

    Oh wow… Big surprise that the lefties already hate this idea.. What’s wrong, not enough glorification of communism? glorification of gays? Or abortion? Or is it that they don’t tell the story from “Bin Laden’s side”? You people are a disgrace..

  43. TimeCycle graduate says:

    anything that makes the left barf – like this video will – is OK with me.

  44. Joe Greene says:

    I think they should include, “My Pet Goat” and his involvement.

    1. Howard Ferrer says:

      hahahaha! That book is written in magic passport paper. you know, the paper that withstands the jet fuel fire that supposedly melted hardened steel.

  45. Michele says:

    Nice for the truth being taught for once. The people of the United States are tired of the twisted left’s revisiounist history.

  46. susan says:

    pardon my spelling..i was in a hurry and did some typos..i do not feel this type of teaching is a good idea..history is history in black and white, so why not teach it as such without is real and so was 9/ bush was not a hero..he was the president..children cannot comprehend the idea of a terrorist, and this to me would make them fearful rather than teach what happened..also, what age are these people aiming at? little ones in grade school certainly would have more questions than answers,and older children shoud be able to read the history books and see pictures..bad idea again!

  47. susan says:

    bad idea..history should be taught es it happened with the fact and not anind of distortion..i dont think huckabee has the right idea here and after all, he is with the fiox tv network!

    1. Way Cup says:

      History has never been recorded without slant. Right or left, they’re all @ssholes.

  48. Steve says:

    Beats anti-america hating from the left. I’ll take the former, thanks.

  49. Thomas Swist says:

    History from the Right. You gotta love it.

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