NEW YORK (CBS 2) — James Whittemore has pleaded not guilty to breaking in to the Ed Sullivan Theater where David Letterman tapes his show, according to court documents.

The 22-year-old is accused of smashing the theater’s glass doors and damaging the lobby last month.

A criminal court complaint says Whittemore used a metal stanchion to break the glass.

Whittemore reportedly told police he had at least a dozen beers and several shots and doesn’t remember much of what happened. 

Authorities said the total cost of the damage was about $5,000.

In an interview with CBS 2’s Lou Young, Whittemore offered an apology to David Letterman.

“I am sincerely, really, really sorry,” he said. “I’m glad that he could continue to go on with the show and I promise to definitely repay all the damage that I’ve done to the theater at all.”

In July, Whittemore reportedly pleaded guilty. It’s not clear what made him change his mind.

A few days later in a separate incident, police arrested another man, 42-year-old Alvin Moore, who they say tossed a metal newspaper stand into the doors of the theater, breaking several panes of the recently repaired glass.

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