2 Indicted In Nassau County For Allegedly Running Dog Fighting Operation

ELMONT, NY (CBSNewYork) — Two men have been indicted on felony animal cruelty charges for allegedly running a dog fighting operation.

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice said a grand jury indicted 25-year-old Marlon Bernier and 22-year-old Ricardo Louis.

Among other charges, the two were indicted on four counts of prohibition of animal fighting and conspiracy and two counts of overdriving, torturing and injuring animals.

Rice said since at least May of 2010, Bernier and Louis have been running a dog fighting operation out of a home on Virginia Avenue in Elmont.

The prosecutor said the two were “training the dogs to fight, pitting them against one another, and breeding the strongest dogs” so their puppies could be sold online at BlueMagicPitz.webs.com for about $700 each.

“These two defendants turned animal cruelty into a lucrative business enterprise,” Rice said in the statement. “The injuries inflicted on these animals and the suffering they endured is shocking.”

GRAPHIC IMAGES: Injured Dog 1 | Injured Dog 2

Officials said nine dogs were taken from the home, many with fresh wounds, apparently from recent fights. Two of the dogs required immediate medical attention.

Rice said kennels were found in the backyard to house multiple dogs and said officials found “a freestanding basketball hoop which the defendants used as a ‘spring-pole’ apparatus to strengthen the pit bulls’ jaw muscles.”

Rice said the two would also post web videos of various dogs, their litters of puppies and dog training.

Watch a video prosecutors say is of the suspects using a “spring-pole” on one of the dogs below: 

Rice said Bernier was prohibited from owning or keeping any animals after he was convicted last year of a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge for training pit bulls to fight and then using them to “menace” police officers.

If convicted, both suspects face up to four years in prison. They’re due back in court August 10.

Nassau County District Attorney’s Animal Cruelty Unit, Nassau police, Town of Hempstead Animal Control Department and the ASPCA all helped with the investigation.

If convicted, what do you think the appropriate punishment should be? Sound off below in our comments section…


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  1. Pam says:

    They deserve the MAX, really ?!?! Let me see the same devotion for our kids.
    Child cruelty is above animal cruelty everyday… Shoot parents who werent able to care for their kids.. They are here and getting lost in the System – that lacks FUNDING. Let’s put our focus there- first. When that CEASES to exist … I will have energy to think about the dogs.
    PS INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty.

  2. Mj says:

    What’s crazy it is another case of our justice case looking to fill up the jail system with black men. The case haven’t went to trial and they have already been convicted. Smdh.

  3. Lisa Angelini says:

    The SECOND offense! The first was “charge for training pit bulls to fight and then using them to ”menace” police officers” – a freakin’ MISDEMEANOR! COME on NY – get some animal cruelty laws with teeth on the books! Lowlife losers! They deserve the MAX this time!

  4. WAKE UP WHITE MAN says:

    johndenugent.com —-eye opener— !!!!!
    wvwnews.net (western voices world news) – -eye opener !!!!!!

  5. L says:

    Give them the maximum.

    1. emmas says:

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  6. john c says:

    hope they get electrocuted. Why are these dangerous gutter pos’s on the same earth with good people? Torturing defenseless dogs that love people? Hide you dogs, kids, pets. GIVE THEM THE MAX. DO NOT LET THEM OUT OF PRISON.

  7. Christine says:

    They probably graduated w/ honors from their High School, another example of our school system being a waste of time,while we pay the highest taxes??

    1. kathy says:

      wheres the wounds on the other animals?look on youtube since when is it illegal for a dog to bite on rope?becasue they are pitbulls they are being fought? Also since when dogs cant have there ears cut? Vets offer it so whats the problem

      1. Tiziana says:

        I bet they didn’t leave you behind either, Kathy…high honers every marking period right? and she still has less logic than a second grader!

  8. NYC says:

    Human filth! The penalties for animal cruelty should be increased, if they can do this to animals what else are they capable of? Thank God the dogs no longer have to endure this torture?

    1. Tiziana says:

      right on!

  9. steffi says:

    you can take them out of the hood, but you can’t the hood out of them. I’am not suprised. Gutter rats. Sorry rats

  10. Linda says:

    Ten years on each count still is not enough, sounds to lenient but its better than a total of possibly four for these pieces of trash.

  11. Mike Reid says:

    An anonymous source is reporting that Michael vick was seen fleeing the scene just prior to police arriving. A number 7 Eagles jersey and a #7 gold neclace were recovered at the scene.

  12. thor's hammer says:

    good start eye for an eye!. let’s then drop them off in the dessert southwest where horses traiining for the next generation of pony express are in serious need of exercise. fool #1 & fool #2 will be wearing a speedo, and bound hand & foot behind 200 ft of good rope to experience firsthand, up close & personal cactus & tumbleweed, scorpions & snakes. oops, somewhere along the ride (250 miles from anywhere) the rope broke, and they have to try to walk back (barefoot) to civilization. lowlifes. hope you get back far worse than what you did to those dogs.

  13. Ellen says:

    give them the max 10 years in prison.

  14. eye for an eye says:

    the dogs should be cared for properly, given TLC, wounds healed, well fed, and then…..

    starved for 3 days after which the 2 defendants locked in a steel cage and each dog, one by one, turned loose on them for 30 mins each.

    After that, set the two perps on fire using the gasoline they used on the dogs.

    1. Steve revenge says:

      i like it!!

      1. Jerry says:

        ditto, lowlifes such as these should not be allowed to live

  15. Rana says:

    surprise, surprise.

    bunch of mike vick mini me’s running around trying to get over as usual

    4 years just isn’t enough

  16. badman says:

    fry these scmbags.

  17. These dudes are corny says:

    Fcukin punks

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