CT Babysitter Accused Of Having Sex With 14-Year-Old In Separate Incidents

CLINTON, Conn. (CBSNewYork) — A Connecticut woman, accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy in Clinton, has now been charged with a similar crime in a neighboring town.

Authorities said 20-year-old Loni Bouchard, of Clinton, was charged with second-degree sexual assault for allegedly having sex with a minor in Southington.

Bouchard is already facing charges of sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor in Clinton. The alleged victim was a 14-year-old boy she was hired to babysit, according to police. Those charges came following a 3-month investigation.

It is unclear if the same teen is involved in both cases.

Court documents also said that Bouchard was charged with illegal purchase of liquor, which police said she provided to the minor in Clinton.

Bouchard was released on $1,000 bond in the Southington case. She is due to be in court on August 12. She also has an August 19 court date for her charges in the alleged Clinton case.

Bouchard’s attorney has argued that his client needs rehab as opposed to a jail sentence.

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One Comment

  1. ana says:

    The kid was watching too much Demi Moore movies.

  2. JudgeMental says:

    She has a brilliant future in secondary education.

  3. Slawek says:

    “Those charges came following a 3-month investigation.” – Such a waste of resources. There are no serious, violent crimes to investigate? No murders, robberies, assaults etc?

    1. LanceSmith says:

      Somehow I doubt you would be nearly so flippit if the babysitter were male and the child were female.

  4. billyboy says:

    I like the way this web site adds their opinion… “Shocked by this”? How about reporting the news and stop trying to manufacture the news. I would hit this in a minute, where were these babysitters in the 80’s??

  5. Eric says:

    I’d hit it. Aww hell yeah!

  6. Abel says:

    What an appropriately named town for this to happen in. haha!

  7. Kevin says:

    Get an all male jurors and she will be cleared of all charges.

    She got my vote

  8. danny boy says:

    poor kid, rule #1 don’t kiss and tell, your father should have told you that.

  9. Lucky Dog says:

    And he told his mom that she TOOK HIM to the carnival, not played carnival with him!
    Bet this resulted in several dishonorable discharges!

  10. Phil Atio says:

    This is not illegal in a number of other states, so those of you who are acting so shocked should probably turn it down a notch.

  11. White Mike says:

    if this was a male that peformed (pun intendetd) this act the world would be screaming..Where is PETA when you need them huh?? It’s crazy. Cute little , neighboorhood, wholesome young goodie goodie chick that nobody would have ever suspected.What is the world coming to,

    1. badman says:

      what could PETA possibly have to do with this?

  12. TBM says:

    I need a babysitter? When does she get out?

    1. Bill Clinton says:

      Get in line.

  13. Trinimikee says:

    She probably didn’t have much sexual experience and was practicing or living out her fantacies. At 14 he should know is to make the best use of that opportunity.

    1. Aleksandr Nemets says:

      He is an idiot, no arguments here. But she is cute…
      I would love to teach here if she need sex teacher to play with

      1. OMG says:

        OMG Aleks is that really you??

  14. flashman1854 says:

    Give me a break.

    When I was 14, if I’d have a babysitter like this (and she wanted to have a roll in the hay), A) I would have, and B) no one would have found out, and C) it would have been GREAT.

    Also, the fact that the kid’s parents felt that he, a 14 year old, needed a babysitter must mean he is either mental, a big baby, or his parents are such.

    In any event, if the kid is not mental his parents are weaklings and are horrible at raising him. (The fact that they would hire a babysitter for him, a 14 year old, proves this). Also, the kid, if not mental, gets amazingly lucky and then blows it by speaking up.

    There is no normal young guy in America who wouldn’t have loved to jump in the sack with this girl.

    1. Trinimikee says:

      Well said.

      1. Kevin says:

        Amen to that!!!

  15. Barry Levine says:

    I need a baby sitter but I would like to have one between forty five and fifty so that she could satisfy my wildest socially unacceptable dreams. I am thirty. If my mom read this she would kill me.

  16. dad says:

    I would be proud of my boy…she is hot

  17. Rodin says:

    I can’t believe this thread is still up and I’m getting announcements a full week after the incident was reported!

    It’s Nature’s way.

    END OF STORY. I’m unsubscribing.

  18. Rodin says:

    I can’t believe this thread is still going on and I’m getting announcements a full week after the incident was reported!

    If you’re old enough to have the equipment working, you’re OLD ENOUGH. It’s Nature’s way.

    END OF STORY. I’m unsubscribing.

  19. David says:

    I babysitted 4 younger brothers when I was 12. Why did this guy need a babysitter?

  20. benny says:

    It’s called rape. Whether a man or a woman does it. If an adult does that with a minor they should be charged with rape and thrown in jail for many, many years

    1. Blue says:

      It’s not really rape if the other person consents it.

      1. LanceSmith says:

        So you would also be ok with it if the babysitter were male and the child were female?

    2. flashman1854 says:


      sounds like benny has an issue.

      if the kid was not mentally challenged, in other words, a regular 14 year old, I can assure you it was not rape. The kid had a great time, and then had to open his stupid mouth and wreck what should have been a wonderful few months.

      Why did I not get so lucky as a 14 year old?

      1. LanceSmith says:

        So the kid isn’t allowed to object to being in a sexual experience?

        It sounds like Benny isn’t the one with the issue. Consent is required and can be revoked at any time. That’s the way it works.

        Finally, my guess is you would have a different attitude if the babysitter were male and the child were female.

  21. Cfc America says:

    I am not saying sex between a 14 year old is acceptable or not.. as each case has it’s own merits..
    But there are thousands on the public registry , 20 YEAR OLD GUYS WHO HAD SEX WITH YOUNGER GIRLS… so, What should be done!?
    Brand this young girl as a sex offender?
    Mark her for life as a ?
    Not that I wish harm to any human being but if they are going to crucify guys, then girls should get the same treatment.

  22. Dr. Zivago says:

    I’m guessing that there was some incest in her family. People act certain ways for a reason.

  23. LOL not all true.... says:

    This is BS, no 14yo needs a baby sitter, the boy would be too embarrassed if his friends ever found out….

    The mom or pop or both had the whole thing planned out, they wanted the boy to NOT grow up gay….lol…

    1. lol true says:

      does not work…many gay men married women and still gay. up yours….

  24. doc says:

    Did she give him a “head” start?

    1. hahahaha...lol... says:


      THATS A HELL OF A “HEAD START”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Julie V. says:

    He may have had a developmental disability. Does anyone know? IF so, there are myriads of problems with some of the assumptions people have suggested on his part. A similar something happened with a 19 year old while in a hospital for medication management. He was “raped” by a mentallly ill woman of 40. At 19, the police assumed the boy was complicit in the activity, and understood what happened. In quesitoning him, they used a lot of double entendre and figureative language. To qoute Monty Python, there was a lot of “winky winky, nudge, nudge” in the whole investigation. In the end, there was a suit to settle the whole issue of his “consent”, and the ability he had to do so. There are more questions to be asked in this case. Does anyone know anything more?

    1. Aleksandr Nemets says:

      He is an idiot for opening his mouth to mom.
      Is not this obvious?
      No girl will want to do anything with him for a very long time as of result of this story.

  26. Sara says:

    A knife stabs a victim, the victim doesn’t stab the knife.
    I’m pretty sure the boy was having the time of his life. And it would be mighty hard for her to buy alcohol underage because of her young looks. The alcohol was probably part of mommy’s little stash. Anyway, the boy knew what he was doing and mommy just didn’t like him growing up.

    1. Eric says:

      Sara, your comment is awesome. I wanna get freaky with you.

  27. Carl says:

    Why did the kid tell his mom lol? Where were babysitters like this when I was 14? Im 20 now and I think this is awesome. It would be creepy though if it was the other way around.

    1. Vanilla Shake says:

      My sentiments exactly.

    2. Rodin says:

      Why? Double standard?

    3. Tim Sitomer says:

      thats BS!!! if a 20yo guy sleeps with a 14yr girl its rape. he goes to jail for a LONG time, and is branded a sex offender. She should go to jail for statutory rape, register as a sex offender, just like everybody else.

      1. flashman1854 says:


        It seems you have a sexual issue.

        There is a BIG difference between a young guy and a young girl. Men and women are different.

        The kid, if he is not mentally challenged, had a great time. (Even if he is mental it probably did him good.)

        Boys WANT sex, with almost any women or girl. Girls ARE different.

        This babysitter should be given a medal, God bless her. I wish I’d have had a “babysitter” like her when I was “14”.

  28. Vanilla Shake says:

    I wouldn’t mind her babysitting me, and I’m 20 as well. Too bad she’s apparently got a thing for prepubescents.

  29. BFb says:

    This is an amazing discussion. How do our laws fall to far from public sentiment. The reason that people give that this is bad is because the child has no idea of the consequences. One outcome of 14 year olds having sex with older adults is that they lose their childhood. A twenty year old knows a lot more than a 14 year old can possibly imagine. This may in fact start a very difficult pattern for the 14 year old to break. I can hear every say that this is a bunch of BS, but I know people who were 25 who offended with 15-16 year old girls because they started a relationship with a 21 year old when they were 14 and never had a girl in that age group and felt in later life that they had been robbed of their childhood.

    1. Tim says:

      Don’t kid yourself! Today, because of TV and our liberal minded teachers. These kids know much more than you did when you were growing up. Haven’t you ever watched DR Phi.? Mom and dad should be proud that this cute little babe thought enough to show Johnny the ropes. If not her, it would have been under the desk or on the schoolbus. That’s just how it is today. And nothing will change it. Maybe they should make her marry him? LOL But, he’s now “damaged merchandise”. LOL

    2. Aleksandr Nemets says:

      How long since you were talking to 14 years old?
      They know now days more then you in 21…
      Many already have a babies on their own.
      So, wake up man.

  30. anon says:

    No no no…. The parents are stupid too! What 20 year old these days looks at him/herself as a mature person? I know people who are 30 and still party like it’s the year 2000!

    To me, the boy, who could probably look much bigger than her (14 year old boys look well developed) initiated the whole thing. Problem was, she became permissive and didn’t think about the consequences. Too bad for her.

  31. BS says:

    You guys need to grow up. If she forced it on him or them, that’s not something enjoyable. It’s a violation. Obviously the victims weren’t happy because the behavior was reported to authorities.

    1. Ragnar says:

      I wish she would have sexually “assulated”me when I was 14. All 14yo’s should break their piggy banks and bail her out so that she can come work as their baby sitter.

  32. anon says:

    F-me she’s hot! And it WAS consensual… for six months! The mom found out and ruined the party. I would be the happiest kid in 8th / 9th grade if I had a babysitter like that.

    I wonder if Pops had some fun too… Hmmmm

  33. Billy Blutnar says:

    I just wonder how much of a willing participant little Johnny Hardik was in this encounter! Afterall, she looks to be a little hottie.

    1. truth says:

      umm… two 14yo??? give me a break! she enticed them with alcohol and god knows what

      1. anon says:

        people mature at different rates, some 20 year olds look 14 and visa versa….

      2. Quintus Murray says:

        here we go again another one!!!!!! and boobs obviously were too much for the kid

  34. truth says:

    we need to demand justice! justice for those boys! the DA’s office must file charges for RAPE and endangerment of the welfare of a child! It’s not second degree sexual assault! This case is sexist! We need national media coverage on this matter!

    1. BF says:

      Get a life. These boys were tickled pink to have sex with this hot chick. The society totally promotes it then people like you take a fit. This is such a double standard. She needs counseling to learn appropriate behavior, but who is to say what that is.

      1. Aleksandr Nemets says:

        Hey when 20 years old female having sex with 40 years old male you scream he is an idiot, what he’s thinking with such an age difference.
        So what the difference if she is 20 years old and guy 6 years younger.
        I do not see any problem with that.

  35. BS says:

    Looks like other people had the same thought at the same time. Yeah, if it was a guy Nancy Grace would be all over it.

    1. Yannie says:

      Thats NASTY Grace to you.

  36. BS says:

    If the babysitter was MALE and the 14 Y.O. female there’d be a lynching. She’s a predator just as much as a guy would be in the same situation. The rehab request is B.S. Equal time for equal crime.

  37. Martin says:

    Personally, if the boy didn’t have a problem than big deal. However, if this was an adult male with a teenage girl, he would have been charged with rape and done 7 years in jail. The legal system is much harder on men than women. Justice is not blind.

  38. truth says:

    there’s definitely a double standard here!!! if that babysitter was a guy and the victims were 2 14-yo girls, the media will blow it up into the national spotlight and rip that guy apart. the DA’s office would have ripped that guy apart too with no leniency.

    1. Wills says:

      wow, getting so worked up over a VICTIMLESS crime, take it easy, there is not one hetero 14 year old guy on this planet who wuld actually get “damaged” emotionally by this happening, such BS

  39. Jealous says:

    She can sit me anytime she wants

  40. Scott says:

    We’ll see her in Playboy soon.

  41. Friend says:

    She could have had sex with 3 billion other men, but she picked a 14 year old boy who’s vocal cords have not fully matured yet, along with other thing? I hope to God that she does not have a STD because that little boys life will be turned upside down.

    1. JustSaying says:

      I’m pretty sure she wasn’t interested in his voice! He lived the dream and will have some SERIOUSLY good stories to tell the rest of his life!

  42. Jonny says:

    Why is this even illegal?!? If the 14 year old has no problem with it, neither should anyone else. As long as it’s not rape, it’s great! I lost my virginity at 13 as a kid and would have loved having a babysitter come by and show me a thing or two.

    Gotta love laws that infringe on people’s right to have fun and do what they please with their own bodies.

    1. Dr. Sigmund Titsalovoya (Brooklyn) says:

      Jonny, stop by my practice anytime for counselling. You may not know it yet, but you DO / WILL have problems / issues. You seem to THINK you were not scarred, but I will prove to you you have been.

      1. Jonny says:

        Will you give me a blow job if I come?

      2. Wills says:

        siggy, as a male, can you seriously not see why this is awesome? I know your a “doctor” but seriously man, get out of your own head

    2. Pat says:

      14 years old is a minor, legally (in the U.S.) considered too young to make adult decisions (such as consensual sex).

      1. Me says:

        Actually Pat, age of consent varies across the Nation.

  43. Michael H. says:


  44. no luck says:

    maybe it’s the other way around: the boy seduced the babysitter. either way what a lucky boy (or man)!

  45. JRL says:

    This sexual predator should ‘rot” in jail;she’s a ” bottom feeder!”

  46. emilio says:

    why that never happend to me?i was cursed on my tennagers years!1being surrounded by fat and old sitters
    Good for him,by the a 14 year old is not a child,it is a man.
    when i was 14mi was already working to help my folks,could cross my town from north to south at 3 am.

  47. sawnetbean says:

    Losing your virginity to a cute babysitter, Isn’t this every 14yo boy’s fantasy?

  48. L. Charles says:

    It’s “Separate.” You can’t be a journalist and not know basic spelling.

    1. mac says:

      Guess they’re too lazy to use spellcheck.

      1. mac says:

        they read your comment – it just now corrected to ‘separate’

  49. Al says:

    In some societies, 14 years boy is a full adult male.

    1. Aleksandr Nemets says:

      That is correct.
      In most of asian countries 12 years old legal to do what ever he wants to for as long as it is with in local law rules.
      Having sex in 12, I do not think so, just because it does not stay hard enough to get there. At 14 — no problem.

  50. teetotaler says:

    What 14 year old needs a baby sitter?

    1. bday55 says:

      That is brilliant!!

    2. E says:

      it seems this one and the story shows why lol. now he making me wish i had a babysitter when i was 14.

    3. Jessie says:

      No, seriously, Why the heck does a 14 year old need a babysitter? That’s ridiculous.

      1. Adam Cross says:

        The whole story sounds fishy to me. An adult might be behind all this scheme. Who knows if it was the mom that initiated the drinking and purposefully brought the boy and the girl together?

    4. Rodin says:

      Who would hire a 20-year-old to “baby sit a 14-yeqr-old?

    5. jim ford says:

      I need a babysitter like that. I’m 28, but I act like I’m 14.

    6. I.P. Daiey says:

      IWhat a tool this 14 year old is. When I was that age we were always trying to bang older girls. There must be something wrong with him, why does he need a baby sitter?

    7. Jenn Nodine says:

      Exactly! I think the parents share a lot of the blame. A 14 yr old boy in need of a sitter must have problems to begin with. This “woman” doesn’t look much older than that herself…what did they think would happen, are these people stupid?

    8. serenity says:

      Teetotaler – the definitive comment.

    9. Dr. Luv says:

      “Risk of injury” – to what exactly?

      1. Aleksandr Nemets says:

        To her virginity I think, or what is there of it anyway…..

    10. Aleksandr Nemets says:

      I think mom just did not get it or did not want to pay for babysitting….
      Good way to save on babysitter.
      Accuse cute girl who she hired in first place to make sure that money stays at home…

    11. Aleksandr Nemets says:

      Complete moron…
      Unless it was intention of his parents to end up like that.
      Investigators need to know who is her parent and if they have some money then they are the targets. Poor girl was dumb enough to feel into this trap.

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