NEW YORK (WFAN) — After watching the latest musical number by MSG chairman James Dolan, Knicks fans everywhere may say to themselves: “It’s about time!”

Dolan is the face of JD and the Straight Shot. The band premiered “Fix the Knicks” on July 27 during a warm-up set for Aretha Franklin at Jones Beach.

The live performance, recently posted to YouTube, pokes fun at the team’s porous defense — and makes a telling reference to Knicks pariah Isiah Thomas.

“Doing my best and that’s my problem/I check with my friend called Isiah Thomas,” Dolan sings, prompting a few loud groans from the crowd.

He goes on: “Pay no mind to those nasty critics/They haven’t done a thing to fix the Knicks.”

One unimpressed listener even gripes “Are you serious?” during an interlude, though afterward the audience granted Dolan’s blues band a nice applause.

Full lyrics to “Fix the Knicks”

Everywhere I go I hear everybody say
“What you gonna do to make that team play”
From the folks across the street at 34th and 6th
Everyone who calls says, “Hey man, fix the Knicks”


Fix the Knicks and make them shine
Get on and win like it’s ’69
Hitting all their free throws and no more shooting bricks
Time to get it right and fix the Knicks

Doing my best and that’s my problem
I check with my friend called Isiah Thomas
Pay no mind to those nasty critics
They haven’t done a thing to fix the Knicks


We know we’re getting better, but still no respect
We score a lot of points but where’s the defense?
Everyone’s an expert saying, “Trade your draft picks”
You got to get this guy to fix the Knicks

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