Many NYC Starbucks Locations About To Put An End To ‘Squatters’

Coffee Giant, Customers Have Had Just About Enough Of You Hogging Seats

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — They’re called Starbucks “squatters.” You know, those folks with their laptops who take all the seats and never seem to leave.

But, as CBS 2’s Scott Rapoport, reports the coffee house giant has a plan brewing to fix that.

You know how some Starbucks customers and their computers like to make a permanent home in the coffee emporium, hogging up all the seats for hours, mooching off the free Wi-Fi and preventing you from sitting down and enjoying the latte you paid $5 for?

Well, now some Starbucks in New York City are reportedly pulling the plug on that idea, actually covering up their electrical outlets to discourage squatters.

WCBS 880’s Monica Miller Reports From Midtown

“Customers are asking (for it). They just purchased a latte and a pastry and there is nowhere to sit down in some of these high-volume stores,” Starbucks spokesperson Alan Hilowitz said.

“People actually live here. You know what I’m saying?” added Alan Glowko of Astoria.

It is a move that has some Starbucks regulars saying … it’s about time.

“If there’s no more space to sit, they should get up and leave,” said Katie Krug of Burlington, Vt.

“I mean, you can’t use their electricity for like eight hours. I mean honestly,” Glowko added.

Still others say for what they’re paying for coffee they should be able to stay as long as they like.

“If people want to sit there and relax they should be able to,” one person said.

At some other coffee shops in the city, like Doma in the West Village, they let you use your laptop here for as long as you like if the store is not too busy on week days up until 5 p.m. The catch is you have to have your own Wi-Fi.

At Grumpy’s, employees said there are no laptops allowed, period. That’s the policy.

As for Starbucks, the decision to pull the plug is reportedly up to individual stores thought to be only in New York.

It’s an idea brewed much the like the coffee — for customer satisfaction.

Employees at some smaller Starbucks locations told Rapoport privately that electrical outlets will not be blocked in their stores because seating space is not an issue.

Do you like this idea? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.


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  1. Jeremy Glass says:

    There’s a coffee shop in a La Jolla strip mall that gives you an access code on your receipt that’s good for an hour or so of the shop’s wi-fi access. When it’s up, you have to get another cup of coffee. It makes total sense.

  2. Daryl D Duke says:

    I’ve had one cup of coffee from starbucks and it sucked. I guess if you drink their slop, it makes you one of the end crowd.

  3. vivio says:

    Sorry, can’t afford Starbucks, too expensive so this problem is no problems for me !

  4. joel23 says:

    I agree totally. They are all democrats,mooching off the free electricity.
    I have not seen a conservative sitting down for hours mooching free electricity and free wi-fi.

  5. DaddyStarbucks says:

    I am a freelance writer, so I frequent coffee shops and other business about 30 hours a week.

    The best solution I’ve found for this problem is simply limiting the amount of plugs in the store; if only 20% of your tables are within plug-in range, then 80% will generally have decent turnover.

    I like Starbucks, but frequent locally-owned places when I can.

    1. Humpstein says:

      And it’s very important for a “writer” to be SEEN writing by other lesser mortals or those creative juices just don’t FLOW, do they, Herkimer? That’s why we never hear of you “Starbucks Script Writers” in movie credits. The scripts are written by people who isolate themselves from external stimuli and can actually knock out a first draft in a day, not the months and months taken by the average Starbucks “look at me” writer wonk.

  6. solo_poke says:

    Didn’t starbuks used to market themselves to people with laptops, even create a bit of a craze?

    Now that they sucked you in, they just want your $5, then a quick slap on the derriere as they shove you out the door,,,NEXT.

    1. solo_poke speaks truly says:

      Soooo true.

  7. BarrysHypocrisy says:

    I agree completely. Besides, Starbucks is a private business that can make any rules that they want for their stores. If these “squatters” don’t like the new rules, then they don’t have to go there.

  8. Mentifex says:

    In the town where I hang out, Mayor Nimby moonlights as a barista at Starbucks and is okay with people “squatting” as long as they like.

    1. Mark S says:

      a barista what a cool name for a coffee jerk.

    2. ryan says:

      Mayor Nimby sounds cool.

  9. PJ says:

    Starbucks is sewer water.

  10. Mark S says:

    Thank you Jazz for stating the obvious. I don’t drink coffee never have never will, all the coffee junkies need to go to rehab and get a life. Still havent learned that nothing in life is free especially from a large corp. Just one cup a day 5 days a week would save you 100.00 enough for the fastest internet for a laptop. With enough left over for a couple of pounds of coffee to make at home where you aren’t annoying anyone.

  11. kathy says:

    Yea. It’s about time. There is nothing more aggravating then not to be able to sit down and enjoy a cup because of people using laptops and hogging all the seats. this is happening at Mcdonalds as well.

    1. Jan says:

      Sometimes when i’ve slept in after hanging out with the Progressive Student Society at the Student Union the night before, i go to Starbucks for my daily surf session and Tall. I hate getting there late because them all the seats are taken by student from the other university. The nerve! Anyway, when that happens, i just usually go to McDonald’s. I do love their McGriddles, but the giftcard dad gave me from last christmas finally ran out, and everyone knows being a student is expenSIVE! But at McD’s, they don’t seem to care if you sit there as long as you want to without buying anything. Which is cool

      1. MSavage says:


      2. Mark S says:

        Are you one of those 8 year olds in college Jan. Because you sure sound very much like an 8 year old. Which is not cool….. doesn’t sound like it is expensive to you, maybe for your parents if you still need them to buy your happy meals at McD’s. I see you relate to the people at McD’s which is good because you will prob. be one of them soon.

      3. Jan is cool says:


    2. MSavage says:

      Agreed. And Starbucks and ‘other’ fast food chains in close proximity to each other need get together and hire a roving security guard. And on top of that there there should be a LAW against loitering (after 20 minutes at a table, that’s what it becomes no matter how much money is spent) in such places if crowded. After those 20 minutes, the security guard asks those to leave and proceeds to call the police if those are still non-compliant. Bloomberg is such against smoking in parks…well this degrades quality of life as well.

      And for those here who think it’s “ok” for me to forfeit my right to sit down for less than 10 minutes and enjoy a hamburger, Coke, and fries………….F@#$ YOU!!!

      1. ryan says:

        Listen closely: Starbucks and McD’s encourage people to sit as long as possible. Its why they have tvs, wi-fi, and video games. They WANT you to stay there for as long as possible.
        They are NEVER in a hurry to get you out the door unless it is closing time.

        Worked at McD’s myself and i tell you now, they want you there. Even if you don’t spend any money, they still want you there cause it makes them look good to have a busy store.

  12. Itoldya says:

    Here’s a novel idea: Why not teach folks what the concept of courtesy and consideration for others is?

    I am always astonished by the self centered attitude of so many out in public.

    When I am done eating or drinking in an establishment, and notice that others need seating, I automatically leave to make room for them.

    It’s simple: Teach your kids.

  13. bandejo says:

    We stopped goinjg to Starbucks about a year age. We went in to get some latte and there were about 7 or 8 tables and a sofa. Every table had one student with books spread all across the table so no one else could sit down and one person was laying on the sofa. Complaint to employees did nothing so we didnt buy anything and left. Written complaint to Starbucks didnt even get an answer so we never went back to any Starbucks. We dont miss it,

    1. Jan says:

      sometimes it is hard to study on campus. us students put in many hours a week going to class–sometimes up to 20hrs a week! Starbucks is quiet, and lots of times friends will drop by–like my BFF from highschool, Erin–which is VERY cool because we feel included. We like Jersey Shore a lot, and spend hours talking about it over my Tall starbucks coffee i bought earlier that morning. And sometimes, us students get tired, so stretching out on a sofa isn’t illegal! I bought coffee, so there it is!

      1. MSavage says:


      2. Mark says:

        A library is quiet and made for study. And no, taking up the whole sofa is not illegal just very inconsiderate and rude, and shows your lack of social skills. Shame your parents didn’t teach you any. And oh you might concider one or two english courses. SO THERE IT IS !!!

      3. Jan is cracking me up! says:

        BWWAaahhahahahaha…. More! More!

      4. ryan says:

        Jan, if you are real woman, will you marry me?

  14. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    I wonder hoow many bucks Lord soros will make with the debt downgrade. He’s been betting against the dollar since the Ofumduck was elected.

    Did he know something the rest of us didn’t know?

    How many bucks will he stash away for Ofumduck’s service to his cause?

    1. LG says:

      Please don’t vote and never, ever spawn. We don’t need any more people on this planet who are as dumb as a box of rocks.

      1. ryan says:

        Unfortunately conservatives spawn and re-spawn.with astounding frequency. They have as many lives as mooks in a game, they have about the same intelligence too. Luckily, the Conservatives are easy to overcome once you increase your intelligence to 9(that’s the level that you learn how to make arguments and not be a complete dumba ss ). Be careful though, Conservatives have a high dexterity and can avoid all blame and redirect it members of your party, though this more than often fails. I would suggest using a ‘Fact’ to take them off balance. They cannot handle the crushing weight of reality for very long. Luckily facts are plentiful and can be found everywhere. Good luck.

        Satan 2012!

      2. Kaiser Puppydog says:

        Well, since liberals have more abortions, we should expect that over time a population would become more conservative, since the offspring tend to have very similar political views to their parents. Over time you will see a more conservative population since the liberals/leftists have this tendency to promote their own extermination. That is why I am conservative but support abortion on demand–Leftists will take advantage of it and leave a brighter future for mankind.

      3. ryan says:

        Time and time again it has been shown that a conservative future is not a bright one. So… history really isn’t rooting for you. Good luck though!

        In the meantime im gonna go have have sex with my TWO girlfriends. Ya, i’m happy to be liberal.

      4. Kaiser Puppydog says:

        That’s cool, ryan. Assuming you’re having the type of sex that could result in pregnancy, please don’t be a cheapskate and flake on your responsibility for the abortion financing for those two swell gals.

      5. LG says:

        Kaiser Puppydog, what makes you think that I’M not supporting ryan? =-o

      6. Feech LaManna says:

        Ryan – Just make sure they’re fully blown up – and hose them down when your done. Your roommates might want some lovin’.

  15. Jan says:

    I enjoy Starbucks very much. Sometimes, i will get a ‘Tall’ coffee on the gift card my mom got me for my birthdaay. It’s like $1.50…so then i get out my laptop and Facebook, twitter, check out the latest youtube videos of Pink. Sometimes i go to YahooAnswers and answer questions about Lost and Justin Beiber. Then i click refresh a lot to see if my answer was judged “best”. The other day, 4 people walked in and ordered a bunch of starbucks’ other products. Venti’s, i think they are? Anyway, they all crammed into a sofa that looked like it would only seat 2 comfortably. They kept giving me mean looks–not sure why. I mean, i got this 4-seater table first, and i was still sipping the coffee i had bought several hours earlier (i had my own water bottle i brought in with me, for when i get thirsty–and sometimes i take it to the bathroom fountain and fill it back up). But, anyway, yeah starbucks is pretty cool, escpecially when i’m reading and posting to President Obama’s facebook page. I would sure hate it if they turned off the innernets

    1. MSavage says:

      Try making your trolling a little less obvious.

  16. Scott Bailey says:

    We have a local chain of coffee shops much like Starbucks…you can stay & use the wifi as long as you wish & it is free refills as long as you are there. Seating is never an issue & the owners actually prefer someone in there as opposed to no one being there. Wifi for laptops & plenty of outlets….they treat their customers right & those customers bring in more customers. I dont go to Starbucks anymore.

  17. Gary says:

    Who cares?

  18. Steven Whitesell says:

    This is so stupid and I can’t believe it’s “news.” Starbucks could easily and cheaply regulate its wi fi usage by making customers log into the starbucks system and regulating usage to 1 hour or whatever they want.

    People that want to sit around and cruise the internet will eventually just go to McDonalds. Heh, the coffee is cheaper and better anyways. People who are too cheap to get internet in their homes will appreciate the shift to McDonalds anyways. They still get their free US NEWS & WORLD REPORT at McD’s too. Slight downgrade from the WSJ.

    Covering up outlets is a stupid, ridiculous idea.
    I hate you, Starbucks. But I love your delicious confectionary drinks…

  19. mrunpc says:

    What could ANYONE expect from those (mostly limp wristed liberals) who frequent such places anyway? GIVE them an inch and they’ll take 100 miles.

    Think about it. They’re willing to go spend FIVE (5) BUCKS on a cup of “coffee” and use about $3.00 of someone else’s electricity. If they stayed home and made their own POT of coffee for far less and used their OWN electricity, they’d be saving themselves HUNDREDS of $$$ a year.

    ANTI-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

  20. Fred says:

    It’s not enough to own a MacBook. You’ve got to sit in SB and let the world see that you own a MacBook! 😀

  21. Matthew Torres says:

    How about something like a parking meter but for the power outlets? You put coins in and when your time runs out, the power shuts off.

    Either that or something a little more underhanded like the wifi turns off for a minute every hour. That would seriously irritate squatters, I’m sure.

  22. sailordude says:

    Does Grumpys ban iphones too? They get the internet. Anyway I’m out of touch but never got into paying lots of money on something I don’t enjoy anyway, this is a herd mentality.

  23. Vince Brewster says:

    I’ve read most of the first page of comments. That’s all I can take.

    When I read the squatter’s right excuses of a self-important braggadocio such as Mark M. ( — who was probably downsized out of a job or fired — and thus doesn’t “have to work in a cube anymore because” he works for himself — I’m reminded of a fellow I dealt with once.

    He owed me money for services rendered. When I had had enough and confronted him about it in no uncertain terms, he said, “You can’t talk to a customer that way.” I replied, “You’re not a customer. You’ve never paid me a cent. To be my customer, you have to pay me. There’s another eight-letter word for you: deadbeat.” Somewhat to my surprise, he paid up — and became a regular customer.

    Mark M. may pay a small token for space he clearly occupies for hours on end, but he’s still a moocher and a squatter. If he weren’t, would he be protesting so much?

    As for what’s the right business model, that’s up to the owners not the customers . . . in a sense. Make the wrong choice and you won’t be in business long. I know from experience.

  24. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    “Verily, I say unto thee, the rich shall become richer under me, but my rod and my staff are the poor who shall re-elect me. When my Lord, who is in billions and billions of dollars shall call me, he will say to me, ‘good job my hubris filled and loyal savant’. I will reply to him with my Blackberry, “Soros, you ain’t seen nuthin yet.”

    And my flock, who gathers at Starbucks, are the meek and broke. Let them sit and enjoy their misery. For many are called but few are chosen.

  25. Robert Marvin Smith says:


  26. Robert Marvin Smith says:

    These ‘Squatters’ are nothing more than the typical “GIVE ME DAT” folks that elected the Great Disappointment.

    1. LG says:

      Yes, and people who make generalizations are idiots.

      Oh, wait…

  27. Andrew says:

    I guess the economy isn’t so bad that people are willing to give up paying 5 bucks for meh coffee

  28. Winnie Frank says:

    Cover up the outlets at least, most laptops won’t last all day. Starbucks et al must have foreseen this though and didn’t think it through.

    1. Mark S says:

      I say give them all the wifi they want but charge 20.00 to recharge the batteries. Problem solved the deadbeats will go to McD. another place I don’t go so let them go.

  29. Greycoat says:

    With Obama purposely destroying the economy to put us on his Marxist “new foundation”, the resulting civil war should clear out Starbucks and reduce MSNBC viewership from 6 to 1..

    1. Very conservative says:

      As much as I dislike nobama, I don’t think he is purposely (or smart enough to) destroying the economy. But the the same exact opposite can be said for many others including some guy named Bloomberg.

  30. MSavage says:

    Never set foot in a Starbucks in my life. But this is similar problem in many eateries including McDonalds where i like to sit down and eat my meal hot ,and then leave almost immediately. But unfortunatlely too often cannot do so because others feel the need to sit in there all day (some even while spending only a dollar or two, some don’t even buy anything!). When I see this, I move on to the next establishment and the former (MANY times McDonalds) loses my business because of those so inconsiderate. Hopefully McD and others will catch on like S’bux and do something about it as well.

  31. Mark says:

    So no one goes to Starbucks for the quality of their coffee then !

  32. Willy Brown says:

    The squatters must all be democrats. Always looking for a free ride on someone elses nickel. Put in coin or dollar meter boxes on the outlets that should chase them away

  33. Richard says:

    ‘Starbucks customers are mostly Democrats. Mooching off freebies is a way of life”

    OUCH that’s going to leave a mark!

  34. UNCLE TOM says:


    1. Sherri says:

      Just like the guy in the White House

  35. KPMc says:

    I really don’t have any sympathy for people that pay 5 bucks for a cup of coffee nor for the losers that sit there all day.

  36. LindaB says:

    I’ve seen people sit in the parking lot at starbucks mooching the wi-fi….people everywhere abuse the wi-fi, even at busy lunch hours in resturants!

  37. FU HowardSchultz says:

    FU Howard Schultz

  38. UpYoursHowardSchultz says:

    I have an idea. The staff at Starbucks calls us the “regulars”. We are the daily repeat customers who buy tons of stuff, and we bring out laptops because we want to be connected, do work, etc. but we also want to talk to the friends we’ve established there. If Starbucks doesn’t want our presence, we can take it elsewhere along with our money. It appears that Starbucks has soo much business now, the top management does not care about “the regulars”. So, starting today, I will look for an alternative to Starbucks that wants our business. Then, I will ask my friends to join me at the new coffeeshop. That will cost our Starbucks store a great deal of business, but apparently management doesn’t care.

    1. Vince Brewster says:

      Hope you enjoy your solitude.

    2. Mark S says:

      Do you ever listen to what you say.I think the staff at SB would be glad for you to go you are why they need to charge so much for coffee. To wait on deadbeats that sit for hours and spend little money do you know anything about business and what it cost to have a store.

    3. Caring Beatnik says:

      It’s really tough being a “cool” “regular” nowadays, especially when corporate America (Big Coffee) doesn’t want your business. Looks like you’ll have to “make the scene” and “profile” somewhere else. Finding a concentration of unemployed mooching liberals shouldn’t be too hard of a task though .

  39. Nickie Goomba says:

    “Welfare for hippies”

    I couldn’t have said it any better.

  40. old black joe says:

    I pride myself in saying I have never ever bought a starbucks coffee….I don’t go in for goo and goop in a cup, besides, for what they want for a cup of plain coffee i can fill my thermos with my favorite..home brew and then some…

  41. Yev says:

    I don’t see what the fuss is all about. Many establishments, especially in low income neighborhoods already have limits on how long costumers can spend in the dining area.

    In case of SB its not the first time they pulled this sort of thing. I know of a bunch of Starbucks in the city that have closed off the bathrooms due to overuse. Now they are doing the same with power outlets.

    In hyper-crowded place like Manhattan giving away free space, electric and WiFi and expecting to make money from squatters is bad business. The rent for most of SB stores has got to be astronomical and you cant expect them not to try to maximize revenue. However cutting off electric is against their brand image.

    Perhaps they should start with a sigh: “Dear costumers, we appreciate your business and welcome you to spend time at our store. However, during busy periods we ask you to limit your stay to X minutes so that our other costumers could enjoy their visit”

  42. Pete Dooley says:

    Absolutely love the comments, haven’t been back to NY for a year or so. Love all the back stabbing up there. I have actually been in a conversation with one New Yorker and another one interrupted and took me to the side so he could back stab the guy I was talking to. P*ss down the leg funny.

    My brother was in a business meeting with a loud mouth New Yorker who wasn’t getting an order he placed correct. The guy started mouthing off and f- you dis and F-you dat and my brother reached across the table and popped him two or three times. He was taken aback and asked why he was to be pummeled because everybody talks like dat up heah. Funny stuff.

    The “liberal” rants are even funnier. I thought you conservatives frowned upon “stimulants” aren’t they of the devil! Why don’t you get up five minutes early brew a cup of coffee roll the old gal out of the sack and watch an installment of FOX “news” in the morning you lazy hacks. I miss you guys so much, please continue this stuff is golden!

  43. Kel Suaziago says:

    if you want change BE THE CHANGE!
    People are so selfish, how about thinking about others and pay it forward, do something nice for others instead of yourself for once.
    I know that most can’t fathom the concept of making someone else happy for a change, society is one giant ME ME ME!

  44. boycott starbucks says:

    I love coffee, but I H@TE Starbucks. Their pretentiousness makes me want to be sick. The worst is when you order a “large coffee” and the idi0t “barista” repeats it back as “grande” or whatever their idi0t fake euro-wannabe word for large is. And what is it with the nutty bulletin boards they have that always has cr@p about eastern religions and adopting pets? Is that the most important thing to Starbuck’s customers? I really wish Dunkin Donuts or Tim Horton or something else would open around here so I could have some coffee. DOWN WITH STARBUCKS!!!

  45. Kerry Uldan says:

    Have a 2 hour limit, except for minorities as they are special (including women) and should be able to stay as long as they want.
    But white men should be strictly limited to 2 hours, and the police called if they don’t mind the rules.

  46. Slim says:

    Why not just limit all WiFi use to 30 minutes all day long. They could store a laptop’s MAC address and block its access after 30 minutes until tomorrow. Panera Bread limits users to 30 minutes during peak times around lunch and dinner.

  47. Gavin Snyder says:

    Liberals will never understand that there is no such thing as “free.” Everything costs money. The Internet Access costs money. The electricity involved costs money. Putting access points in various places costs money.

    Why do people, in this day and age, think they have some sort of Constitutional Right towards access toward the internet. Answer? There isn’t any.

    1. LG says:

      Why do people, in this day and age, think they have some sort of Constitutional Right towards access to run corporations making insane profits and not paying their fair share in taxes to the society that allows this.

      Actually, it’s conservatives who don’t understand that there is no such thing as “free.” Big business, PAY YOUR DAMN TAXES, and stop giving campaign donations to politicians to “protect your profits” by providing you with tax loopholes.

      1. I am a corporation says:

        LG. I run a corporation. I am the sole shareholder and my corporation is what puts food on the table for my kids and sends them to school. I make a profit (or I wouldn’t be in business, duh) and I wish it were more insane than it is (it’s actually insanely meager now, thanks to doubled healthcare premiums). I pay my taxes and so does every other small business owner I know (each of whom is also a corporation). How does that make me evil? When you get out of school and you need a job, don’t bother applying for either of the two positions I hire for. With your attitude, I won’t be hiring you, paying your healthcare and taxes, teaching you how to be a responsible employee and giving you valuable life skills you never got in school and giving you money to spend on whatever you spend it on. Seriously, what do they teach in schools these days?

      2. LG says:

        Thanks for the insult. You obviously aren’t bright enough to realize that my comments do not pertain to “small business” or those businesses/corporations that are paying their fair share.

        The problem with the double healthcare premiums is that the BIG healthcare and pharmaceutical companies are price gouging. YOU should be advocating to regulate them and investigate their record profits in a time when small businesses and middle class workers are struggling.

        BTW, these things are not “taught” in schools, so your ignorant comment about what is and isn’t taught does not even pertain to the argument. Your attempt at insult as to whether or not you would hire me means nothing. I know my credentials, I know my talents, I know my skills, and I have a pretty good handle on my weaknesses. I don’t need your quick judgment to tell me who I am and what I am capable of. But if it makes you feel better, go on and blame the people who advocate for you, the “sole shareholder” type. People support you–and my post was to call out those who exploit capitalism. But you didn’t glean that because you wanted to quickly see me as an enemy. I know you’re frustrated with the way things are. And guess who is to blame? Not you. Not me. You aren’t “evil” unless you are part of the greedy 5% of the population.

        So to counter your attack, I say, “Defensive much?” Thank you for paying your taxes.

      3. LG says:

        P.S. Why do you have to pay to send your kids to school? Are they college-level? Couldn’t they borrow money like I did and so many people do? Or do you make too much money for them to be eligible? Are they K-12 age? If so, why aren’t you supporting your local public school? Are you afraid of “what they’re teaching these days?” If so, you are a sheep and obviously, your comments are shrouded in an ideology of those who would privatize education, a system that is one of the last bastions of hope for our society. If you want to talk about what I know about the education system, let’s go, but I guarantee you as the head of a corporation do not have the experiences and education about it that I have. Instead, you complain that you have to make a profit to send your kids to school. Hmmm…

        I’m not against making profits at all. I think Free Enterprise is what makes this country great. But to not regulate it and allow exploitation? That’s where I draw the line. Also, not everything should be privatized. Services exist in society for the Common Good. If this is lost on you, just what did they teach YOU in school? 😉 Or did you go to a private school?

      4. Dana says:

        you must be talking about GE ( makes billions, pays zip) or those corn subsides that pay corn farmers to grow corn that every one wants anyway (corn husker kick back, maybe you heard of it? probably not) . I don’t think Jon Stewart or Rachel Maddox is gonna tell you these things so therefore, my guess is you don’t know. I think it’s called blissful ignorance. lesson in economics . Little Germany can bail out Greese and Ireland because Germany is 3rd largest exporter in the world ,why? because German corp tax on exports is 0 , therefore they have jobs and lots of money. Our corporate tax on exports? highest in the world 36% . ! Your solution …. make it higher. brilliant you ain’t

      5. Dana says:

        LG I think in your case Ronald Reagan said it best “It’s not that liberals are stupid, it’s just so much of what they believe just isn’t so”

  48. Barry Levy says:

    I like it. Stops the selfish people from being allowed to mooch off of others.

  49. Red Stater says:

    I have never set foot into a Starbucks shop and do not intend to because Starbucks gives 100% of its political contributions to Democrat candidates and Democrat causes.

    1. LG says:

      And I do not patronize Wal-mart or Sam’s Club for their LACK of contribution to the tax system, their unfair labor practices, and their monopoly on selling goods by undercutting the fair operations of competitors. Oh and there’s that little thing called giving insane contributions to Republican candidates and Republican causes. but let’s not get too political here…this is not about politics–it’s about fairness to a customer base and good business practices.

      1. Right is right and left is wrong says:

        And that’s “not” politics how exactly?

      2. LG says:

        I never said it wasn’t politics.

      3. Dana says:

        you don’t shop there because it’s non union . period . Explain to the group how Walmart “undercuts the fair operations of competitors” we would all love to hear it. Then you can explain to us how a democrat president and a democrat controlled house and senate allowed this “monopoly” exsist for so long? It should be enlighting

      4. gnubi says:

        @LG I’m not sure why I bother with you because you are so typical of the liberal mindset – all emotion and no self examination. In less than a minute, I found that Walmart paid the following taxes in 2010: U.S. federal: $5.3 billion, U.S. state and local: $677 million, International: $1.1 billion. (I know, “It’s not their fair share.” Whatever that means.) Please get some facts before you post things that make you look like a thoughtless idealogue.

    2. ryan says:


  50. nate says:

    The chairs are not comfortable enough to sit there all day. 15 min tops. Cell phone talkers and business interviews/meeting are more annoying.

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