Number Of Vacant Homes On The Rise On Long Island

MASTIC BEACH, NY (WCBS 880) – Home vacancies are a problem across Long Island, from Oyster Bay to Huntington, to Smithtown and Mastic Beach.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall In Suffolk County

Currently, there are almost 40,000 vacant homes or apartments on the island.

One street that has been especially hard hit is Lynbrook Road in Mastic Beach, where it seems like every other home is vacant.

Andrew Gangoff lives between two of the boarded up, abandoned homes.

“One house over here is burned out and that guy doesn’t have insurance. So, he’s probably never going to fix that,” he told WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall. “This one, there was a family dispute for 20 years. He finally sold it to another guy who bought it for taxes, I believe. He tried to rebuild it, but there’s nothing left to rebuild. There’s no real foundation. It’s just dry cement blocks stacked up.”

Gangoff fears some of these homes have become a haven for drug dealers.

“I’d like to have it torn, but then again, if you tear it down, what are they going to put there?” he said.

Experts said the vacancy rate jumped from 2.4 percent to 4 percent, which reflects the fallout from the recession.

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One Comment

  1. maureen mizuno says:

    One idea for Mr. Gangoff, try contacting Habitat For Humanity in your area. They may be able to help your neighbor to rebuild with a no interest loan. Also, they require 500 man hours of labor go into building the home. This is the time when neighbors can help one another. It strengthens the community and bonds people together to overcome in the tough times. Who knows we may need each others help much more in the coming times. I hope this is helpful. Also try extreme makeover home edition. Good luck and God speed.
    Maureen Mizuno
    Exit Realty Central

  2. HooDatIS? says:

    auction those houses off for cheap and lets see what happens you cannot let this probblem esclate
    longtime homeowners will start to flee soon
    in fives years it wil 7.8 vacant if it continues to spiral down, and the economy of this place will be in shambles, dont let it happen be proactive my dear

  3. maureen mizuno says:

    Sorry for the few typing errors, I was in a hurry. However, you get the point and I hope the information was helpful.

  4. maureen mizuno says:

    Sometimes when things get so out of control and human beings can’t contain themselves from greed and other extremes, other forces step in to make corrections. For years New York and California were so out of control with real estte prices and banks lending money if you were just breathing with out control. Now is the correction and it is painful. I had a seller the other day in Ozone Park, NY tell me he wanted to price his mediocre one family residence at $489,000, in 1998 he paid $179,000 for it. I walked away from the listing because he is not functioning in reality with the market, and he is not teachable.
    There is so much available inventory that unreasonable sellers will sit for several years. I list properties to sell them not to sit for years.When your agent says the price is too high, It is. Agents get paid as a percentage of sales price. Obviously it is in our best interest to sell for the most that the market will bear.
    Since we are out here every day we know the market it is wise to pay attention to what your agent says.
    This is one reason why you never engage a part time agent to cnduct your business for you. Real Estate is a demanding profession and only those who are fully committed to it become exports at what is really going on. Maureen Mizuno Working with your Realtor and not against them gives you the best results in achieving you goal, whether it is buying or selling.

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