Reports: Corzine Being Eyed As Possible Replacement For Geithner

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Former New Jersey governor Jon Corzine may be looking at a new job in Washington.

He’s reportedly being eyed as a possible replacement for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner.

That’s if Geithner leaves before the end of President Obama’s first term.

Corzine is former chairman of Goldman-Sachs and now works at the investment firm MF Global.

A spokesman for Corzine dismissed the talk of replacing Geithner, calling it “idle speculation.”  

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  • Kevin Macomber

    Bawhahahaha, is this a joke . . it reminds me of the Gary Larsen carton “Ship of Fools, Car of Idiots.” Ask anyone from NJ, this guy was a complete ‘tosser.’

  • banana monkey

    you can’t be serious.. this guy is toxic and a wall street insider, please find someone else

  • Hussein

    A simple “no” does not do this justice…”Bleeping, HELL NO” is the proper response here…

  • My name is Tony

    More sweet deals for Wall $treet.

  • Bobby

    Yeah this prick will work and save the day……this choice makes sense..the fool in the ivory tower almost bankrupted NJ when he was governor…raised the sales tax 1%, raised property taxes…was sucked off by the unions..

    Good move Owe-Bama …another one of your failed marxist ideas…

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