Angel Alvarez Sues NYPD Over Police Gunfire At Harlem Block Party

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A man who was shot many times by New York City police officers last year during a fight over a gun at a block party has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the police department.

Angel Alvarez suffered 27 bullet wounds during the chaos in Harlem, which began when he got into a fistfight with a neighborhood rival, and escalated when the other man pulled out a pistol.

As the two men struggled for the gun, police unleashed volleys of bullets that hit Alvarez, killed the person he was fighting with and wounded two officers and three innocent bystanders.

Alvarez was jailed for 200 days before a grand jury refused to indict him. It also declined to indict the officers.

A police review of the shooting is ongoing.

Does it sound like the officers were justified in their use of force in this case? Sound off in our comments section below…

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One Comment

  1. joey from b'hurst says:

    If you could name a dozen Caucasian males murders that have committed sick crimes, in the last 10 years i would be surprised. Stop with that ghetto myth. There must a least a dozen murders this week in the NYC metro area…guess who committed them. Think about it.

    1. Bob Fowler says:

      Joey, can YOU name 10 non-Caucasians?

      1. Charles F. Bolden, Jr says:

        Let’s post pictures of Charles F. Bolden, Jr. everywhere. He was appointed by Obama himself to be the new NASA Administrator. Thse kids should be looking up to Mr. Bolden, as a shining exemplar.

    2. 1st Black Astronaut says:

      Bless my soul…a Black Astronaut. You know if he be a Baptist? I got to tell my friends at Church about him. I am so proud.

      1. NASAhuh says:

        Did we just stop the NASA program just curious

  2. HooDatIS? says:

    this loser should get a dime
    he statred all this chaos and he wants to get paid
    i wanna slap the hell out of him
    more people could have died
    the police only showed up to their damn jobs im tired of people making them inti criminals when their only protecting lives
    they had no reason to protect him he was the problem

  3. alex davidson says:

    how can anyone sound off on this case when we have no information other than what the he said she said is shouted out there by the few midea stories here and there. sorry charlie, if to have a comment about the story, one needs to have all of the facts available and only then you can have a comment about it. this kind of an unfortunate situation is too important for asking people to comment about it or actually to speculate about it. no good . not productive request.

  4. StreetCop says:

    how about Mr Israel , let someone show up at your family party with a gun and see what you would want done to protect them ….. Everyone is a cop hater until the wolf shows up !

    1. israel solano says:

      UMM MR STREECOP, HOW AND WHERE DO YOU THINK THAT IM A COP HATER, i was just replying to the story, get the facts straight, and even if i had a party and someone would show up with a gun, i wouldnt want cops or anyone else getting shot that many times. just doesnt make sense to me.

  5. israel solano says:

    let see how you people would react if you or someone in your family gets shot that many times by new yorks finest..

  6. israel solano says:


  7. Reuven Kerner says:

    four cops and one (1) nightstick should have been enough.

  8. Bob Fowler says:

    If they hit him 27 times, using the Amadou Diallo calculations of shots to hits, they shot at him 56 times. It is also possible that he was collateral damage for them shooting at the man who pulled the gun in the first place. In that case, they only shot 52 times. Accuracy doesn’t count too much if you fire a large enough number of bullets.

    That being said, how is this man entitled to monetary damages? Angel got into a fistfight with a neighborhood rival. Doesn’t that make him responsible for the results of the altercation? Or is that only the case if NYPD is not involved? Is the rule, once NYPD shows up, everyone is entitled to sue?

  9. Starbuck says:

    Gotta love those NYPD Sharpshooters!!

    1. JOSH SUCKS says:

      Where did you read sharpshooters?

      1. Blasterific says:

        “Sharpshooters” he was being facetious!

  10. SEV says:


    1. take our streets back says:

      Yes and we as taxpayers are unlucky.We wasted 26 extra bullets on this idiot. They should of ended it with 1.

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