Off-Duty Officer Dies In Car Crash In Suffolk County

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Suffolk County police are mourning the death of a 30-year police veteran.

Detective Sergeant Robert Reecks died in a single car crash on Sunrise Highway in Moriches Saturday morning.

Officials said the 57-year-old was off-duty and driving his department-issued sedan.

“His vehicle went off the roadway and struck a concrete bridge support. Sgt. Reecks died at the scene,” said Det. Lt. Gail Marrero of the Suffolk County PD.

Reecks joined the force in 1981 and rose through the ranks, becoming commander of the bias crimes unit in the late 1990’s, which he held for 13 years.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Have you ever considered the Sunrise Highway to be dangerous for driving? Sound off in our comments section below…


One Comment

  1. marco says:

    shift ended at 10…accident at 5:30..umm..drinking with his mistress. and im not a detective.



  3. Denise says:

    I have known Rob for many, many years. This was a true stand up guy! I have never, ever known Robert to drink. DUI? Not a chance! There is more to this situation and only time and investigation will reveal the truth behind this most tragic event. We lost a great, great man.

  4. christine says:

    I hope Karma comes back and bites all of you cold hearted bast_rd_ in the butt! I hope one of your loved ones dies, so that you feel the kind of pain that is being felt. and then someone turns around and makes up lies and bad mouths the person you loved and lost.

    1. 102209 says:

      He wasn’t drunk or speeding uncontrollable. Had nothing to do with tax payers money or anything like that. The truth will never come out bc its protected by a higher power, just the way it is and thats all u people need to know. End of convo so drop it. Christine its really not worth it, you know what I mean.

  5. me says:

    I think it was department related

  6. Kline Derek says:

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  7. marva hall says:

    EH! Next!

  8. belltoller says:

    where was heading to waht time did it happen

  9. Kat says:

    He was 57 – an age of heart attacks and strokes, even without any prior medical condition. Rest in peace.

  10. Gary Foerster says:

    I knew and worked with Bob for years. he was a good cop, worked many difficult assignments and was always fair. He cared about those of you who feel that sending an uninformed message is a good or fun thing. He would have protected your right of expression but would have asked you for the basis of your comment. Conjecture would not be grounds for your writting something wrong about a good man. I’m proud to have worked with him and will defend him anytime. I do this because he was a good man in service of us all.

    1. Lets wait for autopsy says:

      Even good men drink.Even good men do things that are wrong.I do not get your point.Ichecked list of Saints and his mname did not show up .Yes people make mean and cruel comments but bottom line is unless he had heart attack he was either speeding or drinking both are against the law.Even if he feel asleep that was not to bright to drive in that condition thank god innocent people were not hurt or killed.

      1. christine says:

        Yes he was good man! And yes people make mean, cruel and heartless comments!

  11. Ronnie K says:

    i guess this is what happens when you think you are above the law and get to drive 100 mph on a 2 lane highway, I am thankful none of my family was on the road when this lunatic sped off the road.

    1. Elaine says:

      Did it every occur to any of you (you know who you are) that there might be a medical reason behind what happen and yes, thank god no one else was hurt. Why don’t you wait to find out what the facts are before making comments.

    2. Christine says:

      100mph? Like I said you guys might want to get your facts straight before commenting! Please tell me where it says he was driving 100mph and was drinking? This is simply not true!

      1. Christine not too bright says:

        Chistine look at damage to car he was not driving 40 mph and who know if he was drinking .Lets hope the police there do there job and we will find real truth as to what happened .But yes speeding was a given.

      2. christine says:

        ok genius, was the speed limit 40mph? can you tell the difference between a car driving 70mph and 100mph if they hit concrete? i think not! And I KNOW FOR A FACT HE WAS NOT DRINKING!

      3. Christine says:

        do you ever speed? EVER? well i wish you the best of luck then. NOT!

  12. Christine says:

    I personally knew Bob and he was good detective and a Great Man! He WAS NOT drinking!!! You guys might want to get your facts straight before leaving hurtful comments AND have some respect for his friends and family who are in pain and suffering from their loss.

    1. Elaine says:

      Thanks Christine. Please read my answer to the Reecks Family, if you have not already.

  13. david gans says:

    give us the whole story, was he on his way home from a bar at 3am and speeding drunk on the taxpayers dime?

  14. S. Reecks says:

    All negative comment’s may you never lose a son/a brother/a godfather/a uncle. Trust me when I say your words are very hurtfull. And our family members should not be reading stuff like this! We would never right such things about your loved one. I hope your weekend was better than ours:-)

    1. Elaine Springer says:

      First of all, to the Reecks Family, please accept my sincerest condolences on the sudden death of Robert. I was a classmate of Robert’s and found him to be a caring person who looked out for others. To those of you that have made comments without first knowing all the facts, I am ashamed to be reading all your comments, they are very hurtful. I was taught that if you have nothing nice to say, then do not say anything. Think first!

      1. Christine says:

        Thank you

  15. BC says:

    Taxpayers pay for their commute? Why was he driving a department issued vehicle and using taxpayer funded gas if he was off-duty?

    Sorry for your loss, Suffolk County PD. Hard to lose someone who’s been around for 30 years.

    1. JR says:

      OK know-it-all, some officers are required to bve available 24/7 should the need arise, saving you $$$, because they do not have to have somebody sitting around not doing anything if not needed.

      1. SR says:

        What you wrote makes no sense ,can you explain it in english this time

      2. JR says:

        It is a simple concept. He is “available” to be called to work 24 hours a day should the need arise. He does not get paid for the time he is not working. He was probably assigned to a unti that does not have an requirement to be working 24/7, so they give him a car and he goes to work when he is needed outside of his regular schedule. Otherwise, they would have to pay somebody to sit there in an office in case something happened. Basically, he is on call. Not all officers are trained to do every task. There are specialized units. Every department in this country has a group of individuals who are permitted take car homes to report to work in if the need arises.

  16. jokerjim says:

    it has been reported the car was going 90-100 mph. I have family members and friends that are on the job and they ALL drive at ridiculous high speeds. Have been in the car when they are pulled over, they flash their badge and the cop that pulled them over says, “ok, sorry, have a great day”.
    They stick up for themselves endlessly and are above the law. Had he been driving the speed limit, like they want us to do, probably would not have happened.

    1. Junior says:

      Proof and source of info, please! I am sure you have NONE. Shut up man! I am sure you have none of the info I asked for!

  17. Jenn says:

    Or…instead of making senseless accusations about dui, consider that it was early in the morning and he was tired from a long shift – a long shift of protecting the residents here.
    Stop vilifying the good men and women who serve and put their lives in danger so that the rest can live their lives in safety.

    1. joey from b'hurst says:

      If it was a long shift, he still should not have been behind the wheel, if he was drowsy. When a person makes over $168,000/year we expect them to be a little more careful about situations like this.

  18. If it looks like drunk driving and quacks like a duck, it’s probably nothing

  19. Gordy Wilson says:

    Probably DUI and now they want to make him a hero???

    1. joey from b'hurst says:

      The next thing that will be released by the Suffolk PD will be that he was cut-off by a black SUV.

      1. free the juice says:

        I heard it was a white SUV and the guy looks like OJ

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