By Kimberly Rae Miller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Hobbies are important, folks. Not only do they keep us busy, but they also prevent us from stalking actors and sending them creepy things via the Internet.

And one New York City woman is in dire need of a hobby that isn’t Academy Award winning French actress Marion Cotillard.

As multiple news outlets reported over the weekend, complaints filed with the court suggested that Queens resident Teresa Yuan sent upwards of 100 email and video messages a day to Cotillard’s fan page, many of which were threatening in nature.

In one particular video, Yuan insinuated that she would like to harm Cotillard, and declared that she would feel no regret “after it happens” because “that’s apparently how it feels to be a killer.”

Is it just me, or is someone watching too much CSI?

Other correspondence included Ms. Yuan asking if Cotillard would be interested in playing Russian Roulette.

An additional digital recording featured Yuan growling and hissing at the actress, declaring she is usually  “very calm and respectful and kind, but then you push me too far or you back me in a corner and this is how I feel… [insert more animal noises here]. ”

Teresa Yuan was arraigned in a New York City court and later released on $50,000 bail. She has been ordered to avoid  Marion Cotillard and her fan website.  She has also been ordered to refrain from using the Internet outside of her own home, and that all access she does have will be monitored.

For her part, Cotillard has refrained from publicly making statements about her stalker; she will next be seen on-screen in the upcoming Batman sequel, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Kimberly Rae Miller is a writer, actress, and host living in New York City (

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