Hartnett: Jose Reyes’ Latest Injury Could Be Blessing In Disguise For Mets

‘Hart of the Order’
By Sean Hartnett
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At present, losing Jose Reyes to injury hurts the New York Mets in the short-term.  A nine-game deficit in the Wild Card is a difficult hill to climb even with Reyes and Daniel Murphy in the lineup.  Murphy’s MCL sprain means that he’s done for the season, and Reyes re-aggravated the same hamstring that forced him to miss more than two weeks last month.

With their playoff chances shelved, Mets fans are examining their roster and wondering who will be signed, traded away and let go.  The main focus is obviously on Reyes, the heartbeat of the Mets and coveted free-agent-to-be.  Baseball experts have long debated whether Reyes will receive a contract similar to the seven-year $142 million contract the Boston Red Sox awarded Carl Crawford.

Some believe that Reyes could command a deal that exceeds Crawford’s and others feel that his injury history will scare off a few interested clubs.  The Mets will be delighted if the latter is the case as there would be less competition in free agency.  Once word gets out that one general manager is afraid of a player’s health, other teams tend follow suit.  No team would want to be on the hook for a seven-year deal that pays out over $20 million per annum if their star could miss significant time in any given season.

Reyes’ hamstring has been a lingering problem throughout his career — and he has also been plagued by calf injuries.  As players get older, they tend to pick up more injures.  Reyes has already had his fair share and is two years away from turning 30.  Hamstring issues in particular are known to trouble athletes more frequently with age.

This plays into the Mets’ favor as they hope that this will ward off some of Reyes’ suitors and keep winter negotiations within their budget.  Losing Reyes would deeply impact gates at Citi Field and it’s a must that he is retained.  The Mets’ fan base has been vocal throughout the season and there would be a backlash from both season ticket holders and casual fans if Reyes ends up putting on a different uniform.

Citi Field could be desolate place.

Unlike other teams, the Mets are desperate for Reyes’ services whether or not he is able to play near the 150-game mark.  He fills Mets fans with hope and is an integral part of the franchise’s marketing.  Strictly on the field, Reyes is the player in which the Mets must continue to build around.

The Mets are well aware of the consequences of losing Reyes and are hoping that his record of injuries will work to their advantage.   This could be the blessing in disguise they were looking for…

What do you make of Reyes’ chances of remaining with the Mets beyond 2011?  Share your thoughts below and send your tweets to @HartyLFC.


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  1. Randy says:

    I feel the Mets are in a mess with their roster. They had / have “big” name players, but they aren’t performing. Reyes is the star out of the Mets really. He plays great baseball, but he’s turning out to be a Donovan Mcnabb (Donovan to me is such a great quarterback, but he just became injured way too much.)

    I say get rid of Wright, Jason Bay, and a bunch of other players before Reyes, but again can Reyes stay healthy? And I don’t know why they didn’t keep Beltrane till the end of the season at least. He could have helped a little bit more. Reyes to me is the best, and than Beltrane was the 2nd superstar on the Mets.

    Definitely need some new blood in the Mets organization though in order to get a winning team. And about pitching, get rid of Pelfrey already!

  2. LongTmeFan says:


    Reyes is a player to build around, a cornerstone player, one who could reach the hall of fame if he can remain relatively healthy and get 500-something yearly AB’s.

  3. JsyCtyGuy says:

    @Charles – No question. Reyes’ leg injuries are very troublesome and should make any GM, including Sandy Alderson, think twice about spending too much. However, there’s no need to re-invent history simply because you’re not a big Reyes fan. Reyes IS a superstar player. The 2006 Mets DID win the NL East Division Series. Reyes IS a 4x All Star. Hartnett’s depiction of Reyes being a ticket seller is accurate. From 2005-2008, I wouldn’t have wanted any other SS playing for the Mets.

    However, if Reyes can’t play because of injuries (and that seems more and more likely) than I’m willing to begrudgingly let him go. But if he can put in 130-135 + games every year and sign a reasonable contract then I would be excited for him to REMAIN as one of the cornerstone Mets, the heart of this team….whether or not white Mets fans like you like him or not.

    1. Charles says:

      JsyCtyGuy first I’m not white, let’s leave race out of this. My guess here is that your little black heart hurts when someone speaks the truth about Reyes, the facts are they, look at his career stats, you’re just to ignorant to accept them.

      If he stays healthy, if he plays 145 plus games, if this, if that that’s too many ifs, if the Queen had balls she be King.

      When Reyes does play that amount of games, like he has only 4 times in his 9 YEAR CAREER he’s a .289 career hitter, only once has he hit over 200 hits, once hit over .300, which was .300, and no power.

      This was a career year for Reyes, other than his average and hits, no power, makes stupid decisions when on base, makes stupid decisions when playing the field, all Mets fans have seen this in the 9 yrs, you can’t deny that, wait, you’re a Mets fan, you will because it’s the truth.

      You wouldn’t want any other SS, when the Mets choked in ’07 & ’08, part of the reason was Reyes, for the entire month of September of ’07 he hit just .176 & September of ’08 he hit .245

      There’s a guy name Tulo in Colarado who’s better, during ’05-’08 Jeter was leading the Yankees to the post-season again & every year & won the title again in ’09 for his 5th.

      So much for your analysis on Superstar Reyes.

  4. Charles says:

    So wait a minute, let me get this straight, you’re happy & call it a blessing that Reyes is hurt, again, because this would keep suitors from signing Reyes giving the Mets a great chance of keeping him.

    Something is wrong here, if other teams look at his injury history why wouldn’t the Mets as well.

    It would cost the Mets a ton of money, maybe not Crawford money, but enough that the Mets themselves would be taking a risk at a guy with a history of injuries. Also, Reyes is a guy you complement a superstar with, not a guy who can carry a team & build around.

    Nine years in the bigs & the Mets have never won with Reyes & now you want to keep him, pay him millions thinking he will guide the Mets to victory when he has not done so in 9 yrs & risk millions that he stays healthy for the entire length of his contract.

    Good luck with that.

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