David Heise, Driver Who Hit, Killed 2 Long Island Teens, Sentenced

Guilty Man's Mom Causes Uproar With Comments That Draw Heated Response

RIVERHEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A driver who hit and killed two Connetquot High School students has been sentenced for causing the fatal wreck.

Wednesday’s sentencing took a dramatic turn when the plea deal was thrown out and David Heise, 29, was handed a prison term that could keep him locked up for nine years for his role in the deaths of 17-year-old Eugene Franjola and 16-year-old Stephen Massina.

“I just hope that he knows what he did. He took my son from me. We were handed a life sentence,” mother Barbara Franjola told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall: You Could Hear The Victims’ Parents Crying In Court

Prosecutors said Heise drove his pickup through a red light in April of last year, killing the two teens in their car.

Heise pleaded guilty to two counts of criminally negligent homicide for causing the crash.

He originally agreed to a plea deal of no more than four years behind bars, but that was revoked. Four months after causing the deadly crash, Heise was found with 100 bags of heroin and hypodermic needles stuffed in his underwear. He agreed to plead guilty. But awaiting sentencing, and out on bail, Heise was again arrested on heroin charges. When taken into jail, officers discovered balloons filled with narcotics in his rectum, reports McLogan.

“My son is a heroin addict,” Virginia Heise said.

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera reports: Heise’s Mother Says He Needs Help, Not Jail

David Heise’s mother said her son was not high at the time of the crash, but she evoked outrage showing a toxicology report intimating the teens’ blood may have had trace amounts of pot, placing some of the blame on the victims.

“My son shouldn’t have been out on a suspended license and the Franjola boy shouldn’t have been driving as well,” Virginia Heise said.

That brought a swift reaction from the victims’ camps.

“That’s a disgrace! As a mother, how dare you … to say that about children who are dead. How dare you! They aren’t here to defend themselves! That was never brought up in this case! I don’t know where she’s coming from,” one person screamed.

The victims’ parents wondered why Heise wasnt given a drug test the night of the accident.

“It’s an unending torture. It’s not enough that he took our sons, he has to break the law over and over again,” mother Margaret Massina told CBS 2’s McLogan.

“The community was outraged. All his friends from school were outraged,” Eugene Franjola Sr. said.

“Whatever his sentence is, ours is forever,” Massina added. “He’s going to be rehabilitated, he’s going to get out. He’s going to have a life. Our life is ruined.”

Both boys donated their organs so others could live. Next month the Massinas will meet the emotional recipient of their son’s heart.

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  1. AD says:

    Surfin Bird- Regardless if the teenagers were smoking pot.. they still were NOT at fault.. they were not the ones who BLEW the red light, and they were not the ones driving with a REVOKED liscense. They are the victims, David Heise deserves NOBODYS sympathy. And if the toxology report of Eugene was that important, it would have been used in court, and Virgina Heise wouldnt have had to go to the press about it.. clearly it had nothing to do with the case. My friends are the victims here, NOT david heise. I wish EVERYDAY that they did a toxology report on him the night of the accident, because I’m sure what would have been found in his system is alot worse than a little pot.

  2. Surfiin Bird says:

    M. OReilly-if it was proven the teens were smoking pot then they were at fault here too

  3. DD says:


  4. BG says:

    you should put every thing that virginia heise said cause there was more to that then that little statment.

    1. lydiass says:

      Until drunk driving is a manditory jail sentence felony, we are going to keep having these said stories about inocent lives killed off by drunks who drive.I am a 26 years old nurse, young and beautiful. Now I am seeking an older gentle man who can give me real love , so i got a username Annababe2011 on—a’ge’l’es’s’da’te. C óM—it is the first and best club for y’ounger women and older men, or older women and younger men,to int’eract with each other. Maybe you wanna ch’eck it out or tell your friends.

  5. Bell Toller says:

    The victims used drugs?

  6. M.O'Reilly says:

    An outrage that this predator will be free in a few years ,if he shot these kids he
    would be facing 25 years to life. If you want to kill somebody do it
    with a car in this State ,you won’t have much punishment.

    1. justice for all says:

      He will be out in few months.Prison is way to overcrowded to keep someone like this for 9 year.he probably will do no more then a year.

  7. Looking For Justice says:

    His mother is a loser. She should be ashamed of herself for attempting to blame this on the Innocent victims.


    David does not care. He should be getting the death penalty.

  9. thor's hammer says:

    agree not nearly long enough of a sentence. hopefully when he goes to trial on the drug charge, the judge & jury will recognize a habitual offender when they see one and he gets a lengthy sentene on that charge to be served at the end of the laughable charge for 2 murders – let’s not split hairs and call it what it was. too bad ny doesn’t have a 3 strikes & you’re in for life. also too bad that the good people of ny including the 2 murder victims have to pay for 3 squares and a cot. he should not get any opportunities/perks on the inside, e.g. education, computer time, tv. go pound rocks 10 hours a day loser. justice for the victims and those they left behind!

  10. Nick says:

    Only 6-9 years for murdering people? Sigh…. politicians will never pass a tough drunk driving law. They’re all drunks and it’ll effect them.

  11. vy says:

    The jail term should be more than twice as long. Drunks have no respect for human life or their own. We should agree with them have also have no respect for them, and keep them permanently off the roads by keeping them in jail. Their crime should be driving a car to go to a place to drink without arranging in advance for someone else (designated driver, taxi, etc.) to drive them home. Until drunk driving is a manditory jail sentence felony, we are going to keep having these said stories about inocent lives killed off by drunks who drive. That means driving drunk should be an automatic jail time offense BEFORE that drunk causes someone else to die. Drinving drunk should be enough for automatic jail time. Maybe then it might sink in that driving drunk is not worth the criminal record plus the jail time. That level of non tolerance might slow down drunk driving deaths.

  12. Cheryl says:

    It’s not long enough. We will never see Stephen or Eugene again

  13. brooklyn4ever says:

    Just one more sorry loser that we the taxpayers get to support for the rest of his miserable life. Let him sit and think for a good long time about the pain and sorrow he has caused becaue he is not going to have anything better to do.

  14. Johnny Handsome says:

    There are no winners here. Darn shame.

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