Darryl Strawberry stopped by to pay a visit to Craig this morning and the two talked — what else? — a little baseball.

Craig asked the ‘Straw-Man’ what happened between him and the folks at SNY, where he used to do some TV work. And although he didn’t elaborate all that much, Starwberry’s tone indicated he wasn’t too happy with how the union came to an end.

Strawberry also took a not-too-popular position on the ongoing A.J. Burnett saga, saying the Yankees are paying him a lot of money to start and that is what he should be doing.

As things wrapped up, Craigie asked Darryl about his golf game and then predictably tried to set up a golf outing for the two of them.  Strawberry was non-committal…

LISTEN: Darryl Strawberry Chats With Craig in the Allstate Studio (8/11)

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