NJ Pet Dealer Denies Accusations He Sold Sick Puppies To Unsuspecting Customers

MILLSTONE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey pet dealer is accused of selling sick puppies to unknowing customers and now the state wants to make sure he never sells again.

The state of New Jersey claims Allan Levine sold 10 gravely-ill puppies to unsuspecting customers between 2007 and 2009. Several of those puppies, the state says, died or had to be euthanized.

When asked about the accusations by CBS 2’s Christine Sloan, Levine responded by saying they were “not true.”

“It’s something that will come out in court,” Levine said.

Despite Levine’s defense, the state filed an injunction against him last week, prohibiting him from selling any dogs.

“It is emotionally devastating for some of these consumers. One day they’re taking home a puppy and just days later, they’re having to put these puppies down,” said Thomas Calcagni, director of the N.J. Division of Consumer Affairs.

Levine said he takes care of the dogs, bathes them and keeps a fan and heater inside the shed. Even though CBS 2 found feces inside, he said he cleans the shed on the hour.

“Animal Control has been here. Everybody has checked every one of my dogs and not once ever have they found either the place to be dirty or one sick animal here,” Levine said.

The Division of Consumer Affairs said the puppies that died and were sold for more than $500 each and had intestinal infections. Levine defended all of his sales.

Levine is also being accused portraying his business as a charity after the state started investigating him. He has denied all the allegations and said he is trying to find homes for the dogs.

The Division of Consumer Affairs said pets sold in New Jersey have to examined by a vet and must have vaccination records. Customers also have the right to ask for their money back within 14 days.

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  1. roadrnr says:

    I bought a Bichon from Alan in 2007 and have never had a problem, in fact the dog got sick, we think he was poisoned, and Alan told me to bring him right over. Fixed him up and he was better the next day. He always takes good care of his dogs and their surroundings. He and his son are always cleaning and taking great care of the animals.

  2. Melissa Neiss says:

    How about this? Good ol’ Al is making money off the backs of dogs—sick or otherwise. Go to an animal shelter people. There are millions of wonderful homeless cats, dogs and other companion animals out there waiting for homes…and they don’t cost $500…. Dogs are meant to be companions, to live in homes with people. Not raised in nasty dirty sheds. Allan Levine needs to get a real job instead of exploiting people and animals.

  3. happy customer says:

    I would like to say that I AM SORRY for the 10 Dogs that passed away, but what about all the dogs that didn”t I bet there are hundreds of them. I have one.we got him 2 years ago. He is very healthy and is training to be a taherapy dog.I am a very satisfied customer and if i was going to get another dog I would get it from Alan



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