Brooklyn Residents Cry Foul Over Rats At Atlantic Yards

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Residents in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn blame Bruce Ratner and his massive Atlantic Yards dig for a problem they say they never had before — rats.

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman On The Scene

“What an unfortunate coincidence, since that’s his name,” said one woman.

Giant rats are apparently getting into peoples’ homes and cars.

“Engines deteriorated as a result of rodent infestation,” said councilwoman Letitia James, who says they are munching on the garbage.

Now, the Forest City Ratner company has decided to give out hundreds of rat-proof trash cans to a small part of the neighborhood.

“I’m sort of disappointed…that, in fact, the boundaries are so limited,” James told WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman.

One neighbor called it far too little, much too late.

“It’s a deal that stinks,” she said.

“It looks like now they’re at least making some attempt to reach out,” replied Silverman. “It seems like you don’t buy it.”

“No I don’t,” she answered.

Forest City Ratner did not respond to WCBS 880’s requests for comment.

The garbage cans will be given out starting August 15th at the Atlantic Yards Liaison Office on Carlton Avenue.

Atlantic Yards is the home of the Barclays Center arena, which is still under construction and will become the home of the current New Jersey Nets.

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  • Gerard McCluskey

    Rats? you need a professional Pest Control operator.

    Gerard McCluskey Pest Management

  • iggy

    since the little tyrant, mayor mikey hasn’t stepped a foot into the outer boroughs, EVER, this problem doesn’t exist in his manhattan world of city leader. he’ll have a subordinate say ” there is no problem, it was taken care of.” just like the potholes and subway beggars, they don’t exist.

    • KPMc

      There are no rats in Manhattan? No beggars? No potholes?

      Yes… everything is the Mayor’s fault…. keep telling yourself that as the citizens of this city have absolutely no responsibility to make this a better place. Let the billionaire do all the work!

      • iggy

        of course they exist. mayor mikey denies everything. HE says there are no beggars in the subway, HIS transportation “leader” says there are no pot holes. what nazi-republikan pills are you taking sticking up for him? he hasn’t been in brooklyn in his terms except for funerals. and if HE doesn’t do anything about them, as mayor,YES, it is HIS fault.

  • KPMc

    Rac00n? Really? Rac00n?

    I can’t say the word Rac00n?

    Absolutely friggin’ ridiculous!!!

    PC at it’s best. Flippin’ morons!

  • KPMc

    Let’s play the “which innocuous word does CBS find offensive and censor my post for” game

    But she’s not wrong… is she? People are pigs and it has only gotten worse. Why does no one use garbage cans anymore?


    • KPMc

      Everyone throws their garbage out in plastic bags and they wonder why their garbage gets strewn across the sidewalk…


      • KPMc

        by foraging cats, rats, racc00ns and now opossums. No joke… even those last two are all over Brooklyn now.

      • KPMc

        Walk a major avenue and see how well store owners keep up their store fronts. They are filthy most places I go and no one cares. I watch people throw garbage on the sidewalk when they are 10 feet away from a corner public can.

        The complete breakdown of society continues!

  • JO


    • Starving Kittys

      People are so busy commenting online all day that they forget to feed the poor stray kittens and cats, who are dying in droves in the heat, of dehydration and hunger. Please leave a container with clean water on your block, and a little dry food–they don’t eat much. I keep a small pouch of dry food in my pocket/purse in case I come across a stray kitten, it comes in handy. thank you.

  • Bushelfoote

    Start getting rid of them by actively going after them …..I don’t care if you call ’em in to kill ’em or live trap ’em….then… we can grind them up and send ’em to starving people in Somalia for protein powder,just add water,instant Rat burgers!!!…..seriously…….then you’re solving two problems at once!!!!!!!!!

    • Chinese Restaurants in Africa

      Now there are Chinese restaurants in parts of Africa. These restaurants hire the native Africans as waiters and busboys, to stimulate their economy. So they probably would turn their noses up at your idea because they probably eat better than your fast food.

  • tara

    Bruce Ratner is just another arrogant self exploding blow artist who doesnt give a rats but what happens to your car or home.
    These rats were living in shipyards for dozens of years and now they need to find a new home.
    We have plenty of ways to get rid of them. Its just that people dont want to put garbage into garbage cans…….
    Ever see the streets of NYC?–Humans beings are pigs who desrve to be overrun by rats

    • macy

      F.U., tara. I live in NYC. You’re an idiot.

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