Search Continues For Missing NYPD Officer Who Was Kayaking With Son In Smithtown Bay

5-Year-Old Rescued, Says Patrick Luca Was Not Wearing A Life Jacket

SMITHTOWN BAY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The desperate search for a missing NYPD officer, who was kayaking with his 5-year-old son off Long Island, continued late Friday night.

Suffolk County police said the missing man is 41-year-old Patrick Luca. According to the Coast Guard, Luca and his son, who was rescued, had been out on the water earlier in the day in Smithtown Bay.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan Reports From Kings Park

The search is being led by the Coast Guard, joined by the Suffolk County Police Marine Bureau and local fire departments. NYPD helicopters and divers have also joined the search and are using sonar to try to find the missing officer.

Deputy Inspector Harold Jantzen, of the Suffolk County Police Marine Bureau, said authorities were doing everything they could.

“We’ve basically used everything at our disposal to see if we could bring this to a successful conclusion.  We still hold on to hopes that perhaps he made it somewhere and he may be fatigued.  We’re going to resume our search in the daylight again tomorrow if we’re not successful overnight,” Jantzen said.

After spotting an empty inflatable kayak, Ted Sandomenico picked up the young boy in his private boat. He was bobbing in the water and shaking violently, 1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reported.

“He was upset, he was panicky,” Sandomenico told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

Sandomenico and his wife were boating to Connecticut for the weekend, when they spotted the boy.

“We were out a mile offshore at full speed and we spotted somebody in the water, which is unusual being that far out. So we shut it down, made a U-turn and when we got close, we realize it was a small boy,” Sandomenico said.

The search has been going on since 4:30 p.m. and, according to the young boy, Luca was not wearing a life jacket and went underwater.  Authorities were only able to speculate Friday night about what caused the incident.

“We’re assuming that something became unstable in the kayak that caused each of them to fall into the water,” Deputy Inspector Jantzen said.

The Smithtown home of the Luca family was packed with fellow officers, friends and relatives Friday. They were praying and holding out hope Luca would be found safe, while expressing shock that something like this would happen.

“They knew he was going out. He’s done this before and this is not an unusual thing for him to do,” said Det. Mark Maieli of the Suffolk County Police Department.

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One Comment

  1. real kayaker says:

    How can they call that raft a “kayak”? It is simply an inflatable raft that is made to look like a kayak…it should never be in a body of water larger than a swimming pool…and he is a cop also? wilth no life jacket? and a 5 year old son? How dumb can a person be?

    1. CS says:

      Maybe you should call yourself DUMB for writing such stupid things. He is my cousin a loving and caring person. Don’t judge anyone but your stupid self.

  2. Robert Force says:

    My prayers to his family and I hope that he is found. Please wear a life preserver and always have a water proof hand held radio to contact the Coast guard. I keep one on my vest at all times. Learn about safe kayaking at and how to rig your kayak. It’s a great organization to joiin with a great group of people who are very knowledgeable and always willing to share information on kayaking.

    1. Debbie Tsamasiros says:

      My thoughts and prayers are with the family and the missing police officer that he is found safely and soon.

  3. What luck! says:

    OMG, the little boy, why did he ever decide to bring him along?!! The little boy should have been with his grandparents or his mom PLAYING IN THE PARK, not out kayaking! This sport is even too dangerous for adults, much less with kids. What was the father thinking?? Well, at least the Father was smart enough to give the life jacket to his son. I hope they find him, let’s pray for him. Mr. &Mrs. Sandomenico are heroes.

  4. tim tam says:

    alot of people underestimate the danger of sea kayaking… next time… stick to a river or pond… the ocean is just too big for a kayak… too many things can go wrong… nothing to help if you get lost and your cell phone breaks etc.

  5. chris maier says:

    i hope for all his loved ones that he is found whether it be alive or dead. i also very much hope that the family can come together and grieve and help out his son through this tragic experience. its hard to know the right words to say, but again i hope that his family can get through this and to help his son in any way they can so he can make it through such an imaginable experience.

  6. Takb says:

    I hope he could be find alive.

  7. coca says:

    I don’t understand why he wasn’t wearing a life jacket. The guy drowned.

  8. jp says:

    He’s my brother-in-law cousin. I hope they find him. Whether or now he’s alive or dead. the main thing is to find him

  9. Alice Rivera says:

    I believe he fell in the water and drown and that is why he can not be found,

    1. Alice is smart says:

      Wow great theory.I think you had a V-8

    2. tg says:

      …or You may have stayed in a Holiday Inn express last night …

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