MARLBORO, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Officials shut down a community pool in Marlboro after several reports of swimmers complaining of a low voltage tingle when touching the metal rail.

“We received a credible report that a patron while swimming in the pool received a mild electric shock,” Andrew Quinn, owner of Sparkling Pools Services, told CBS 2’s Katie Fehlinger. “Substantially less than you could receive from a 9 volt battery. So it’s an incredibly mild shock, but nonetheless it’s obviously disconcerting and something that anyone swimming in a pool would be very concerned about.”

Greenbriar officials suspect a nearby transformer belonging to Jersey Central Power & Light is leaking stray voltage into the Greenbriar Housing Development pool. An on-site electrician conducted its own investigation as did JCP&L. So far, neither will take the blame that their equipment caused the problem.

The utility issued a statement saying “there is no evidence to suggest JCP&L’s equipment is the cause” and that “the safety of the public, our customers and employees is Jersey Central Power & Light’s top priority.”

The pool has been shut down for several weeks, leaving it to gather leaves and debris. However, the lifeguards only have metal tools with which to clean the water, so they’re not allowed anywhere near it.

Management said they’re taking no chances.

“We’re waiting for their reports. Then we’ll know where we stand and basically what we have to do from here. Meanwhile, the pool remains closed,” said Morty Schwartz, a Greenbriar Development board member.

The same shocking experience also reportedly happened in a neighboring private pool, just yards away from Greenbriar. Quinn said although it’s a rare occurrence, stray voltage leaks can happen anywhere, and the only warning you’ll get will shock you.

Community pools are required to meet safety certification every five years. Still, the pool’s closure has left residents high and dry.

“Unfortunately, all this beautiful hot weather is all going to waste,” said resident Sam Stein.

“I hope that it’s nothing big, I tell you, because, like I said, we need the pool,” said resident Jose Castro.

Officials from JCP&L tell CBS 2 there have been 10 reports of electric shocks at area pools around New Jersey just this past year.

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