9/11 First Responders Not Invited To 10th Anniversary Ceremony At Ground Zero

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — First responders will not be invited to this year’s 9/11 ceremony at Ground Zero. That’s the word from city officials who say there isn’t enough room for the tens of thousands of firefighters, police and other rescue workers.

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According to a report by the Daily News, security issues and making sure that all of the victims’ families will be able to participate in the 10th anniversary of 9/11, contributed to first responders not being invited to the ceremony.

Phil, a construction worker at Ground Zero, says the city needs to figure out a way to have first responders at this anniversary.

“I think that they should be allowed to go because too many of their brothers and sisters lost their lives and they should be the first ones that are included,” he said. “They should make it happen. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of people here who shouldn’t be here.”

First responders will be given a separate ceremony at a later date.

Both President Barack Obama and former president George W. Bush will be at this year’s ceremony as well as former mayor Rudy Giuliani and other dignitaries, meaning extra security will be on hand.

In addition, only a limited number of lawmakers from the Tri-state area will be allowed to attend.

On Friday, House Speaker Rep. John Boehner said the government would be paying for representatives from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to attend the ceremony.

An estimated 91,000 police, firefighters and other first responders helped with the search and rescue efforts in the wake of the September 11th attacks.

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  1. Linda Russell-Walton says:

    The First Responders are all heroes. Kick a some of the media hounds and politicians out of their seats – that should make room for some of the folks who deserve to be there.

  2. Beaugrand says:

    I think some posters missed: “First responders will be given a separate ceremony at a later date.” It would be nice to include all 91,000 first responders at a public event, but a “first responder only” event might be more appropriate.

    1. Al says:

      You must work for the government and I bet you like the Tea Party too right? You know the Tea Partywants to take away what funds have been appropriated for their medical bills saying it’s not an appropriate expense. First responders deserve to be at this event, not given a seperate one that may never happen.

    2. Kelsey Jayne says:

      Maybe it would be more appropriate, but I also believe if there must be a separate event, the first responders’ separate event should be first, before all the politicians get their first class seats to the event.

  3. Beth says:

    This is a disgrace. Who is the final authority in the decision making process? Somebody needs to talk some sense into the head of that person.

  4. Anthony says:

    I for one would like know when this later date will be. It would be an honor to attend a ceremony for the real heroes.

  5. BRIDGET T. says:


  6. Clare Convery says:

    What did those politicians do during the disaster to SAVE LIVES, PROTECT OTHERS, and WATCH their comrades DIE while doing so? What right do those politicians have to take the place of those who went UNSELFISHLY to do their job? What politician does anything unselfishly/??????????

    Each and every one who participated in making the decision to omit first responders from this event needs to be removed from their positions because they have failed miserably.

    BOYCOTT the event if this is not rectified.

  7. Ed Hamilton says:

    This is outrageous. Bloomberg is ass, but you people get what you voted for. This is just one more reason to stay away from NY City.

  8. Barbara says:

    How can this be??? If anyone has the right to be there it is them! They sacrificed their health, put their live son the line & lost so many fellow responder’s on that day…I am just in total disbelief over this!!

  9. BEN ITALIANO says:

    I SAY BOYCOTT THIS UNTILL THEY GET THE RIGHT MIND TO LET THEM GO BESIDE THE FAMILIES THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO GO THEY DIDNT ASK FOR THIS DAY TO HAPPEN. just like when a service men come home from war they get nothing in return but the holy mighty politician riding their mighty horse but if you think about isn’t it them politician that mainly cause this to happen in the first place its sicken… god bless NYC POLICE AND FIREFIGHTERS AND ALL THAT GAVE THEIR LIFE TO PROTECT US AND PRAY THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN.

  10. Wayne Haney says:

    It’s a sad day when the people we all depended on so much that day and the weeks and months following the attacks are excluded from the memorial, but these self serving politicians get invited. guess they need the votes

  11. Raelene says:

    I’m sorry, bit the first responders should be the first ones there
    Not a separate ceremony. These men and we
    Women put their lives at risk everyday for us
    And they certainly did 10 Years ago. To hell with all
    The politicians and government people that ate
    Going to be there, where were they? Sitting in front
    Off the TV while the first responders ran into the
    Building. It’s about time we started using our heads
    For something other than a hat rack!!! This is
    The time when we need to say thank you to the
    Ones that saved so many lives on this tragic day

  12. Dawn says:

    And WHO was in office then?? THE REPUBLICANS so maybe they should look at the government as a whole and stop blaming everything on the NEW Democratic Government.. They were NOT in office when this went down..Just saying

    1. Angie says:

      why does everything have to be about politics!!!! It DOES NOT matter who was in office or who is in office now! What matters is this issue. May God Bless all of our first responders past, present and future.

  13. Michelle says:

    Why do NJ and CT need representatives there anyway! Were they down there saving people and putting their lives in danger? Of course not! I can’t believe our government. They get more stupid every day!

    1. JEANNE M SHEARER says:


    2. kygal says:

      As I recall, the First Responders came from all over, including NJ and CT. However, I do agree with you about the politicians staying home.

  14. Hillary says:

    this is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Find a way to invite them. Even if it means that Obama or Bush can’t go.

  15. cmadodge says:

    This isn’t about security, or availability of space. This is strictly due to the respiratory problems, cancer, and handicapped condition of many of the first responders. These heros are now being kept out of the limelight because America isn’t supposed to see the dirty results of their leaders’ scheming… I’m furious.

  16. Jason Smith says:

    I live in California, and this is disgraceful and disgusting all the way over here. Out of frustration, I have started a petition (not that it will do much good, but I feel the need to do SOMETHING). If anyone is interested, here is the link:


    Admittedly, I am a bit new and naive about this sort of thing (I’ve never been this outraged before). Please sign and let those brave souls know that someone still cares and appreciates what they did.

    1. Beth says:

      Thank you for posting that link. I’m going to tweet it to everyone who follows me.

  17. Daphne Marconi says:


  18. JLMB says:

    Incredible and shameful to think that the first responders aren’t the first ones invited to this tribute!! As a FORMER Nwe Yorker I too am appalled at the lack of respect for these men and women who saved so many lives that fateful day!

  19. Bruce Donahue says:

    As a former member of the NYPD it is a disgrace of this Mayor to not consider inviting the first responders. They as well as all those who gave there lives are true HEROS. By being the first responders many gave there lives doing there job. Bloomberg you have no heart. Let the politicians stay away it is not your time to campaign, it is a time for our HEROS.

  20. Jason Smith says:

    Denis Leary said it best last week… “they weren’t invited 10yrs ago, either. They just showed up.” AMEN.
    This is disgusting!

  21. Wolfy Wolf says:

    Liz, cause the SOB is trying to get his self reelected… thats why… All his kin is somewhere over the big water… I hope TENS OF THOUSANDS of us descend upon NYC on 9/11/11 … and I mean literally … I hope every cop, firefighter, EMT in the COUNTRY who can make it shows up… and blocks them SOB’s from being able to get to the stage….

  22. Wolfy Wolf says:

    My brothers and sisters in red and blue… I hope that you run not ONE SINGLE CALL for help on 9/11/11 … Let all the ‘dignitaries’ who are invited to attend OUR single most taker of lifes 10 year event. I hope every single one of yall have the red or blue flue on that day… Sorry general public, but, maybe you will get the point..

    In other words from the Rotten Apple and the Imperialistic state… All first responders .. .S C R E W Y O U (until we need you again then we really love you)

  23. liz says:

    why is the president invited he didnt loose a loved one. the firefighters should be there not the president

  24. Shannon says:

    So they can make sure there’s room for all the extra ‘security but they can’t make accommodations for the first people to risk their lives????? You people have some serious priority issues to say the least.

  25. Rae Elizabeth Brophy says:

    The is not right. The first responders should be the first ones to be invited due to the fact that they participated in the whole crisis. For them to invite law makers from connecticut and new jersey also is wrong. What the hell do they need to be there for? What is so important for them to have rein over the men and women who dedicated their time and effort to save people in this disaster? This is so wrong on so many levels.those people should come first. End of story.

  26. Sam says:

    I wonder who they’re gonna call if something happens….the guys that weren’t invited I suppose, and regaurdless of the politics They will show up and do their jobs because thats what they do day in and day out…. Every day I watch the news and become more and more ashamed of this country and what our government/ and civilians are doing. But when my pager goes off I still respond. But…What would happen if you called and no one showed up? The fact that the FDNY gave so many lives to save so many people is reason enough for there to be a day of remembering who the real heroes are across the country. God Bless the 343!

  27. American through and through says:

    As sad as it was for all those people to lose family members, and as much as they all want to attend, the people in the trenches NEED to attend. They made the choice to run into a horrific situation, to stand their ground and help all within their reach, from first responders to traffic cops to people in every public service branch imaginable! We as Americans should be forever grateful to them for it. Without their courage, and selfless acts, many many more would have died! We ALL lost something that day, whether it be a family member or our innocence, and we ALL should be able to make room for the ones who gave everything they had to help the survivors.

  28. Roselle Lynch says:

    I am appalled to think that these brave men and women, some of whom now have serious health issues because of their exposure to the debris and fumes, who risked their lives to save anyone they could from this horrid event, are not being included in the ceremony on the anniversary day! Government, you need to fix this. This is a tragedy in itself! PLEASE MAKE IT RIGHT!

  29. Mike M. says:

    And you probably believe “Conspiracy Theory” (the movie) was based on real events too….huh? SMH Freaking nut case!!!

  30. Frank says:

    The “Police, Firefighters and EMS can provide their own security. So take that off the table of excuses…….You can’t stop them anyhow! They want to be there on the day and hour it happened not at a ceremony on another day. More government telling us what to do ugh!!

  31. Lawrence Sullivan says:

    Bull—-.,Show up who is going to stop them.If I was able I would put my old uniform on and GO. Show support and surround the whole place maybe some politians wont make it in

  32. jerig says:

    How about this…no politicians wives, childrens, etc. Only the then mayor who actually was in office ten years ago (Guiliani, I think). Just eliminating all the “family” for politicos should free up spaces. At least have each fire department “house” send a representative and the police squads/port authority as well so the first responders are represented. Then, later that same DAY, have all first responders and their loved ones for their own. There has got to be some way to honor the memory of their brothers/sisters of the badge represented.

    1. Karma says:

      I doubt it would free up 91,000 spaces. Nice try, though. Have a ceremony at Battery Park for the first responders and a ceremony at ground zero for the families of 2606 people killed at ground zero.

  33. Chuck says:

    I just hope everyone remembers this in Nov of next year! You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote them out of office! Signed Old Sailor

  34. Brett Hill says:

    How about the 9/11 Bus, which will be in Manhattan, being allowed to come in to Ground Zero carrying the names and logo’s of 1st Responders and organizations?
    More info here: http://www.9-11patchproject.org/sponsorships.html

  35. pearl says:

    this has to be a joke. a very bad joke…

  36. Jody says:

    Hello Everyone!
    I am equally appalled at this news that the 9/11 First Responders are not invited to the 10th Anniversary Ceremony. I was so upset by this that I sent email messages to both Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg.

    AND…for what it’s worth, I created a PETITION (directed to Cuomo & Bloomberg!) to please CHANGE THIS DECISION. I realized there are now less than 3 weeks left, but figured this petition can’t hurt…and possibly help!

    Here’s the link if you’d like to also sign it:



  37. Laurie Galantowicz says:

    Well said Rosemarie. I am ashamed.

    1. ceara_red says:

      especially in light of the fact that the doofus who just sat there seven minutes waiting for a sign from someone instead of taking action because he didn’t have the slightest idea what to do is being brought in…leave him in Crawford to ranch his dust. it’s where he belongs.

    2. bj says:

      ceara_red – U R an IDIOT!

  38. Concerned Citizen says:

    Maybe because the first responders had a different story about what they saw inside the building than the mainstream media has been feeding us. Who believes the official Government story of 9/11?

  39. FF525 says:

    Dear Mr. President, and Past President Bush. Please don’t use this occasion as a political photo op. You don’t need to be there, especially at the exclusion of First Responders. You, your entourage and security are the problem. Why didn’t you come last year, or the year before, or before that? The First Responders were not invited on that day in 2001 either. They just showed up.

  40. firefighter9117 says:

    i am a firefighter from illinois and you can be damn sure i will be there to show my damn respects to the 343 firefighters who gave there life doing there job 10 years ago. I am not speaking for all firefighters nation wide but i feel i speak for the majority of them when i say that it is a slap to the face of all firefighters. that would be like saying to a friend of a soldier, sorry you cant come to your friends wake because a politician is coming….it makes me want to throw up, i have lost all respect i have left for our president. this is pathetic

  41. Laura says:

    It makes me very angry to see what these politicians of ours are doing. I have lost all faith in these self-serving, self-absorbed people. If nobody can see that a 9/11 ceremony belongs to the first responders that gave so much that day and the days that followed…who now have health issues that they cannot get help with, it is too damned sad.
    I too am ashamed how the first responders are being treated, they are heroes and always will be. Thank you for all you did.

  42. Catherine Drinkwater says:

    If a politician isn’t moved to go to this event of his/her own accord…they should stay home. It shouldn’t be out of their commitment to their paycheck that they go, but out of compassion and respect….if they don’t feel that, step aside and make room for someone who does!!!

  43. Catherine Drinkwater II says:

    If they aren’t moved to go to this “function” of their own accord…they should stay home. It shouldn’t be out of their commitment to their jobs that the politicians go, but out of compassion and respect….if they don’t have that, move aside and make room for someone who does!!!

  44. Catherine Drinkwater II says:

    Amen to that!!!
    Or how about we do it by the politicians process where no one else’s opinion matters….I second that motion. Done!

  45. Lalalala says:

    The first responders should boycott the ” special ceremony”.

  46. Lalalala says:

    I totally agree with you. Planned and executed by the power elite, also knowm as the Illuminati.

  47. Michael Swannick says:

    I’m Not Invited To Ground Zero On 9/11

    I strapped a gun on my hip and a badge on my chest
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I lost my right kidney to cancer
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    My left kidney is at stage III renal failure
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I lost my thyroid to cancer
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer from Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome (RADS)
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I have a lesion on the right side of my brain
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer from lung scarring, inflammation, atelectasis
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer from chronic bronchitis, small airway disease, growing lung nodules
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer from a chronic cough
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer from sinusitis and rinitis
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    I suffer at the hands of our self-serving politicians
    and I’m not invited to ground zero on 9/11

    There was one other time I was not invited to ground zero
    Guess it was a good thing myself and thousands of others showed up

    Sgt. Michael Swannick

    1. Catherine Drinkwater II says:

      GOD BLESS!!!

    2. Linda Russell-Walton says:

      Thank you for being there.

    3. Angie says:

      Michael, From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for your service, apologize and give my sympathy for your health issues. God Bless you, your family & all of your fellow first responder brothers and sisters.

  48. Chrissy34769 says:

    The “First Responders” risked their lives to do their “Job”. They are more deserving than any other person, next to the families, to be able to attend. The politicians, and even “Mr. President”, were not directly involved and should give up their seats for the people deserving. This is a time for remembrance and respect not “showing face” for political gain. As a person who lost a firefighter in that horrible event, I will be viewing on the television to pay my respects. This is an abomination that needs rectified immediately!!

  49. Anne Hennessy says:

    This is disgraceful! If it weren’t for the brave men and women who were the first responders there would be no 9/11 events. These brave people risked their lives to try to save others. How dare the “powers that be” leave them out of ANY event! If it weren’t for them, there would be NO 9/11 events!

  50. Carolyn B. Baker says:

    I am angry and disgusted. The survivors and their families should boycott the services.

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