Police Arrest Upper East Side Rape Suspect Jason Quinones

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police made an arrest in an alleged rape on the Upper East Side.

Jason Quinones, 21, is accused of breaking into a first-floor apartment on East 90th Street and raping a woman early Saturday morning. He’s being held at the Special Victims Unit in Harlem, charged with rape and burglary.

Screaming from the woman’s ground floor apartment on East 90th Street at at 5:15 a.m. left residents terrified.

“I’m just petrified. I’m scared for my life,” neighbor Stephanie told CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

Stephanie said the commotion was in the unit right next door, on the other side her bedroom wall.

“It was loud. I heard it two times and I woke up cause I’m a light sleeper and I heard it two times,” she said. “Yes, two screams.”

Building Superintendent Ben Midulla said the victim lives alone and is from Texas.

“She’s a very nice girl. I mean she just moved in and she’s a sweetheart. I hope everything’s fine with her, you know? When did she move in? Maybe a month ago not even,” he said.

“He must have pulled the ladder down he must have had something that helped him go in there,” Stephanie said.

Police checked the fire escape and ladder, and looked at surveillance video in buildings on the block and businesses at the Second Avenue intersection.

“It’s a really, really friendly neighborhood. It’s a bad thing that should happen to anyone,” said Oliver Gomez, a doorman for a nearby building.

“You just have to be aware and just lock your windows,” said resident Karlene Dormer.

“I’m probably gonna have my brother or boyfriend be with me at all times,” Stephanie said.

What security precautions should residents in the neighborhood take? Sound off in our comments section below…


One Comment

  1. DanTe says:

    CBS always have a problem with facts and loves censorship. Even though people agrees with the facts:

    Stupid c\/nt Stephanie heard screams so she does nothing. Probably fantasizing, hoping that it’s her being touched by a man for the first time in it’s stinking life. Here’s hoping Stephanie never spawns.

  2. Upper East Side Rentals says:

    Unreal. He should get life…


  3. HonestIntrusion101 says:

    @RealisticView. Nah, this one is PR. Remember this is Harlem, not the Heights.

  4. Dave Hadenuff of NYC says:

    “What security precautions should residents in the neighborhood take? Sound off in our comments section below…”

    Stop restricting our Constitutional rights to be armed and defend ourselves.

    Bloomberg has armed guards 24 x 7,, pays over a hundred million of our tax money for excons to get jobs while the rest of us are out of work and forced to surrender to criminals.

    Whats next, Mike, going to push for felons to get their voting rights back so you can run for office with their support?

    1. melvinslizard says:

      If anyone is actually interested in self protection… the best thing a young lady can keep by her bed to protect herself (best from the standpoint of usefulness, cost, the ability to utilize it in an emergency, etc.) is a CAN OF WASP OR HORNET SPRAY. It’s cheap, the foam sprays in a stream at least 20 ft long, certainly far enough to cover the average bedroom in NYC, and it is a temporary blinding agent. Spray the intruder in the face and get outta there! In the absence of a Smith & Wesson, Wasp Spray is your friend 🙂

      A little tip from Texas

    2. The Facts says:

      Handgun licenses and rifle/shotgun permits for home protection are not difficult to obtain by the law abiding. The Police Commissioner, under New York State law, has absolute discretion about issuing handgun carry licenses. Those who disagree with the current law are free to try to change it.

  5. swimon goldfarb says:

    God’s major mistake in the past 500 years, Mayor Bloomberg, should be held personally responsible. He should be personally sued for this young lady’s misfortune. We at the UJF are willing to help. Once again, Mayor Bloomberg, we are demanding that you abdicate your lust for power and give up the throne immediately.

    1. m says:

      Sorry. I failed to see how Bloomberg caused this man to rape this girl. Blame sits solely on the person who commited the crime. Stop using this poor girl’s misfortune to support your political platform. And no – I don’t like Bloomberg’s policies and I didn’t vote for him for the 3rd time. There’s a time and place for everything and I fail to see how this is it.

  6. Letem Allin says:

    Another hispanic rapist, liberal Bloomberg and the like welcome them in to the city with open arms. Come on in guys, you are welcome to use the sidewalk as a bathroom, pay no taxes, get drunk in public, and rape our citizens.

  7. edward says:

    A single woman living in a first floor apartment should have known well enough to keep her windows locked……that said why didn’t the neighbor call 911 ?

  8. Ed says:

    @ Realistic Views/ Nah, I heard the guy is a jew born in mexico.

  9. Don says:

    what a maniac. subject him for polygraph test…


  10. RealisticViews says:

    Dominican did it.

  11. sawnetbean says:

    What is the matter with people? CALL 911

  12. ken wolsson says:

    I clicked on tab that had the name “nina” in it ,got a pop up and never got back to
    nina. Very sloppy!

  13. Pandora says:

    DanTe-I was thinking the same as you when I saw her being interviewed. Dumb cow I thought, why not dial 911? But as you say…..

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