Report: Ruth Madoff Leaving Husband Bernie After 52 Years Of Marriage

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Poor Bernard Madoff.

First, he was busted for orchestrating a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme. Then he was jailed for 150 years. And, now it seems that his wife of 52 years, Ruth, is calling it quits, according to a report in the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond reports: Rebuilding Her Life

According to Madoff biographer Diana Henriques, Ruth, 70, has not visited her husband in prison since the December suicide of their eldest son, Mark.

Henriques, the first reporter to interview Madoff in prison and author of “The Wizard of Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust,” appeared on CBS’ “The Early Show” this morning and told host Chris Wragge that Ruth stayed with her husband because, her friends say, she had so much compassion for the schemer.

madoff Report: Ruth Madoff Leaving Husband Bernie After 52 Years Of Marriage

Bernie Madoff (Stephen Chernin/Getty Images)

“She fell in love with him when she was 13, married when she was 18,” Henriques said. “It was a 50-year romance, and she simply couldn’t leave him. But for all practical purposes, the Madoff marriage was split apart by that 150-year prison sentence that will keep Madoff behind bars for the rest of his life. So my sense is that Ruth is now focusing all her efforts on rebuilding a relationship with her surviving son, Andrew, and her grandchildren.”

Henriques also told Wragge that, “Bernie wants Ruth to do whatever she must to rebuild her life, even at the expense of their obviously limited time together. He cares very much about her, and I think wants her to have the comfort of her family in the years to come.”

And as far at the Ponzi scheme? Henriques said things may be looking up for the victims.

“It’s a remarkable recovery,” Henriques said. “… The trustee, Irving Picard, is on track to potentially return victims up to 50 cents on the dollar of their out-of-pocket losses. Now, obviously, you can’t rebuild the shattered lives. You can’t recover the homes that were sold and the college educations. But in Ponzi scheme terms, this is a phenomenal recovery, if he only gets 50 cents on the dollar. That was the good news. He landed another billion-dollar out-of-court settlement just a few weeks ago, which was another big gain for him.”

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  1. edy says:

    poor golddigger Ruth

  2. Anita Phelps Wright says:

    No, they all had to know what was going on. Greed turned a blind eye. Nobody, Nobody has that kind of 6th sense about the market as Bernie seemed to have. His wife & sons had to know…….they were an intergral part of the day-to-day operations. When EVERY broker you know is struggling and you’re not…….it’s not your father’s brillance, it’s his scam that’s working for you.

  3. stu says:

    One greedy jew stealing from other greedy jews and then goes to prison…………..the problem being???

  4. j-don says:

    You can bet your ass she’s not moving into some little apartment some where. I won’t sleep a wink tonight worring about her.

  5. rosie says:

    Why would you say she’s an opportunistic women? You don’t even know the lady.

  6. DanTea says:

    If he didn’t get caught would she still leave him?

  7. Michael A Manor says:

    She lived the high life and now that this ship is sinking, she’s abandoning it – him. Both parents lost the son. Not just her. And both husband and wife enjoyed the benefits of his ill-gotten gains. So for her to strike a highly moralistic tone at this point is both disingenuous and hypocritical.

  8. DanTe says:

    So their marriage vows ‘For better or worse’ was meaningless?

  9. Beth C C says:

    There are people much worse off than Ruth Madoff. We have all been hit hard in this financial crisis. My sincerest sympathy goes to those who have lost their jobs, their homes; who are finding it hard to feed their families, and pay their rent and utilities. Bless those who are able to continue to get up every morning and face a new and difficult day.

  10. AlexH says:

    The classic statement “You can’t cheat an honest man” applies here.

  11. sarakatz says:

    she has been with him since she was 13, married him at 18. I doubt he had any money back then, get real.

  12. Debbie says:

    Sadly enough, if you think about it…All the people who “INVESTED” their money with Madoff…were GREEDY themselves.
    Madoff was “A high-Class loan shark…..They expected to perhaps invest let’s say $100G and therafter receive more than what they put in the pot..
    When you go to a “loan-shark for $’s not pennies on the dollar in return, he wants 50% or more…THAT MAKES HIM A CROOK..and HIS CUSTOMERS.

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