Residents In Hamilton Heights May Be Without Gas And Water For Over A Week

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A gas and water crisis in one upper Manhattan neighborhood doesn’t look like it will end soon. The problem is a result of a huge water main break that occurred Friday in Hamilton Heights.

Crews were working feverishly around the clock, repairing the gaping hole at 152nd Street and St. Nicholas Ave.

According to Con Edison, Friday’s water main break has left over 7,000 customers without gas and many without comforts often taken for granted.

“It’s very uncomfortable, very difficult. Imagine no hot water, no gas, no cooking, no bath. So what can you do?” asked Dulce Gonzalez.

“No cooking, it’s hard to bathe because now you have to heat up water in the microwave in order to bathe. You know, to take care of your necessities,” Margarita Herrera told CBS 2’s Mark Morgan.

Con Edison said it must enter every apartment effected and turn on individual appliances.

The painstaking process has been effecting more than just individual families. Young Yang’s dry cleaning business at 148th Street has come to a standstill. He has been without gas since Friday.

“We got the notice that the gas was shut off,” Young Yang said. “We cannot run the boiler, the boiler makes the steam. We use the steam to press the clothes.”

“People that I know they are stressing, they’re hurting. That’s why we’re all out here like it’s a blackout or something,” Twan Marshall said.

Con Ed said it will be restoring gas service to some customers in the next 24 hours, but officials estimate it may take over a week for all those effected to have their gas service restored.

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  1. Hope says:

    I’m affected by the gas shut off. It’s very difficult. A couple of manholes have exploded around here in the last year but it didn’t make the news. I hope these problems will be fixed for good and soon!!

  2. Robert Sinclair says:

    I live at 146th and Adam Clayton Powel in Harlem and we are affected too. The gas company came to our apartments on Sunday to turn off all our stoves at the wall and they said it would be a week if we were lucky. I’m lucky my building has a backup hot water system but it sucks that I can’t cook on the stove. I would like to know what genius deceded to put a high presure water line next to a gas line in the same trench.

  3. Brit says:

    Thank you for calling it Hamilton Heights because that’s exactly what it is! And it totally sucks for everyone who is without gas and water. Thankfully I live 5 blocks from it because it isn’t affecting my water or gas supply. OH YEAHHH :)!

  4. James says:

    This sucks. I haven’t taken this many cold showers since Baywatch was on.

    1. Encantada says:

      @ James: Thank you for giving me the only real laugh I’ve had about this situation. I live at 145th St. and Edgecombe, and our building has no hot water or cooking gas. It’s a problem that has serious implications for residents’ health because it makes it hard for people to cook nutritious meals. Also, not being able to take hot showers or do laundry with hot water could contribute to the city’s bedbug problem.

      There has been no visible response or support from city officials, and the 311 system identifies this issue as “sporadic outages,” even though gas service has been turned off completely since Friday. The ConEd information center on 150th street is a nice idea, except it doesn’t have any specific information about when residents’ gas service will be restored. I read on another CBS article that there is an estimated 6 weeks before service will be restored to all customers. The city needs to reach out to residents, especially since the gas main break was caused by a ruptured water main.

      Con Ed did manage to send me a bill yesterday!

  5. goblin says:

    All this money in city taxes and the DEP allows this to happen. What exactly are we paying water bills for?

    Perhaps some of these DEP workers should go back to sleep on the job.

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