Brutal Girl Fight Caught On Tape On R Subway Train Car

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Another brawl has been caught on tape in the New York City subway system. This time, the thugs are girls.

The video was uploaded to YouTube Wednesday. According to the video, the fight took place on the R train.

One girl, dressed in black, is seen in a verbal confrontation with another girl, wearing a grey hoodie, who is standing near the subway car’s doors. They are surrounding by a shrieking crowd. Suddenly the woman in grey lashes out, and the crowd cries “Ooooh” as the two throw punches at each other. Their furious punching and clawing takes over the central area of the subway car, as they hurtle up and down the aisle between sitting passengers.

In the tape, a large man can be seen standing by as the girls brawl – he may also be taping the fight with his cell phone.

It’s only a matter of time until the duo are rolling on the subway car’s floor, and at least one other person is involved in the tangle. There’s the obligatory hair pulling and kicking.

Perhaps most shocking is the way the combatants are being goaded on by the crowd, until finally they are pulled apart.

Watch the video:

In the final moments of the video, the girl wearing black can be seen wiping blood from her nose and the crowd gives up another collective “ooooh.”

The uploader, identified as “iamlelan4life,” seems to be no stranger to girl fights: three of five videos the user has uploaded contain girls fighting.

This video is just the latest in a recent spate of deplorable behavior caught on tape in the subway system.

If a fight broke out in front of you, would you tape it? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. TomNJ says:

    This happens on Jerry Springer every day.

  2. Logic says:

    So they record it and they get an article written about them? What kind of consequence is this for them? Instead of being arrested they’re being showcased, surely encouraging them to do it again. It’s ridiculous.

  3. Jessica Beland says:

    How sad is it that I want 5 min with both of them so I can smack their heads together over and over? What disgrace. Their parents should be horrified.

  4. whywhywhy says:

    Why do all these videos show negros being violent?

  5. Ivan W. says:

    My boy and I were in a store in Newark,NJ a few years ago and a girl who was shop-lifting was caught by employeess who then proceded to BEAT THE HELL OUT OF HER ! Of course we stopped them, put the shop-lifter in a corner and stayed there untill the Police arrived. Neither one of us would allow this type of thing to happen in front of us. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.

    1. Uncle Adolph says:

      She should be glad it was only a beat down. Think how many one handed africans that would be running around if your hand was cut off

  6. Pop Dat Pucci says:

    only hoodrats of Newyork
    they need to make a reality show “the real hoodrats of NYC”

  7. Darren says:

    Yes, this is coming from a country that enslaves their own people in horrible factory jobs earning only pennies per hour, has the probably the worst record on human rights in the world, and eats dogs and cats for food.

  8. Disappointed says:

    Sad. Very sad indeed. Sadder still is the blatant racism and bigotry illustrated in a majority of the respones here. The arrogance and ugliness is deplorable. God help us!

    1. Richard Mendenhall says:

      “…the blatant racism and bigotry….”
      oh, you mean like affirmative action?

  9. jose mariconne says:

    This R Train subway brawl is trite compared what happen in London August 7 & 8 2011

  10. Jeffrey Otto says:

    YouTube removed the video but you can still see it here:

  11. Anthony Harrison says:

    Look at the participants. We would have expected civilized behavior?

    1. liz says:


      1. Richard Mendenhall says:

        No, not bigot, just honest observation. sadly, you and many others can’t handle the truth

  12. Wig Wam Willie says:

    The best way to stop this behavior is to shut down the entire subway system.

  13. Nec says:

    It’s funny watching them fight when their weaves and extensions come off

  14. Surfin Bird says:

    Why are african americans always acting like savages on the subways?

    1. Xyr says:

      Why is it when black people do something ghetto and low class, it has to be blamed immediately on race, yet when a white person is videotaped acting ghetto it’s ONLY the individual that gets blamed. And not the entire white populace?

      1. Very conservative says:

        Don’t know if you serious with that question, or just liberally brainwashed. Regardless, I strongly suggest that you seek psychiatric help IMMEDIATELY.

      2. Missy says:

        Nope, we call them white trash!

      3. tony says:

        Cause it happens so often, cause non-physical ghetto behavior is observed daily and because many black entertainers promote ghetto behavior as the litmus test for being really “black”. Normal behavior is considered being “white”.
        Look out your window and see which behavior your neighbors have in common.

      4. Uncle Rabinovitz says:

        Im white and I blame US for emenem…. Im sorry

    2. Very conservative says:

      “On the subways”? You kind of ask that question like you have never seen any blacks above ground.

      1. Xyr says:

        Don’t know if you serious with that, or just conservatively brainwashed. Regardless, I strongly suggest that you seek psychiatric help IMMEDIATELY.

    3. Ed says:

      You have apparently never rode on the NYC subway system to make such an ignorant statement. You show your savage behavior by making this racist statement.

  15. Peter Doyle says:

    “Perhaps most shocking is the way the combatants are being goaded on by the crowd, until finally they are pulled apart.”
    CBS quote.
    You call this deplorable (and it is) and then you provide the video so that people can watch.
    If its “deplorable”, then so is your exploitation of it.

  16. DCLaw-1 says:

    typical. Happens on the Mtro in DC all the time. Recently, a guy said something when he was caught in the middle while waiting for his train, and they beat him severely. Maybe its time we consider overturning the Brown decision?

  17. U R Ghetto Trash says:

    What do you expect from ignorant, ghetto trash…? No pride, no dignity, no clue….raised by the same – it’s where they learn to be the garbage they are.

  18. Very conservative says:

    My comment once again awaiting moderation. I guess the truth is just too much for some to handle.

  19. Peter says:

    Animals !!!!

  20. diver says:

    Sadly I would not do anything other than leave the area. Why on earth would I want to put myself in the middle of two insane individuals?

  21. Fight setup for video says:

    It was all a setup what video does not show is all 3 people walking out together on street.

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