Sweeny Says: Yankees’ Jorge Posada Hits The Big 4-0

By Sweeny Murti
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Jorge Posada turns 40 years old today.  It’s not his best season — he’s had some highs and he’s had some lows. But it’s almost certainly his last season as a Yankee.

Posada may want to keep playing after this year and that’s his prerogative. But he shouldn’t expect that it’s going to be for the Yankees.  At various points over the last six months they have taken away his catching duties, his at-bats vs. lefties, and even his at-bats altogether.

Posada came back with a vengeance last Saturday with his 6 RBI game on national TV.  It was an excellent bookend moment to the national TV embarrassment in May when he pulled himself from the lineup.  That grand slam against Tampa Bay could have provided the last great moment we see from Posada in Yankee pinstripes, though he might still have some September or October magic in him.

As a man without a position—or more accurately a position (DH) that the Yankees can use more efficiently next season—Posada has little chance of coming back in this uniform next year.  He is playing out the final year of a 4-year, $52 million deal, making $13 million this season.

Keep in mind that Bernie Williams hit .281/.332/.436 with 41 extra-base hits in his final year, and the Yankees didn’t even blink when they let him go.  This year, Posada is hitting .239/.319/.388 with 23 extra-base hits.  He’s had some good streaks and big hits, but the end is near—and deep down Posada knows it too.

With a handful of World Series rings and standing in the Yankees Top 20 in seven offensive categories, he is one of the franchise’s all-time best and a borderline Hall of Famer.  But one thing Jorge Posada is almost certainly not, is a Yankee in 2012.  It’s not a crime, its just reality.

But it’s kind of sad for those who have watched him bleed for this team the last 15 years.

Happy Birthday, Jorge.

Sweeny Murti

Do you think Posada should hang it up after this season and retire a Yankee? Be heard in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. Rickster says:

    Announce your retirement at the end of the year and let the Yankees throw you a day. The fans will come out to support one of the best all-round Yankee catchers in the history of the franchise. Mabey even have a Yogi-Jorge photo op. Good Luck and thanks for the memories.

  2. pugphan says:

    Geo ya gots lotsa dough go and enjoy it. You’re still young, and there lots of things you can do, but baseball is not one of them. smokersodysseycom Go join Bernie
    and play drums with him.

  3. snowdog says:

    After playing baseball for 15 plus years, I think we sometimes forget that Posada isn’t a robot and can easily “turn-off” his desire to play the game. Imagine yourself doing something you love for 15 years. All those the spring trainings, the playoff and the world series championships, the routine is embedded into him. This year the Yankees have yanked that all away from him, especially in his final year. POOF, you wont catch a single game nor have the thrill of a play-at-the plate. Now he has to be mentally tortured by watching it all happen in front of him from the dug-out. While it is time for Posada to retire, it’s because of the way the Yankee organization when about it that has him wanting more! Slowly take away his responsibilities and don’t just flip it off like a light switch! No wonder he still has the craving to play. He probably feels cheated out of his last season.

  4. Paul Goodman says:

    Hang ’em up, Jorge. We love you, but don’t want to see you ultimately retire during a continuing tailspin.

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