Car Show Host Adam Carolla To Gays: ‘Shut Up, You’re Ruining My Life’

the car connection logo Car Show Host Adam Carolla To Gays: Shut Up, Youre Ruining My Life

You might think that being the host of a high-profile TV show would cause a performer to watch his mouth.

You’d be wrong.

At least in the case of Adam Carolla, the comedian who is also one of the hosts of “The Car Show,” which launched in July on Speed TV.

In his most recent podcast, using the tongue-in-cheek Internet campaign to have Sesame Street‘s Bert and Ernie get married, Carolla embarked on a foul-mouthed and abusive rant against gay, lesbian, and transgendered people.

He even named names, going so far as target Cher’s son Chaz Bono (born Chastity) specifically.

Confusingly, he claimed LGBTQ people are “ruining his life” and commanded all of them to “shut up.”

It could almost bring to mind the famous quote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

We’ve editing out the NSFW parts of his rant, of which there are quite a few. Read here for some of the uglier, more graphic language.

Needless to say, protest and pushback arrived immediately.

Carolla then tweeted a half-hearted non-apology, saying, “I’m sorry my comments were hurtful. That being said, I’m a comedian, not a politician.”

And there it stands.

But the GayWheels blog (republished by Jalopnik) raises an interesting question: Could the backlash over Carolla’s anti-gay rant damage, or even kill, “The Car Show”?

As certain other public figures have learned at their peril, propounding venomous anti-gay slurs on air tends to scare advertisers. We’re lookin’ at you, Dr. Laura. And, more recently, Tracy Morgan.

Let’s be clear: We draw a clear distinction between a polite statement of principles (e.g. “I personally don’t agree with same-sex marriage, but I recognize that others feel differently”) and the kind of potty-mouth teen bigotry that Carolla engaged in.

So we’d like to get your views on two related questions. First, do you think “The Car Show” will suffer from Carolla’s comments? And, second, should his comments in a personal webcast affect the show?

Leave us your thoughts in the Comments below. We’re confident you’ll keep it polite and family-friendly.

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  1. James says:

    Carolla is a comical genius and deserves praise. When did we start caring about freaks and people with strange bizarro sexual fetishes anyhow? Polls say that over 70% of the US agrees with this logic. Sadly, you cannot express disgust with weird sexual behavior, lest you find yourself jobless and publically scorned by the gay mafia.

    The gay cartel which wields power like the auto unions is one of the most destructive forces in the US today. All in the name of preventing “hate crime” which actually only accounts for 0.001% of all violent crime in America.

    Gay people should be able to live the way they want to…but they are NOT above public criticism for their BEHAVIOR CHOICES.

  2. Heather McHugh says:

    I just finished watching the latest episode of the show and was about to post on Facebook just how great I think the show is, but not now. Yes, he should be responsible for his comments, even on a personal webcast. He is a public figure. In the early part of his career I didn’t like him, kind of like the people who hated Howard Stern in the beginning, but I had come to really like and respect Adam. I’m now ashamed for him. He obviously has issues, and should realize that no one with any intelligence thinks bullying of any sort is funny. I may not watch the show now. He needs to really make amends to his audience and their friends and family.

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