Port Authority Toll, PATH Fare Hikes Less Than Half Of What Was First Proposed

Gov. Christie Blasts PA, Cites NYS Comptroller's Blistering Report On Overtime

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There is relief for beleaguered New Jersey commuters.

Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo are riding to the rescue of people who use the PATH trains and the river crossings, including the Holland and Lincoln tunnels and the George Washington Bridge, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer first reported earlier Thursday.

Both Christie and Cuomo felt the agency’s proposed $4 toll hike during peak hours and $1 increase for the PATH train were unrealistic and too burdensome for commuters in these tough economic times. Commuters can look for a far gentler hike — a $1.50 toll hike and a 25-cent PATH fare increase.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Speaks With Some Relieved Commuters

In a joint letter and revised proposal sent to Port Authority Chairman David Samson and Vice Chairman Stanley Grayson, both governors said the numbers proposed by the agency were “unacceptable.”

LINK: Read The Letter By Cuomo and Christie to the Port Authority

The statement said that Christie and Cuomo “did not want to see any toll increase,” but because of the Port Authority’s financial “crisis” and “the potential safety and economic risks to commuters and businesses,” an increase “cannot be avoided.”

Both Cuomo and Christie proposed the following revisions to the Port Authority’s proposal:

  • Tolls on cars using E-ZPass will increase $1.50 in September 2011 and then 75 cents in December of each year from 2012-’15.
  • Tolls on cars paying with cash will have the same increase but will be subject to an additional $2 penalty. (rounded up to the nearest whole dollar)
  • Tolls on trucks using E-ZPass will pay an additional $2 per axle in September 2011, and then an additional $2 per axle in December of each year from 2012-’15.
  • Tolls on trucks paying cash will have the same increase but will be subject to an additional $3 per axle cash penalty.
  • Fares on the PATH train will increase 25 cents a year for four years.

The governors said that the revised proposals would balance the “infrastructure needs of the region with toll and fare payers’ economic realities.”

Ultimately, it means that the E-ZPass rate for the crossings and tunnels will jump from $8 to $9.50 and eventually to $12.50, given the 75 percent annual increase.

If you use cash, the $2 surcharge will bring your toll cost to $11.50 and eventually $14.50.  The increase for PATH train riders will ultimately mean paying $2.75 four years from now.

A statement from Port Authority officials said they will move forward with the revisions presented by both governors.

“We support the proposal laid out today by the Governors and will move this proposal to the Board tomorrow,” the statement read.

“It’s only fair for us to let them know specifically, directly and let the public know specifically and directly how we choose to approach this issue,” Christie said.

Earlier Thursday, Christie blasted the Port Authority in the wake of a finding by New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli that the Authority was spending millions of dollars on overtime, which is padding people’s pensions.  The issue was also breached in the joint letter to the Port Authority.

“He said overtime was gushing out of the Port Authority. I mean, this is, again, an indictment of the management of the Port Authority and not by me but by the state comptroller in New York, so there’s a lot of work to do on how the Port Authority is being mismanaged,” Christie said.

How do you feel about the proposed toll and fare hikes? Sound off in our comments section below…

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One Comment

  1. Stoffe says:

    So what happen to triplle AAA
    lawsuit ?
    And why should we pay for the Word Trade Center rebuit ???????
    Thats were the money is going
    according to AAA
    Didn’t the ovner have insurence of the Word Trade Center we regular people even have to have regular and flood insurence that cost a forthune and I live on 3 floor .

    My question is now they just raised it and they get away with it .
    Why do we have laws then ???
    They are not following them but we should just pay and Shut Up ?
    This is corruption in the first degree

  2. glenn says:

    As usual the government and PA have no problem spending money we can’t afford.
    My personal internal debate was to whether to retire i 2 years at 62 or wait till 65.

    I want to run as fast as possible from NY/NJ. Its only going to get worse. I see lots of overtime being spent on security (for cops just chatting amongst themselves. On world trade center construction that should have been finished 7 years ago .
    Here’s a sign of things to come- so much unemployment and yet you cannot talk to a customer service actual person even at the biggest companies. Even on the rare occasion you can they are most likely not in the US.

    If we are lucky we keep our jobs and are grateful for a 3% raise. And the Ta HAS THE ORDACITY TO MANDATE A 50% raise during a recession.

    We working fools have to balance our budget- they should too

  3. Trey says:

    It was reported that the governors were briefed in advance about the toll and fare hikes. They must think we are idiots to believe that they didn’t plan all of this out, to announce a huge hike then make it lower but stretch it out longer to get what they were asking for in the first place! Americans are too complacent. Other countries would shut down transit until they roll back the hikes. Meanwhile we complain quietly and take what they’re giving to us.

  4. vy says:

    The biggest overtime scandle in government is that a workers pension is NOT based on their entire career earnings devided by their years of service. It’s based on their earnings in the last year before retirement only divided by their years of service. This means that if a worker is making $60,000 base pay per year at retirement, PLUS $60,000 in overtime, their pension is based on $120,000 NOT the $60,000 base pay, even if this person never worked one hour of overtime in their entire career before that last year. So the worker feeds the retirement system his/her entire career based on a salary of $60,000, then works overtime like crazy their last year, and collects a pension as if they were paying in to the pension based on a salary of $120,000. That loots the pension if they live longer than one year after retirement. And it’s tax payer that make up this difference. BOTH Governors should force through a pension reform that limits pensions from being higher than the base pay plus the average amount of overtime that person worked over their entire career, not based on a warped super high overtime worked in their last year.

  5. Mary says:

    once again “the big game”…PA announces a massive increase, then like magic announces a compromise…..who do they think they are kidding? And now the news about the pensions issue? really? so where do my tolls go…in to repairs, security upgrades or someone’s pocket? It is so offensive that the people in this position of “authority” have no conscious….or sense of service to the community or people who rely on these crossings to make a living!

  6. ben12a says:

    Enough is enough. Everyone in NY/NJ who drives should refuse to pay any higher tolls. This is literally “Highway Robbery”..

  7. Truth hurts says:

    Instead of a hemmorage it’s a slow bleed with the same results. They are still going to get their proposed increase just not all at once. This is such a con job. The gov’t and the PA must think we are really stupid!

  8. Justin says:

    I can remember when the GWB toll used to be only $2. Man, those were good times.
    Now, the toll is going to be more than $10, and they want to raise it every chance they can get.
    This is like a really evil landlord who raises the rent every year because he knows the tenant can’t move anywhere else.

    Why doesn’t the PANYNJ set some money aside for repair projects??
    Why do they have to use up every single penny of revenue to line their pockets with excessive overtime pay? This is disgusting.
    Even if the government doesn’t raise taxes, the middle class will continue to suffer due to ever increasing tolls and fees of all kinds.

    Personally, I think the bridge toll should be no higher than $5.
    Any more than that is just highway robbery. It every time I cross the GWB.
    PANYNJ is like a bloodsucking leech. Can’t we just get rid of them??
    Surely there’s a better way than this?!

  9. the shadow says:

    This is what we call “reverse psycholy”, just like real estate deals,; the owner ask for the higher number and then the client ask for lesser amount; is all a set-up. Politic is crooked . They all are sweety pies when asking for your vote, after that they don’t give a damn about you.

  10. Mike the Bike says:

    People in NewYork City and on Long Island are “held hostage” by the Port Authority. They are a bunch of pirates and should all be investigated by every agency with any kind of oversight at all !

  11. DD says:

    We need public stage protest to show them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the PA is either incompetent or corrupted. There are people out of jobs and sacrified the cuts, but these guys keep raking overtime to bonus. What is going on? This raise will burden the already low pay working class traveling back and for NJ-NY.

  12. Marty G says:

    Enough is enough already with hiking tolls, path trains and n.y.c. trains. Every year you keep hearing the same excuses, we gotta close the budget gap, we gotta close this gap and we gotta close that gap. Its time for all those bigwigs to close there gap in their pockets and don’t always look for the little people to pony up the little money that we make, to close any more gaps !!!!

  13. Joe says:

    Unions are the plague of the modern wold.

  14. RANDY LACHAR says:

    REALLY WANT $1. 50 INCREASE, ASK FOR $4.00, GET $ 1.50!
    THEY SHOULD FIRE THEM ALL AND START OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Trisha says:

      They think the public is stupid.
      Shame on the Governors too,for playing this game

  15. Linda says:

    How about re-doing the board, the ones who are allowing all the overtime-pension-padding cheaters costing us taxpayers millions of dollars in their retirements. The whole system needs to be re-done now to stop this gouging and re-do pensions retro-actively. What a bunch of corrupt jerks.

  16. denblak says:

    if you think Governors Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo came to the rescue of people, you should go back to Journalism school. this was set up from the git-go
    The PA claim they were going to raise tolls by doubling the fares.only knowing they would only raid by a few dollars. but wait until next year, when we are back doing the same story….its all a sham

  17. jon fooie says:

    It is time to reduce head account at Port Authority personnel & including management. That way they reduce COST!. Reduce the Overtime Too much big government includes waste!

  18. Ricky John says:

    It’s a joke!!! A game that is constantly being played and the people are the ones who lose everytime. PA gives you an outrageous number and politicians cry about how ridiculous that figure is. Then a number which they think is reasonable is proposed and gets passed. Meanwhile that is the number that was originally intended but not made public. Politician are made to look like they are fighting for the people but are in on it themselves. When its all said and done we end up paying more….. When its time to raise rent the same thing is done……. When is it going to be enough.

    1. Joe says:

      That’s basically the exact same thing I said a week or so ago sans the politician part. The only thing I added was the sheep then basically breathe a sigh of relief, thinking they’re voices were really heard.

  19. sharon wolff says:

    As someone else said, the NY/NJ PA will present “what they want” in a toll hike, knowing full well they do have a more “realistic” amount they know they will get. I don’t trust Gov Christie, he will sell give the PA the money. I’m not sure what Gov Cuomo will do. Given the recent information about the “overtime” that has been paid out, the PA ;should not get a dime!

  20. marx engels says:

    I see no mention of raising airport fees.
    The MTA should take over PATH.
    PATH is a fraction of the size of NYCT, why should we pay more?
    The PANYNJ should be abolished but I don’t see how that’s possible. Mr.Austin Tobin learned well from the master of authorities, Mr.Robert Moses. The bridges and tunnels are nearly 100 years old and ought to be free.

Comments are closed.

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