Prosecutors Point To ‘Incriminating’ Text Messages In Boonton Murder Case

BOONTON N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Relatives of Nazish Noorani, the wife and mother of two who was shot and killed while walking with her 3-year-old son in Boonton, are dealing with the death of a loved one and the shocking news that her husband and another woman have been charged with her murder.

Just hours before Noorani was to be laid to rest Friday, two bombshell arrests in the case. Noorani’s husband, 26-year-old Kashif Parvaiz, charged with first-degree murder.

“They should shoot him right away,” said Boonton resident Ejaz Khan. “He doesn’t deserve any humanity.”

Authorities said Parvaiz plotted the killing with another woman, 26-year-old Antoinette Stephen, who was also arrested and charged with murder.

“Within hours of the crime, it was obvious to investigators that this was sadly the alleged handy work of the victim’s husband, who allegedly did the unthinkable and plotted to murder his wife after a religious celebration,” Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said.

Stephen’s neighbors were stunned to see her taken out of her home in Billerica in handcuffs.

“It was like what? Then we saw them take the girl out,” one neighbor said.

Neighbors said they believed she was romatically involved with Parvaiz.

It was Tuesday night around 11 p.m. when the young family, visiting from Boston, went for a walk near a relative’s house in Boonton.

Police say Parvaiz originally told investigators that his family was attacked by three men with guns shouting slurs about “terrorists” and opened fire on him and his wife. Noorani was killed, Parvaiz injured. Their son was not hurt.

“Initially, it was reported it was a hate crime,” said Noorani’s cousin Danish Iqbal. “We never thought that. This is a fantastic area.”

Prosecutors say that walk was in reality planned by Parvaiz and Stephen. The alleged murder weapon was found in Parvaiz’s SUV and prosecutors said the man eventually broke down and confessed to the killing.

“We just want to thank the authorities for their work on the case,” said Iqbal.

At her funeral Friday afternoon, Noorani’s large extended family surrounded her hearse in mourning. Then, by Islamic tradition, dug her grave by hand.

Officials said the details of Parvaiz’s story didn’t add up and as they dug deeper, they say they found incriminating text messages between Parvaiz and Stephen leading up the murder.

“You hang in there. Freedom is just around ur corner,” is a text prosecutors say Parvaiz received from Stephen.

“Well I need to speak to you and explain to you how to approach the situation i’ll be depositing money tomorrow,” Parvaiz allegedly responded.

They finalized the arrangements in a cellphone call on Tuesday — the day of the attack, according to prosecutors.

Officials said Parvaiz was arrested several days ago and is being held on $1 million bail. Stephen was arrested Thursday night in Boston and was arraigned Friday on a fugitive-from-justice charge and is being held without bail.

Both are charged with murder, conspiracy and weapons offenses. Parvaiz is also charged with child-endangerment.

“How can you kill your wife for the sake of somebody else,” said Khan. “You have small kids, two kids.”

In the arrest affidavit is a text message from Noorani to her brother saying: “Someday u will find me dead but its cuz of kashi … He wants to kill me.”

Family members have set up an educational fund for the couple’s children at

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  1. Aditi Bhattacharya, Natasha Rizvi, Farzahana, Alena & Fran says:

    “Sadly, Nazish’s tragedy is all too common. Ours is a culture of ‘keeping face’, even if that means knowingly allowing our women to be abused. This man didn’t just have an affair, he abused his wife enough for her to think she might die in his hands.

    And she did.

    ‘Keeping face’ gives little scope to our battered and emotionally wounded women to find support and dignity. There is help out there – confidential, supportive, caring and consistent support – all it needs is for the woman or a concerned citizen to make the call. How many more children need to see their mothers being beaten and cursed at home and then bleeding to death before we start talking out about Domestic Violence in our community?”

    – Aditi Bhattacharya, Natasha Rizvi, Farzahana, Alena & Fran

    1. Saba says: is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping south Asian women battle domestic violence. It’s based in northern California but there are other organizations out there to help battered women. They should seek out help the moment they are abused. If they can’t approach family then they should go to these organizations for help. Spread the message!

  2. Accountability says:

    So within 24 hours of MURDER of their daughter/sister, the Noorani family sets up a fund raising site for children they don’t even have with them to raise? Is everyone blind and so naiive? It is ridiculous – that the family did not react to the text “Kashif will kill me” months ago but within her murder, created a money collecting hunger site!
    Shame on both families for trying to take advantage of an already twisted murder!

  3. Aliyah says:

    This happens in Karachi all the time. Sadly, this is the story of thousands of muslim women whose husbands lead double lives and abuse their wives. The family often doesn’t even help when help is asked for. In thiis case a text message. The family should have done more. This man is a muslim, to say he wasn’t dismisses a problem that is infecting our society. This man is a muslim who killed his wife during Ramadan, more should be done to teach men in our community so this doesn’t happen in the future. To say he is not a real muslim avoids the problem and no one will teach muslim men anything of value because every time something bad happens we say oh well he is not one of us. The real question is–He is a muslim and why did he do this? How can we prevent more of these crimes here in the USA and back home in Pakistan.

  4. Andy says:

    Probably they tought she can make more money by prostitution than by marriage to that guy on the picture with her.

  5. moohoo dowho says:

    Who’ the heck is zoho yoho?

  6. screenmates says:

    What were the romantic couple thinking? That their plot was a perfect murder?

  7. Kinza Khan says:

    Neither Christians nor Muslims are “killers.” There are killers who HAPPEN to be a member of these religions, or ‘so-called’ member because many would argue that this guy was not a true Muslim. This is an increasing problem and needs to be addressed.

    1. Captain says:

      Umm… I think this guy might be from India. There is a good chance he would be Hindu then.

      1. Aliyah says:

        He is a muslim. He is from pakistan not India!

  8. Jen says:

    Heritage doesn’t make a difference. A bad relationship is a bad relationship. There are even incidents like this in gay communities so sex can’t even be blamed.

  9. SF says:

    And the reason we don’t have the death penalty is ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. sam I am says:

      then idiots like you wouldn’t be here…

  10. Lorraine says:

    Women are killed everyday at an alarming rate. They seek help by way of orders of protection which isn’t worth the paper its typed on. Some men can’t seem to face the fact that the relationship is over and go on with their lives in a productive manner. They stalk, and God forbid she finds another guy that’s when the verbal abuse escalates to the physical abuse. They fail to realize that if they infict harm upon the woman, he will be in jail and still won’t have.

    1. CR says:

      Your post has nothing to do with this story.

      Order of Protection? No mention of that.

      Men can’t face that a relationship is over? HE was having an affair.

      Stalking? They wre visiting relatives as a family.

      Finds another guy? Not a hint of that in the article.

  11. zoho bohoo says:

    zoho yoho. how funny you are shocked a white christian would kill innocent people at a rally! where you nutsacks been hiding, this is not the qst time in USA – but you keep your head in the sand all the time, no wonder you can see white christians for what they are! killers

  12. grik says:

    Zoho Yoho are you for real? Men kill thier wives all the time in this country. Most of them are of christian heritage.

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