Police Investigate Crash On I-95 That Killed 3 Generations Of Women From NYC Family

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Three generations of women from a New York City family were killed on the interstate in North Carolina as they were coming home from a vacation in Disney World.

The wreck happened Saturday evening on I-95 in Wilson, North Carolina just outside of Raleigh.

State troopers say the family from Washington Heights was driving north when their SUV blew a tire causing the vehicle to lose control and flip over.

The driver, 22-year-old Rosanny Marte, her mother, 46-year-old Angela Marte and grandmother, 71-year-old Rosa Marte, all died.

“I went pale. I was very nauseous. I wanted to vomit. Told my wife ‘just go sit down, very bad news’,” said family friend John Mado.

Roseanny’s friends describe her as a kind woman who wanted to serve her community.

“One of the last images we saw was the car overturned and her glasses which we knew was her,” Mado cried. “Loving fun, good personality, she was fun to hang out with, that’s how I’m going to cherish.”

“It’s a shame. I hope they had a beautiful time and God bless them,” said neighbor Julio Jimenez.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports: Neighbors In Shock Over The News

Police say the mother and grandmother were not wearing seatbelts and were thrown from the SUV on impact.

Reyes Marte and five other family members including three children survived the deadly crash and were taken to a local hospital.

Residents of the building say Reyes is a longtime and well-loved super. They can’t believe this sort of tragedy would hit this close knit family.

The crash caused an hours-long traffic backup that closed a stretch of I-95 for miles.

Some witnesses to the crash say the SUV was speeding and swerving over the road, but driver Lawrence Solomon was two car lengths behind and says it was definitely a blown out tire.

“As soon as that tire hit the grass on the median, it started to flip over,” said Solomon. “The people out there were trying to get the children to lay still. They were trying to get everybody to lay still.”

Reyes Marte was released from the hospital.  There was no word Sunday on the condition of the children involved in the crash.

Police are still investigating.

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One Comment

  1. Reeldeal says:

    It’s so sad how desensitized people are to immediately play armchair investigators. Yes she was 22years old, but ever consider they were taking turns driving? NY to FL and back is a long trip. the truth of the matter on that road is that 1. there are a lot and i mean a LOT of aggressive drivers on that road 2. there are a lot of zombie ish drivers…I’ve done this commute before and I’ve seen this sort o thing happen..It’s accidental. enough with the blame game. we’re all guilty of not wearing a seat belt. we are all guilty of not having all our attention focused on the road while driving. and we’ve all been in the backseat passenger seat laughing and chatting and engaging the driver in lively conversation… this is just an unfortunate event that should be respected as such. not dragged through the mud and demeaned with ignorant judgement.

  2. Jonathan Cruz says:


    1. wolverine says:

      Women drivers, no survivors.

  3. Davonne says:

    Oh July 25,2011 on I-95 north at 12:30 my family was in a car accident like this one it happened in South Carolina heading home to NYC from a vacation in Florida.. My dad was driving his suv and he turned and over corrected and hit the median and the car flipped over 3 times. I lost my father and 9 yr old sister and my mom is in critical condition 1 of my brothers broke his leg and my other brother may never walk again.. My died in the car my other 4 family members flew out the car my niece who is 1yrs old was also in the car but she came out fine she had a couple of bumps and bruises.. I know wat this family is goin threw god bless ya I know this is hard not a day goes by that I dont cry & ask y did this happen RIP CHINA & DADDY

  4. Uncle Mike says:

    My 22 y.o. neighbor from south america is always racing his modified honda civic.

  5. Mike says:

    A little history on this SUV:

    Ford Expedition Deadly in Rollover Accidents

    Although designed to be driven off road, the Expedition is not equipped with sufficient roof support, adequate door latches, or laminated glass, that could mean the difference between life and death in a rollover accident. Engineers and safety experts have actively suggested fundamental changes to the Expedition to increase its rollover resistance, however Ford Motor Co. continues to choose less expensive and less effective remedies as permanent solutions to a life threatening issue.

    Due to its high center of gravity, the Ford Expedition is disproportionately prone to rollovers when compared to other passenger vehicles. If a vehicle has a higher center of gravity and is quickly redirected (as when a vehicle driver tries to avoid a sudden obstruction) the vehicle can topple and rollover. The Expedition holds excessive weight at a higher level than other passenger vehicles leading to handling and stability defects. Because the Expedition is top-heavy, it is prone to heavy oversteering by drivers, making a rollover accident likely.

    One of the biggest dangers to Ford Expedition occupants in the event of a rollover accident is roof intrusion. Roof intrusion or “roof crush” refers to a situation when the roof of a vehicle does not maintain its shape during a rollover and is crushed or collapses, seriously injuring vehicle occupants. The extreme weight of the Ford Expedition in combination with a weak roof design makes the SUV prone to severe roof intrusion during a rollover accident.

    1. imominous says:

      No seatbelts, Ford SUV. ‘Nuff said.

  6. Mike says:

    A little history on that SUV:

    Ford Explorer Rollover Lawsuits & Safety Recall Information

    Ford Explorer rollovers and rollover safety concerns have been in the public spotlight almost daily since 2000 when the Ford Explorer – Firestone tire tread separation roll over accident problem was revealed. Hundreds of deaths in the U.S. have been blamed on a faulty design that creates instability in the Ford Explorers. This design problem has resulted in many drivers unable to control the vehicle in emergency situations; especially after a tire blowout or sudden deflation from a tire tread separated resulting in rollovers.

    The Ford Explorer was introduced the motoring public in 1991 and was marketed as a safe passenger friendly replacement to the Ford Bronco II, the former rollover king. But apparently Ford’s engineers didn’t design the rollover out of their new SUV. The Ford Explorer has been rolling over and killing it’s occupants since the first months it was sold. Even today, more Ford Explorers are rolling over at alarming rates, even after the Ford Firestone recall and replacement of the Firestone tires.

    1. AC says:

      …except that it was a Ford Expedition, not Explorer.

  7. LG says:

    I once drove from Ft. Lauderdale to northern NJ non-stop. That overnight drive is scary, definitely not a drive for an inexperience driver. I wouldn’t let a 22 y/o woman drive it for me.

  8. Manfred José Nissley says:

    I once ran over a toenail clipper. toenail clipper = blown tire.

    I am 25 years of age and the way young folks drive is disgusting to me!

  9. SCM says:

    Did someone ever notice that the driver was only 22 yrs old? May God Bless them all and the family. Maybe was their time to go maybe not. In my observations, maybe the experience driving and age of the driver has to do a lot with this accident. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s a trip that only adults (you know what I mean) and people with experience driving for hours should do.

    1. RODELU says:

      There is nothing that can be done to change what happened but you are right. Maybe age had something to do with this. I would not trust somebody so young to drive on a long trip with so many people in charge. Just tragic what happened, heartbreaking.

  10. John says:

    We just returned to PA from a trip to Lehigh Acres, FL using 95 going and coming home. There is a lot of aggressive driving on this road. I’ve been driving for 43 years and have changed my driving style due to age and experience. Today’s younger drivers have a different no-fear attitude. My daughter owns a mini-van and there is no way that 9 people plus the amount of luggage needed for that many people was a safe way to travel over 2000 miles. I am very sorry for the family and their loss but sometimes you have to think before you act

  11. Jvon Batts says:

    i have read all of ur comments above…fact is this….the family were Jehovah’s Witnesses which means that they have the hope of a resurrection. It is a tragic loss. but they are in Jehovah’s memory and there loved ones WILL see them again. # rememberRevelation21:3,4 my condolences to the family….Jvon Batts Iselin English Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses Woodbridge, NJ

  12. Nita says:

    Such a sad story. RIP Sweet Angels and may those who have lost these loved ones find the strength they will need to continue on.

  13. Jenn Nodine says:

    My heart aches for this family who have lost so much in the blink of an eye. Some people DO care…although apparently the majority of the population is so heartless, rather than extending condolences, they prefer to blame the victims based on a variety of assumptions. No one can be certain that wearing a seat belt would’ve saved their lives; it’s only fair to say it would’ve increased their chances of survival. Richard Allen makes a very good point also…added weight in a vehicle, coupled with high temperatures…could have been the perfect recipe for this disaster. It could’ve also been as simple as something sharp in the road. To call it preventatable is completely unfair. Sometimes bad things just happen and no one ever knows why. A sad, terrible lesson for all of us to consider…I know I’ll be getting my tire pressure checked before I drive home for Labor Day weekend.

  14. richard Allen says:

    Speeding may not have been the problem… SWERVING could mean very LOW Tire Pressure……….

    It looks like the other tires are still inflated but to what pressure…….15-20 lbs coupled with speed could easily have blown them on a HOT day.

    It was 86 and high humidity at 6pm…so if they were driving all day those tires would really be HOT…

    1. Richard Allen says:

      9 of them lots of weight if the tire was under inflated ..

  15. Liberals are Evil says:

    Speeding is never a good thing. When are people going to understand that?

    1. Jenn Nodine says:

      The speed limit here in NC is 65…and they were going 70 according to the investigating officer. How many times in your life have you driven more than 5MPH over the speed limit? And I can’t even count how many times I’ve taken my life into my hands by trying to obey the speed limit while just about every other car around me harassed me for it. Sometimes, you have no choice but to follow the speed of the traffic around you…and no one “deserves” to die for that.

  16. LJ says:

    I was just pulling up to the scene when it happened maybe 15 to 20 cars behind the accident heading North. My family and I immediately knew something really bad had happened, when we seen the police cars followed by fire and rescue, ambulances, volunteers and state troopers speeding passed us several minutes after comming to a stop. As we drove pass the scene we observed the SUV resting on its roof in the break down lane. My wife, son and I were in shock. Then it really hit us when we drove pass the motor vehicle and seen a white sheet over the door. It is so sad and tragic to see something like this. Our hearts and prayers go out to this family. God Bless them all and hope the remaining survivors get well soon.

  17. Ted Bell says:

    It was a tragedy; but from the facts, this seems to be a preventable tragedy. Witnesses said speedy and reckless driving was taking place. If the driver had driven less aggressively there would likely not have been a tragedy. If all the passengers had worn seat belts, there might be more of them alive. Actions have consequences. Not wearing a set belt leads to more deaths and if you don’t believe me, ask Princess Diana. Oh wait, you can’t. She chose not to wear a seat belt too. 4 people were in her car, one wore a seat belt and he is still alive.Given the amount of bad driving I have seen, I am surprised that there are not more similar tragedies.

  18. ham says:

    Brand new tires can blow out at any time and the SUV in the pic doesn’t look like it was an old vehicle.

    Crawl back to your hole and keep your ignorant hateful and hurtful comments to yourself. You are embarrassing yourself.

    1. joey from B'hurst says:

      Brand new tires that blow out at any time are defective!!! This would be a lawsuit or a major recall of all tires. Think before you speak.

  19. Kay says:

    this is just ignorant – you think race has to do with safety .. grow up .. Seriously

  20. Clark says:

    Bottom line: wear seatbelts. I don’t care what race, color you are! Just wear seatbelts!

  21. sarah says:

    what an idiot you are,i see non hispanic all the time in dmv with suspended license driving drunk paying summonses,

    1. Daphne says:

      @ stevie..hopefully for the world when you show up at the hospital with a foot in your a$$, the doctor is black so he can perhaps remove your eyes instead. A great deal of blacks & hispanics…whites..etc..mostly young don’t think of safety first when they get behind the wheel or passenger side. Maintenance on their car is the last thing on their mind. They’re thinking of fun, joyriding, girls/guys, music and where the next party is. Tire thread, air level, gas, fluids is not on the agenda. In this case we don’t know what happened, all we know was a family was trying to make their way back from a trip and sadly there was a tragedy.

      1. Retired 44 says:

        So right:

        “Tire thread, air level, gas, fluids is not on the agenda” Add aggressive driving, tailgating, no seat belts, cell phone/texting and speeding, it usually turns out pretty bad.

        The sad part is this kind of reckless behavior maims and kills other people, who just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…

  22. sarah says:

    what an idiot you are,who the hell are you to judge,and why do think the hispanics are doing this,are you doing this white as?? h??

  23. ericka says:

    I can’t believe u just made an ignorant comment like that…yesterday on this highway. We were driving and there were plenty of people non. Hispanic who were driving reckless so them being Hispanic has less to do with why and more to do with people in general have road rage, no patience, in a rush which results in tailgating which in turn makes it highly possible for more accidents …think about what u say before u say it …singling out one race is just so not nice

  24. jeff says:

    you people are sick to 2nd guess why these people died….not wearing their seat belts, tailgateing, reckless driving…

    how about a blown tire..or will you blame them for not checkign their tires also….jerkoffs…

    1. Jenn Nodine says:

      Thank you for saying that, jeff. Exactly my thoughts. A tragedy happens to a family, and instead of offering support and love, all some can offer is critisism. This society has gotten so cruel.

  25. Fly when u can says:

    RIP, so sad. That’s why I choose to fly instead, gotta look for family deals.

  26. goblin says:

    I guess they still give anyone with a pulse a drivers license as long as you pay the state fee and pass some road test lasting all of five minutes.

  27. Mark says:

    it’s astonishing that people still refuse to wear seat belts.

  28. Tc says:

    Oh my God_so sad . this could happen to anyone, Drive safe, I pray for these people and there families.

  29. Dave says:

    I am a truck driver and was coming thru that last night. I can not understand why everyone is in such a rush with no respect for others. 80 mile a hour tailgating each other on a 2 lane interstate. Slow down and give a little space. What ever is waiting for you can wait 5 mins. longer. This is bad and my prayers go out to the families, but this will happen everyday until we slow down.

    1. ericka says:

      My. Thoughts exactly yesterday that is exactly how it was on this highway almost bumper to bumper tailgating

    2. heard it all now says:

      your kidding right a truck driver giving suggestions about driving is priceless try telling your fellow truckers the same thing

      1. Larry says:

        Uhhh, most truck drivers drive better than everyone else, so your anger is being misdirected. But if you are happy being an angry person attacking those that don’t deserve it, then feel free, that is your right. But, that steak you eat tonight, those vegetables, that table, chair, clothes on your back, bed you sleep in and blankets were probably brought to you by a truck driver.

      2. Lillian says:

        @ Larry, based on your comment I’m emotional right now. Yes yes and yes you are so right…I’ve been driving for many years…LIE…78..NJTURNPIKE..you name it and I always GET OUT THE WAY! I’m a bit more settled now so I sit on my balcony facing the busy LIE and have respect and high regard for 18wheelers/truck drivers. I’m an avid shopper now and know that you are covering roads from 3am sometimes earlier doing what puts food on your table and what makes me happy when I get to Walmart..Shoprite and beyond. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DILIGENCE !

    3. Manfred José Nissley says:

      Amen dude! I am 25 and I am disgusted with the way young folks drive nowadays!

  30. Allison says:

    My condolences to the family.
    I went to Wilson NC several years ago for a family reunionfrom New York, I shared the driving with my husband. The roads are long and can be quite tiring. I’ve been driving for as long as the driver was alive and I can tell you the trip is overwhelming. We stopped at rest-stops several times because my son is diabetic and just to stretch our legs. I literally ATE Altoids every few minutes just to refresh. If you are young and in-experienced it is not the trip for you to drive as the sole driver.

  31. AA says:

    May the victims rest in peace and the surviving family members heal and find peace and comfort.

  32. ericka says:

    We we’re one of the families stuck in this traffic jam we knew once we saw several state troopers ambulances and. Fire trucks it had to be horrible …traffic was actually turned around in the opposite direction the highway was shut down for hours…several families and my own had to revert to staying in a hotel for the night …I pray the surviving family members can get thru this tragedy …let us all learn from this people be mindful on the road rushing and swerving in and out of traffic is not always the best choice

    1. Lisa says:

      What are you talking about “rushing and swerving in and out of traffic” Did you read where the witness who was two car lengths away said it was definitely caused by a blown tire. Please don’t blame the dead

      1. joe k says:

        Some people said the SUV was swerving in and out of traffic and the other guy said it was definately a blown tire. Sounds to me like the driver was driving aggresively which caused the tires to get hotter than usual which resulted in a blown tire afterwards. Bottom line here is wear your seat belt, don’t drive like an A$$ h*** , and make sure your car is in good operating condition before you go on the highway…. this is such a shame.

      2. joey from B'hurst says:

        Tires on a motor vehicle do not just blow out, unless there is a condition. This would either be a sharp object in the roadbed, or traveling at a high rate of speed, like 95 MPH. In this example, it appears they were driving recklessly. Thank god, the speeding SUV, did not involve any innocent victims.

  33. Ronny says:

    It’s to bad that most states only require people in the front seat to wear seatbelts.
    My prayers go out to the family.

    1. Feel Me Up says:

      that is sad because people in the back seat can go flying out the window
      rest in peace

  34. marisel says:

    i know this family,i live in this building,what a tragedy for the remaining members ,the husband that survived is the super,very ,very good family,may god heal the pain he is going through now,i know what it feels to lose a loved one*******

    1. North Carolina says:

      If you’d be interested in giving a statement over the phone for a news story about the family please reply.

      1. marisel gonzalez says:

        i was in shock when i heard the news,this family is so tight,very loving,always making plans with family,i still cannot believe this has happened,this family is the kind of family that helps eachother,may god bless the survivors,reyes which is the super,may god heal the pain you are going through now

    2. North Carolina says:

      Would you please contact me directly? My email is rebecca.fath@news14.com.

      Thank you.

  35. boboetto says:

    its a real shame,people have got to realize when you have a blowout.
    don’t brake the vehicle,instead take your foot off the gas grip the steering a come to a slow stop.
    braking will flip the vehicle everytime.

    1. ravan says:

      This is really good advice, but average folks react to conditions rather than draw back on impulse and do this very simple procedure you just described. I hope more people read your comments.

      1. Ronnie says:

        Experienced drivers (having driven for at least 10 yrs) would have not panicked ,but pulled off the road at first notice of something not right with the steering. My car began to pull to the side and I got off at the next available exit, after putting on my flashers and moving to the right lane and slowly driving to a gas station. When I got out of the car I saw what looked like a cut, never having seen this before I asked the attendant what was happening to the tire, and he said your tire was about to explode, the wires in the rubber were exposed, it was then that my nerves began to unravel. The damage was on the inner side of the tire not visible to the eye unless turned or removed. That’s a lotta vehicle for a 22 year old to be driving, I hope others were sharing the driving, so no one points a finger as to the responsibility, and my condolences are certainly with the survivors, family, friends and all drivers in hearing range of this accident. It’s not who’s first it’s who’s left.

  36. michael says:

    There is an issue with old tires on cars having sidewall blowouts and causing horrible crashes. Tires have expiration dates on them but the dates are hidden in some bizarre code that is not understandable to the layman. We ned a law that makes tire expirations clearly marked to help end these needless crashes, injuries and deaths.

  37. youngpro says:

    it was an 8-passenger suv, stupid.

    learn your facts before showing your stupidity

    1. youngpro says:

      comment for amy

  38. Amy says:

    8 people in the vehicle… at least 2 without seatbelts… doesn’t seem like an entirely responsible bunch to begin with.

    1. Ray says:

      Three people died in a tragic accident and that’s all you can say. You represent the negative people in this world that the rest of us could do without!

    2. John says:

      That’s all you can offer as a comment on this tragic accident? You are a sad excuse for a human being… Shame on you…

      1. John says:

        Comment for Amy

    3. Marie says:

      How ignorant that could make such a comment…REALLY???? What is irresponsible about a family traveling together in a vehicle disgned for that purpose? It is a tragic loss.

    4. Leto says:

      Awful of you to say that Amy. Hopefully you don’t get confronted by one of their loved ones.

    5. tracy says:

      do people who sit in your back seats wear seat belts (if they are over the age)? i highly doubt it.technically only the people in the front seats lawfully need to wear seat belts at all times. not the people in the back.(if they are over the age). keep your negative comments to yourself. rip to those who died .and karma will get those who talk negative about situations like these. sorry excuse for a human being. im sure if you prerish ..you will get the comment “oh well,1 less moron in this world”…think before you speak and may this never happen to you or your family

    6. PATTY says:


  39. sue says:

    what a terrible thing to happen to a family may god comfort the remaning members of this family and may welcome home the ones that have passed

    1. John says:


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