During one of Jerry’s updates, Craig started reading some of the tweets that are being aimed in Boomer’s direction now that he is on Twitter.

Aside from the fact that Craig shows some signs of bitterness toward the rate at which Boomer is collecting followers in his first full day of Twitterdom, many of Boomer’s “tweeps” are ripping Craigie a new one.

Then Craig shares with us the story of a strange experience Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday had  in St. Louis last night…

At one point during the game, a moth flew into Holliday’s ear. Now that wouldn’t be the weirdest thing in the world, except for the fact that this moth actually got lodged in Holliday’s ear canal.

We learn about the methods the Cards’ training staff went through to remove the little sucker, and whether or not the moth made it out alive.

LISTEN: Boomer Racks Up The Twitter Followers, Matt Holliday Bugs Out

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