The UFC president Dana White stopped by the Allstate Studio for the second time in a little over a month to let us know what’s going on with the new partnership between the UFC and the FOX network.

Boomer and Craig ask Dana about how he thinks network television coverage will affect the presentation of the UFC’s violent product as well as what would be the marquee fight that people want to see in UFC today.

Dana also spends some time talking about UFC’s reality series, “The Ultimate Fighter,” and his idea to expand the show internationally.

He also took the opportunity to point out some people who contributed to the downfall of boxing, which has not been able to keep pace popularity-wise since the UFC hit the scene about 10 years ago.

Also, Boomer asks the very Twitter-conscious White for some pointers on how to boost his following, and Craig addresses the question of whether or not Dana did in fact contact Al Dukes about a chat room for bald people.

LISTEN: Dana White Talks UFC In The Allstate Studio

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