Shocking Videos Show Bloody Aftermath Of Dazed Man Falling Onto Subway Tracks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A stunning pair of videos shows a nightmare for most commuters in New York City: the bloody aftermath of a man stumbling from the platform onto subway tracks. The good news is an heroic MTA worker eventually saved the man.

Nonetheless, the videos are difficult to watch.

The incident took place at the Dekalb Avenue L train subway stop. It was uploaded to YouTube Monday.

According to a report on, the person who shot the video said he went into the station when he heard a woman screaming. When the anonymous videographer arrived on the platform, he says he and his friends observed a man rolling around on the tracks. The man was reportedly very intoxicated, and had been urinating on the tracks.

The videographer tells Gothamist he alerted the token booth agent, who instructed him not to jump into the tracks until the electricity to the potentially deadly third rail was cut and the control center notified.

It was then, while they were waiting for Emergency Medical Technicians and MTA workers to arrive, that the videographer pulled out his cell phone and began to record the disturbing scene.


The first video, embedded above, shows the person who fell attempting to scramble his way out of the tracks. His face is a mask of blood, which is streaming from his nose. While within the tracks, he stumbles toward the yellow warning strip at the edge of the platform and plants his hands, as though about to make an effort to climb up. His effort is almost immediately met with failure, and he stumbles backward, apparently tripping over the track nearest to the platform. His head lands square in the ditch between tracks. He clutches his head, rolls to his left, with his hand near the second rail, and pushes himself up on his knees. Then, placing his right hand on the first rail, he attempts to push himself up, but then horribly he slides forward, face-first into the brown muck between the tracks.

On the platform above, an MTA worker and some of the bystanders debate jumping in to help the man.

“Listen, they coming now man,” says one.

“Y’all want to try to get him up?” says the MTA worker.

“That’s a lot of blood. I’m not trying to touch that blood,” is the reply.

“You sure you don’t want to try, man? They’re going to stop the train,” says the worker. The worker then jumps down into the tracks, positions himself behind the stumbling man, and starts giving instructions.

“Just lay right here,” says the worker, leaning the man against the platform edge. “Put your body over. Don’t worry, I’m going to help you. Come on,” he says.

And then, with a shove, the worker pushes the man over the edge and on to the platform. The other bystanders reach down to pull at the bloodied man’s clothes.

“Roll over, just roll over,” says the worker. The man does, and in doing so moves a few feet from the edge of the platform.

When the man starts to stir, the worker says “Stay right there, don’t move… You’re going to fall again.”

The man, a bloody, dirty mess, sits up anyway.

When a passerby hands him a bottle of water to drink, he can’t even grip it. By then, the MTA worker had returned, and gently – but forcefully – urges the man to stay lying down. The worker positions himself between the man and the tracks to keep him from rolling back in.

The other video, available here, shows the aftermath on the platform. A bystander helps to hold the man’s head still.

What would you have done? Would you have jumped in to help the man or not? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Kate Steele says:

    Ah, video deleted. But the comments on it make me soooooo glad I live on the mellow, polite west coast, where people like “Ronalld Trump” hopefully do not venture.

  2. Get me Hollywood! says:

    This should be made into a feature film starring Lindsay Lohan’s career!

  3. RonalldTrump says:

    Hey, when I got a train to catch, I got a train to catch… The MTA should have openings from the tracks into the sewer system to wash dregs like this into the system and out into the Hudson!

    Every time they hold up a train due to a sick passenger, I wanna tell them to toss them off the train so they can be sick on the platform, and not hold up my commute!

    1. M says:

      I hope you’re the sick passenger some day so I can get to do this to you.

  4. blahblahblah says:

    what “bloody aftermath???” I don’t even think that’s blood, it looks more like mostly dirt and oil from the tracks

  5. Paul says:

    Half of the people there would rather take video of the event than help out. Truly amazing!!

    1. Nick says:

      Help out what? Help an idiot survive to S P A W N ???? It’s these “rescuers” who are doing harm to society. And before you spout more inane PC words, just think of a normal kid growing up with things like this in the world. I didn’t say your kids because it’s most likely one of these “compassionate” things on the tracks puking its guts out.

    2. nic says:

      I was thinking the same thing! The guy who is worried about touching “blood” sounds like a real wimp. We have men and women fighting over in Iraq/Afghanistan and this dude wasn’t even willing to help this young guy out until the guy who jumped down on the tracks coerced him into grabbing him. All he needed to do was grab his shirt and pull, which was not eveb totally bloodied. How “caring” of him to hold the guy down with his foot when he tried to sit up. While the woman did seem concerned, she was pointing her camera at the disoriented man’s face the whole time.

  6. stormin'Norman says:

    The people involved in the rescue should be recognized for their good deed. Maybe the MTA can give them free lifetime Metrocards. The worker sure, also, be rewarded for the roled he played.

  7. steve says:

    Will you please stop trying to protect us from ourselves? We are adults. We don’t need disclaimers or warning notices about graphic video. It is real life. Want to protect us from something? Warn us about the Kim Kardashian wedding special! THAT will cause brain damage to most functioning adults.

  8. Nick says:

    Now watch as all these truthful comments on the drunken a hole inconveniencing everyone will be censored. You’re not politically correct enough with the musssshy lovy dovy compassionate to genetic rejects line.

  9. Devenio says:

    Yuppie Trash!

  10. Johnny Handsome says:

    “Shocking Videos Show Bloody Aftermath Of Dazed Man Falling Onto Subway Tracks” Shouldn’t that read Drunk A-Hole falls in tracks causing train delays?

  11. Andrew Bellucci says:

    So a drunken idiot fell on the tracks? Disturbing to watch? Not at all. This is what happens when people don’t respect their limits. I only feel bad for the riding public that faced delays because of this clown.

  12. Big Mike says:

    What a story. Hope he is well

  13. Jo Dern says:

    Wow what an incredible story. Amazing.

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