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New Yorkers: Where Were You When The East Coast Quake Hit?

By Billie Rama, CBSNewYork.com

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Like several other New Yorkers, we felt the earthquake.

PHOTOS: East Coast Earthquake

Even though our building shook for a good 10-15 seconds, we weren’t immediately sure it was an earthquake (this is New York for God’s sake). However, it became clear in the ensuing moments that, in fact, the quake that struck in Virginia was felt here.

We were shocked for a moment but immediately got to work to get the story up. Within minutes of sending Tweets and posting to Facebook, our users responded and shared their experiences.

New Yorkers did what they do best in situations like this: They came together, remained calm, talked about what was happening — in sometimes colorful ways — and offered guidance and information. Oh, and in true New York fashion, some hotdog vendors were selling half-price “quake dogs.”

It’s days like this that makes New York what it is: The greatest city in the world.

Luckily, there was no major damage or injuries reported — just a really good talker.

So where were you when the earthquake hit? Let us know below.


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  1. Joanne E Ardis says:

    I was watching telvision in my living room andthen i started to see the tv stand shake like jello ad the mirror shaked as well and at first I didn’t know what was causing the shakes of my tv stand or the mirror shaking as well until my mother’s aide started saying it was anearthquake that was happening, I was in total denial about the whole earthquake idea,. this is the first time this has happened in Corona Queens
    New York……….Things like this only happens in California, Japan or China but here in the East Coast we all are not used to an Earthquake happening….. But Thank God There was no loss of life and hopefully not that much damage andsuffering with this eventful happeing..

  2. joyce ann varga says:

    i didn’t what shook the building. i got scared and thought the building was going to fall down. my artwork was swaying and i didn’t know it was an earthquake til i went to the library to use the computer.

  3. Ruth Weiss says:

    Every senior resident @ Palm Beach Assisted Living in Sheepshead Bay, in Brooklyn was evacuated by level-headed Lisa Sclafani,the administrator. Actually became a festive affair along the bay!

  4. Ruth Folger Weiss says:

    Every senior resident @ Palm Beach Assisted Living in Sheepshead Bay, in Brooklyn was evacuated by level-headed Lisa Sclafani,the administrator. Actually became a festive affair along the bay!

  5. silver says:

    i was at the fricken mall when the earthquake hit god damn it, i never felt a big earthquake, i felt one when i was living in california which was like 2.0 which was nothing

    1. silver says:

      i forgot to mention i didnt feel the earthquake

  6. Andre Christopher Rivera says:

    i got off of work 30mins before so i went home and as i was eating Chinese food i went to lay down to take a nap and i started feeling my bed vibrate and it started off smooth then it got stronger so i looked up at the wall and saw this necklace i got from a promotion rocking back and forth and the flag on my wall started swaying and pictures fell. i then asked my mother if there was any construction or an explosion or even a door slam but she said no so i got on the phone and couldn’t get through to 311 so then i posted and saw all the responses on Facebook and that’s when i realized what happened.

  7. Leslie Motes Crabbe says:

    On the 3rd floor in Ellis Island main building – didn’t feel a thing

  8. Pastel Pete says:

    i was in the nasty bathrooms of the NYC HRA Office at 330 west 34th street where I baptized the tidy bowl man.

  9. Peter B says:

    I was on the toilet taking a dump, not kidding.


    I was in the pinoy house of ribs.

  11. Mark says:

    No joke, I was at the new Shake Shack in FiDi. Thought it was construction of some sort until I saw a ton of suits walking out of the surrounding buildings.

  12. tony says:

    At my desk, my co-workers freaked a bit but Im from Calfornia no biggie

  13. Greg T says:

    I was lying out in the sun on Jones Beach and got rocked back and forth for a while. It was actually rather soothing.

  14. Bobby says:

    I was smoking a joint, i thought i was buggin’ out next thing you know my sober friend runs out the room butt nekked screaming EARTH QUAKE!!!!
    I just laughed

  15. Anthony I. says:

    I was at school (New York Law School) when it happened. I along with fellow classmates felt a slight shake and then we were asked to evacuate. Here’s a video I shot of the scene at West Broadway shortly after students evacuated: http://yfrog.com/5jzssz

  16. Marina Ios says:

    home, kitchen, yes, we felt it, i hate earthquakes-flashbacks of a really, really devastating one, from long ago in another country
    queens ny

  17. billy says:


  18. Home, not worried about it, but everything shook, yes.

  19. chrissy pro says:

    Working and on the 10th floor swaying back and forth. I said bye bye and ran out.

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