Rex Ryan: I Gave Ex-Jets Bust Vernon Gholston A Fair Shot

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Rex Ryan called former Jets bust Vernon Gholston a “phony” in his recent book. After Monday night’s preseason Giants-Bears game, it was Gholston’s turn to bite back.

“Being a first-round pick, you would have hoped for more,” Gholston said. “Rex made a comment to me when he first came in that he thought I wasn’t liked by the guys on the team, then once he got there he saw that wasn’t the case. Those perceptions kind of determine the outcome, and it’s sad to say.”

Ryan was left “confused” by the comments made by his former defensive, now with Chicago.

“I’m confused, because I think I’m fair,” Ryan said on Tuesday. “I think I’m more than fair and I think I give plenty of opportunities. But if it wasn’t viewed that way, then that’s it. Again, I’m comfortable with being who I am.”

Gholston told reporters he didn’t think he necessarily got a fair shot and had “no stability” with the Jets in three seasons — which included no sacks — after being the No. 6 overall pick.

“I don’t agree with him on that,” Ryan said. “My job isn’t to make one player better or to feature one player. When I came here, I thought my job was to build the best defense we could possibly build. When you look at it statistically, it’s hard to argue that we weren’t successful in building this defense for the betterment of the NY Jets, not just one player.”

Gholston was cut by the Jets before the lockout, and said he thought Ryan had preconceived ideas of what kind of player he was before he became coach — something Ryan didn’t dispute.

“I heard how he was perceiving me before the draft, before he knew me, and I was the same way,” said Gholston. “I wasn’t hoping for him to be (my) first coach of the Jets when I was there, either.”

“That could be accurate that I prejudged him,” Ryan said. “But trust me, when I came here, I was his coach. He was one of us. I became a Jet. Obviously, I evaluated Vernon when he came out of college. I wasn’t as high on him as maybe others were. When I got here, we were all in. I wanted Vernon to be successful. And I still want him to be successful.”

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  1. Pete says:

    I wish the NFL would restrict rookies to only 1 yr contacts. It puts too much pressure on players and teams that draft in the first round. Players get signed to huge contracts and inevitably many can’t meet the expectations. Look at the whole Tebow fiasco, was he supposed to turn down the money after being picked that high? Some players can’t make the transition from college to pro and end up with these bad blood situations. There needs to be a trial period where players prove their worth before being signed to the huge multi-million dollar contracts.

  2. Alan Lupiani says:

    As for playing favorites, I am talking about Rex’s tendency to highlight certain players efforts over others. From my observations, Rex hypes up his QB Sanchez more than any other coach I can remember in recent memory. I understand that, but great coaches who have won SuperBowls, for example Parcells/Simms Noll/Bradshaw Holmgren/Favre had more divisive relationships with their QB’s and still won. Then there are the great Super Bowl winning coaches like Gibbs, Landry, and Dungy where you never get the feeling that one player is more important than the rest of the team.

  3. blair says:

    dude, if rex ever gave more playing time to vern it would be at the expense of the TEAM winning. Vern had more than enough opportunity to show he could contribute. Rex played favorites all right, he favored the players that produced over the ones that didn’t. pretty solid leadership in my opinion…

  4. shawn says:

    Sounds like a typical baby who can’t accept responsibility for his own shortcomings. When Rex was hired, all the media questions were around weather he could make Gholston the next Terrell Suggs. Rex knew some of his success in the public eye would be around weather he could make something out of the first round pick. I think Rex went out of his way to try and make Gholston a success. Once he realized it wasnt going to work, he cut the chord. Once again, if you have the talent and dont succeed, you have nobody to blame but yourself, and only the immature will point fingers and blame everybody else.

  5. Alan Lupiani says:

    Sounds like alot of ego blah blah blah here. Gholston needs to make plays with his new team and Ryan needs to take the Jets to the Super Bowl. Fellas, do all your talking on the field. Ryan does appear to play favorites and that can be difficult for other players. A great leader knows how to manage that and this year will be no exception.

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