Straphangers State Of The Subways Report: J/Z Line No. 1, C And 2 Come In Last

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There’s a new winner and a familiar loser in this year’s NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign report of the best and worst subway lines in the city.

For the first time ever, the J/Z line came in at number one in the 14th annual State of the Subways report.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones reports: And The Winner Is…

The report said the J/Z line ranked highest because it has the most regular service system wide and performs above average when it comes to seat availability and passengers understanding announcements.

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But for the third year in a row, the C train came in dead last, earning the titles of the worst subway line in New York City.

The C train was rated poorly for scheduled service and delays as well clarity of subway car announcements.

For the first time this year, the 2 train also came in last place, tying with the C train.

The report said the often crowded 2 line “performs below average on subway car cleanliness” and ranked lowest in seat availability during rush hours.

Gene Russianoff of Straphangers says they have seen overall improvements of the system since last year’s report.

“We did find improvement in what’s called the mean distance between failures which is how often a train goes before breaking down,” said Russianoff. “There was a 15 percent improvement. Trains are now traveling about every 170,000 miles without a delay.”

So what do riders want from the subway? Five things, says the report:

  • Short waits
  • Trains that arrive regularly
  • A chance for a seat
  • A clean car
  • Understandable announcements

The report looks at six measures of subway performance for the city’s 20 major subway lines and uses data compiled by the MTA.

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One Comment

  1. rob says:

    The J/Z skip stop service is a waste. If it was the same volume but without the skip stop, then yes I would rate it high. But if you miss your train during skip stop and are at a station that only serves one train you wait a long time. At least the 7 train and other lines come more often!

  2. 4realz says:

    It’s unfortunate weekend service is sooo bad..I literally can walk anywhere faster than taking the train on the weekend! The station platforms themselves are also sooooooooo Dirty. Let me tell’s called a pressure washer and it’s not that hard to use…Also The Price increases in the last 3 years really blow. I definitely use the service a result.. The ‘unlimited card’ isn’t even that much of a deal anymore….And sometimes it’s just better to take a cab! And I NEVER used to say that!.I wonder how hard it is to realize that if you make a good service/product it will sell well and better?? Maybe improving service would actually increase funds for the MTA so they quit sticking it to the people who rely on it to get to work and travel??!!!!

  3. james says:

    All of that is well and good. But if the transit system is rated as a whole instead of individual lines the system will have a failing grade. The D and B lines are never mentioned. They have longer spacing with the trains, the announcements are gobbled, and at the Rockefeller station the north bound platform is always overcrowded. And during Yankee games there should be an increase in trains or more frequently running trains

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