By Rich Coutinho
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I know we live in a world where over reaction to any single event has become the way we talk about sports. I know we all let our imaginations run wild and live in a world where the media feeds off the way we react to things. But this waiver story about David Wright really makes me laugh.

Please understand that teams routinely put players through waivers and you’d be surprised at the players put through waivers and then pulled back. It is part of every general manager’s “due diligence” during this time of the year because it not only gauges interest on a particular player but could zero in on an overall need the club has. For example, it would not shock me if the Los Angeles Dodgers put every player through waivers including Matt Kemp. Or the Reds put Brandon Phillips there. The point is that this type of thing is standard procedure.

So people ask me will the Mets trade David Wright? My short answer is no, but I’ve learned that if Tom Seaver and Babe Ruth could be traded, anything is possible. However, I will say this — people inside the Met organization want to keep the left side of the infield intact because they feel both players are part of the solution. I think it also fits in with their overall strategy of possessing an all home-grown infield — Ike Davis, Ruben Tejada, Jose Reyes, and David Wright. If Ike is still hurting next year, the plan remains in play with Daniel Murphy at first. My sense is that Justin Turner is perceived as a great utility player but not necessarily an everyday player.

From a financial perspective, it also make sense to keep both David AND Jose because so much liability has already been shaved off the payroll with K-Rod, Beltran, Castillo, and Ollie Perez coming off the books next year. And sources indicate the Met payroll will rest in the range of $120-130 Million next year making them both very much in-budget. Now don’t get me wrong — if a team offers an incredible package that includes front-line starting pitching, I am sure Sandy Alderson will have to entertain an offer for any player. But the chances of that happening are very slim.

It has become standard operating procedure for Met fans to bash David Wright these days but these are the same fans who bashed Jose Reyes last year and now desperately want to keep him. I will say what I have always said–both players are great talents who are men you build around. They are both worth more than they currently earn. And the Mets will not be in a situation where they MUST choose one or the other this winter. If they move David Wright, it will be because they received two or three top flight players — not prospects — in return.

And putting him on waivers does not signal the end of David Wright’s Met career. Please understand the waiver process and stop the insanity.

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