Some Park Slope Food Co-Op Members Push For Ban Of Israeli Products

NEW YORK (CBS New York) — A push by some Park Slope Food Co-op members to boycott products from Israel because of the country’s Palestine policy is raising eyebrows and courting controversy.

The popular Brooklyn food co-op is known for taking political stands and boycotting certain products to protect the environment or rights of workers at the request of some of its members.

Plastic bags and bottles were previously banned for environmental reasons. Coca-Cola was also banned due to labor issues in Columbia.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones With Reaction In Brooklyn

But now, the board could consider boycotting Israeli products because a number of members take issue with policies in the Palestinian territories. Some in the community, however, are questioning the idea.

“I think in times when people are not sure what they stand for, people make local political decisions and I don’t agree with that boycott, but I can see why,” Howard Segan told 1010 WINS’ Al Jones.

Another man, named “Seth” wondered aloud why the organization would stop with Israel if such a boycott was enacted.

“Every country does productive and unproductive things in this world. So, it doesn’t really send the right message,” he said.

Do you think the co-op should ban products from Israel?  Share your thoughts in the comments section…

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One Comment

  1. Adam says:

    This story is completely inaccurate.
    The coop does not have a ban on plastic bags or bottles. I shop there every other day and get plastic bags and bottles from them almost every time.
    There is no ban on Israeli products. I buy Israeli products from the coop regularly.
    There is no plan to ban Israeli products. Such a plan would have to be voted on first by the entire coop community, and there has been no vote.
    There is no plan to schedule a vote on whether to ban Israeli products at this time either.
    There simply is no truth to any of the allegations made in this article.

    1. Lew says:

      The PSFC DOES have a ban on bottled water, not bottles. I was part of a team that researched and had the ban passed almost unanimously at a General Meeting. We have eliminated plastic shopping bags, but we still use plastic bags to purchase items like rice and other grains as well as oatmeal, etc. However, we may pass a resolution eliminating those too.

      At this point, there is no boycott of Israeli products although there may be a vote. I do not think it will pass and, in fact, I do not think those supporting the boycott think it will pass, but this is a way to discuss the issue and educating members of the issues. Unfortunately, the mass media loves overreacting to issues like this.

      We are also boycotting Coca-Cola products because of labor, human rights and environmental abuses worldwide. For more into on this boycott, go to

  2. CG- New York City says:

    Yes, they should definitely boycott israeli products and join the BDS movement. People need to wake up and realize that israel is a racist and apartheid state that commits crimes against humanity on a daily basis.
    What a lot of americans don’t know is that our government gives $3-$5 billions in military aid to israel. This is our tax money and we as americans but more importantly as human beings have to stand up for what’s RIGHT, And that is freedom, justice, the right of return and selff determination for our brothers and sisters in Palestine.

  3. Lew says:

    Just a note about the Coca-Cola boycott at the Coop mentioned in the article. I was the one who brought it up twice and had it passed almost unanimously both times. In the beginning, the boycott WAS about labor and human rights abuses in Colombia as well as overuse of water in drought-prone areas of India. But this past year, much has been added: murder in Guatemala; cheating Coke workers and the government out of millions; child labor in El Salvador; advertising worthless products to children…

    To read more about Coke’s abuses, go to

    Decision-making at the PSFC is extremely democratic. Although a resolution takes many months to make it through after so much discussion, the process really works. Frankly, I don’t think this resolution will pass (although I agree with it in theory, but I don’t know if I would want it to pass), but I think that those proposing it are interested in discussion about the issue. The only way to get that discussion is through a resolution.

    1. KPMc says:

      I’m interested to know how someone who spearheaded a previous boycott could agree with another one “in theory” but not know if they want it to pass?

      Do you have another motivation or interest that would cause you to compromise your lofty ideals?

  4. IgnoranteElephante says:

    How come no one starts a boycott to decry the Jewish Occupation of New York City and surrounding areas? Such is more unjust than occupying fictional Palestine.

    1. Jane Louise Smith says:

      Exactly right, IgnoranteElephant. Heck, let’s just apply their same line of thinking to American-held lands and territories. For example, should America be considered “illegal occupiers” of the southwest because we fought (and won) the Mexicans for the territory of land in the southwest now known as the states of CA, AZ, UT, CO, NM, and TX? Or maybe America is “illegally occupying” Russian territory by buying Alaska from them? Or perhaps America is “occupying” Spanish and French territories without any regard for either the Adams-Onis Treaty or the Louisiana Purchase respectively? Or maybe even New York City is “illegally occupied” by America because we purchased the land from the natives for pennies? “Palestine” = “TransJordan” = “occupied Jordan”, nothing more, nothing less. Palestinians should be venting their anger & declaring their hatred against their Jordanian “captors” rather than Israelis. Once Jordan declared their land free, then they should model their government after that of the Israelis if the occupied Jordanians TRULY want freedom and liberty.

      1. CG says:

        Dear Zionist – Jane Louise Smith

        The difference between what you said about our country and israel is simple. The US BOUGHT these territories (Manhattan, Alaska) and yes it annexed what is now NM, AZ and CA during the Spanish American War.
        In Palestine, it is a whole different story. In 1948 when the UN signed the partition plan, it did so by forced. If you remember, Harry Truman was president at the time and in order to be re elected, he needed the jewish vote (since jewish immigration was very high at the time. So he forced members of the UN to vote for the partition of Palestine. You can find this information in the UN archives. So Palestine was forcibly split into 2 parts.
        Now when you referred to Alaska and Manhattan as being “illegally occupied” I dont know how this makes any sense since we bought the land from Russia.
        In Palestine, israel has been “illegally occupying” the West Bank and the Gaza Strip for 44 years. How did this happen? well it happened when israel invaded these territories including the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights in 1967. And according to international law , it is ILLEGAL for a country to gain land by means of war/invasion. (of course these laws didnt exit when the US annexed AZ, CA and NM)
        So this in very simple terms means, (easy enough for you and your other zionists friends to understand) that israel is ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
        Another thing that israel is doing ILLEGALLY is building jewish – only settlements in the West Bank and Gaza. Again I’m going to teach you some basics in international law. According to the UN and the fourth Geneva Conventions, no country or state can build or move its population into lands/territory that has been gained through war( six day war 1967.) So israel is not only building iILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS BUT THEY’RE ONLY FOR JEWS WHICH IS DISCRIMINATION AGAINST NON JEWS.
        I can go on and on telling you all the illegal things the so called “only democracy in the middle east” aka israel does against Palestinians, But I hope you go home and do some real research and learn the real facts and stop being a puppet of a racist and apartheid state.

  5. mariam NYC says:

    BOYCOTT!!!!!! This is so long overdue.

    1. Besalel says:

      does it feel good to be seeing eye-to-eye with ahmadinejad on this issue?

      1. Jane Louise Smith says:

        Mariam NYC, how’s all of that Hamas-inspired technology and Hezb’allah-inspired “democracy” working out? Yeah, because it isn’t. Israel is the only bastion of true freedom and true democracy left in the Middle East. Shi’a, Sunni, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezb’allah, Palestinian Martyrs, and various other factions and splinters of these groups do absolutely nothing for the advancement of regional peace and the pursuit of individual’s liberty. Instead of boycotting Israel, people should boycott the Islamic socialism and Shariah-governed nation-states that are the Middle East. Thank you. ~~ Jane Louise Smith, Founder & CEO, 8/23-8/26 East Coast Natural Disaster Victims’ Relief Fund & Memorial Foundation for Nature’s Human Martyrs, Their Survivors, and Their Pets, Inc., LLC. 503(c)17[iii.]2{L}

    2. CG says:

      Mariam NYC,





  6. Yep says:

    And I wonder if they will be banning products from Iran, Syria, China, Russia, Valenzuela and the hundreds of other countries that oppress their own people. There is a reason why Israel is always the target, the only true democracy in the middle east. And it has nothing to do with Palestine. Let’s call it what it is. I’m not even Jewish, but I’m not stupid and recognize that this is racism at it most reprehensible and ironically, accepted.

    1. Jane Louise Smith says:

      Exactly right, Yep.

      1. Crusty says:

        Israel is the subject of an world-wide boycott called by Palestinians civil society and it is being respected by people of good will all over the world. Should there be a similar move to boycott China, Russia, or Iran many of us at the Park Slope Food Coop would be happy to respect it.

        Israel as a country, not Jews as an ethnicity, has lost the world’s respect because it is repressive occupier, has caused poverty and sickness in the west bank and Gaza, and has reaped billions of dolllars in aid for its efforts.

  7. Yep says:

    Anybody who has a problem with Israel defending itself against those that want to destroy it, that incessantly fire upon it and threaten it, I would like to hear how you would respond someone standing outside your window and throwing rocks at your windows and makes threats against you. Or how any sane country should respond to never ending rocket attacks and threats. If the Co-Op implements this policy, I’ll be out of there immediately. Which is too bad, as my family has been part of it for years and love it. But that would be intolerable.

    1. mariam NYC says:

      another zionist looneybin.

      1. Alex says:

        then we should boycott products from ALL Arab and Muslim countries.
        Another Islamofascist looneybin

    2. Warhawk says:

      I have a problem with Israel being unable for 60 years to come to terms with it’s neighbors, and the people who live in a ghetto that are the Palestinian territories. How can you say that Israel has a right to keep millions of people in a perpetual state of occupation – there is no other part of the world that this would be tolerated. The only examples of this happening would be WWII Europe with Jewish populations being locked up behind a wall in ghettos. How much oppression can people take? How much oppression would you take? Would you like to live in a country where you can’t move freely, where your property could be taken away, where you have no right to vote, where your children’s future will be exactly the same as yours? I understand that there are security concerns, but responding to attacks doesn’t help (again – 60 passed and this did not work). It’s time that the Palestinians have their own sovereign country, with all of the rights and responsibilities that come with it. And Israel must find a way to compromise and live in peace with it’s neighbors.

      1. Jane Louise Smith says:

        Warhawk, then by that line of thinking, do you also consider Americans who live in the states of California, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona “occupiers” or Mexico? Or people who live along the Mississippi River occupiers of France?

  8. IgnoranteElephante says:

    So, I take the time to point out the Jewish leadership over at the Park Slope Food Coop. I list the names of the executives, board of directors, and others. The names are overwhelmingly Jewish. I point this out. And, CBS deletes my post.

    I should have known better than take the name of Jew in vein.

  9. michaelfury says:

    “The driver of the van, Sivan Kurzberg, told the officers, ‘We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.'”

    1. mariam says:

      Absolutely BOYCOTT anything made in an illegal apartheid state! Even if you care less about Palestinians and only about the rule of law, Israel is illegal and oppressive we should import NOTHING form that “country”.

      1. Besalel says:

        thank you for confirming that those that have a problem with israel do not want it to exist. for those that believe that israel is illegal and that it is not really a “country” no amount of truth of reason will persuade otherwise. the rest of humanity disagrees. you choose hamas, i choose freedom.

      2. Jane Louise Smith says:

        Clearly, you have no idea what apartheid was if you are declaring apartheid to exist in Israel. And, for the record, Palestine is not a “country”; it’s actually “occupied Jordan”. And there is no such thing as being a Palestinian, as Palestinians are not a “race” of people; they’re Jordanians, plain and simple.

  10. Brooklyn's Daughter says:

    I think this ban would be an impressive move by the food coop. They have my 100% support. I would be proud to be a member of an organization that took a moral stand such as banning Israeli products. Bravo!

    1. trisha says:

      So JOIN

      1. Nixie says:

        I am not anti-jewish but i am anti- zionist. i am anti-zionist because i am anti-racist. zionism=racism. if you are against what hitler did, then you should be against zionism. the israelis are doing to the palestinians what nazi germany did to the jews. i love the jewish people, i love all people. the israelis need to ask germany for reparations. why are they in palestine?? doesnt even make sense. leave palestine for the palestinians.

      2. Besalel says:

        Jews have a 2,000 year old connection with Israel and Jews have lived in Israel continuously far longer than the Arabs. That being said, most Jews are looking to share the land. Most Arabs refuse.

      3. Yep says:

        Exactly how is Zionism=Racism. I’ve heard dozens of people use this formula and not one of them has ever been able to answer that question.

      4. Yep says:

        Nixie, you’re sentiments are sweet, but completely inaccurate historically and really far fetched in it’s analogy. How in the world can what Israel doing in any way, shape or form relate to what Nazis did. How can you even say that. How can you possibly justify this analogy. I mean, please, you have the forum, here, please explain. As for leaving Palestine for Palestinians, again, look at the history of this conflict. Palestine was never an autonomous state. It was always a province of some other contract. Most recently, Great Britain. And Jews have been in Palestine continually for thousands of years. When GB declared a state of Israel, they also declared a state of Palestine and the Palestinians rejected it and attacked the new State of Israel, because they wanted the entire land for themselves. They lost and that was the basis for what’s followed since. The Jews are entitled to this land as much as Palestinians. And if the Palestinians want their own land they can have it simply by stopping attacks on Israel. They are the block to peach, not Israel. But most Palestinians do not want to share the land, they want Israel gone and that’s not going to happen. So please stop making ridiculous statements, it just makes you look uneducated.

    2. Jonas says:

      Will you also take a moral stand and stop using Arab oil because the terrorists who attacked America 10 years ago were Arabs?

    3. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Point of fact, Yep. While Nixie is way off base, you are wrong to say Britain gave Israel to the Jews. Both sides were required to vote on the partition, and the Jewish state was much smaller than present day Israel. The Zionists voted in favor of it, but the Palestinians rejected it. Before the difference could be worked out, Israel unilaterally declared its independence, which caused the Arab Israeli War. It was after this war that Israel expanded to greater boundaries than were ever contemplated by the original British mandate. After the 6 Day War almost 20 years later, Israel expanded further encompassing both Gaza and the West Bank.

  11. Wow says:

    This is a wonderful idea. Now if only our government would stop sending Israel money to commit genocide, we’d be in business…

    1. inkedAG says:

      So it’s ok for a guy to strap a bomb to himself and kill innocent women and children??

    2. trisha says:

      We should use that money for more of our own bombs to destroy the MUSLIM TERRORIST TERROR-TORY(territory)

    3. Besalel says:

      Israel does not and never did commit genocide. Israel has been far more retrained in its response to terrorism than any other country, including Russia, the US, India, etc.

    4. Yep says:

      Do you even know what genocide means? Or are you just repeating what some other moron said. Israel has never committed genocide. That’s a ridiculous statement. Israel is the only democracy in that region and of vital importance to the US. They maintain stability in an otherwise lawless land. If it wasn’t for Israel, that region would be a disasters. Geez, get an education.

    5. Yep says:

      Do you even know what genocide means? Or are you just repeating what some other moron said. Israel has never committed genocide. That’s a ridiculous statement. Israel is the only democracy in that region and of vital importance to the US. They maintain stability in an otherwise lawless land. If it wasn’t for Israel, that region would be a disasters.

  12. Steve says:

    That’s part of the problem.

    When Jewish Americans offer some principledcriticism of Israel, WHY IS THAT SELF-DEPRECATING? What’s with the “socialist” and other name-calling.

    Why in your mind does Israel represent Judaism? I have jews in my family – and I can SURE AS HELL tell you that Israel does not represent Judaism.

    1. IgnoranteElephante says:

      Well, friend, the Jewish religion calls for the Messiah to lead all the Jews back to Israel when he finally rears his head. That’s why I associate the two.

      The cooperative is a communal source of food, where you are told you are getting food at a wholesale price if you work for them, but you can’t buy what you necessarily want, as they put restrictions on quanity. Sounds like socialism to me.

      1. Adam says:

        You also have no knowledge of the coop. There are no restrictions on quantity. Members are free to buy whatever they want and however much of it they want. And there’s a much wider selection of products to choose from than at any other supermarket in the area, so there’s a much better chance of finding what you want here than anywhere else.
        Members also don’t work for ‘them’; we work for ourselves, since we all paid to become partial owners of this communally-owned, democratically-run cooperative when we joined.
        And we are not just “told” we’re getting food at a wholesale price; we are getting good food at a wholesale price, since our cooperation keeps prices down.
        Most importantly, if members aren’t happy with the coop, we are free to leave at anytime, at which point our investment fee will be refunded in full.
        A great selection of good food bought with US dollars at low prices by cooperating owner-members who are free to leave at any time… If you think that’s what socialism looks like, you should read a history book.

    2. Sliogker says:

      Obviously you have no knowledge of the history of the Jewish people. Maybe you should ask some of “Jews in your family” about it.

  13. Hardy Rection says:

    Wow – these people are pretty brave.

    I am ALL FOR Israel living in peace. However, some of the buffoons that have responded above, keep obsessively comparing bad stuff in Arab countries to Israel. These issues should not be co-mingled.

    * Israel does not help its own cause, by stubbornly building more homes in disputed territory. If ANY OTHER COUNTRY DID THAT, WE’D SAY IT WAS ETHNIC CLEANSING. Of course, thanks to the AIPAC and other traitors who perpetually bribe congress, nothing ever gets done about this (and the ethnic cleansing only worsens).

    * Israel is the only country in the world that could bomb a US war-ship, or run over an unarmed white American woman with a bulldozer – AND NO ONE SAYS ANTHING ABOUT IT???

    Of course, anyone with (even the slightest) criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic (and there’s no two ways about it). Therefore, go ahead and boycott, Park Slope, but watch out – maybe the JDLwill burn down your store.

    1. Besalel says:

      It is disputed territory, as you say. Israel lays claim to the land and builds in open, empty desert areas and does not remove or displace anyone in order to make the desert bloom.

      1. Hardy Rection says:

        Really? Open, empty land? Then what’s with the Palestinian homes getting bulldozed (in some areas) to build?

        I myself hail from a Judeo-Christian background, and I am shocked and frightened by Israel’s behavior. Saying that many Arab countries are worse (yes they are) doesn’t somehow justify lesser evils occurring in Israel (so I don’t care if some of you call me a traitor – right is right, and that’s that).

        At the end of the day, the US allows Israel to do much of this stuff (thanks to our Security Council vetoes). Therefore, America stands by and lets this stuff happen, and yet – some of us cannot understand “why they hate us?” Really?

      2. RWM says:

        empty, open land…that is crazy talk. homes are bulldozed and people have been forced off their land. How can you say that it is empty desert area? Have you seen where Israel lays it’s claim, it is not a desert, its quite fertile land where people of all faiths have resided for thousands of years.

      3. Besalel says:

        no one’s home has been bulldozered to build a settlement. that is a lie. Israel plows homes used by terrorists but they dont build there.

      4. Alex says:

        Homes bulldozed were illegally built on someone else’s property, namely of Jewish-owned land, whose owners were ethnically cleansed by Jordanian army when they occupied Eastern Jerusalem in 1948, throwing out all Jewish residents, using stones from Jewish cemeteries as pavers and restricting acceess to Jewish religious sites until the war in 1967.
        As to permit requirements, well, it is well known that Palestinian Arabs in Eastern Jerusalem are not interested in paying for permits to build something – they just build.

  14. Vika says:

    COOP IS NOT CONSIDERING BANNING ISRAELI PRODUCTS. Guys, PLEASE READ this comment. This article is actually not true. I am a member of the coop and my first impulse after reading it was to call them immediately and revoke my membership (after all, it is in the news, it must be true!), which I did.
    Their phone has been ringing non-stop today, and at first they couldn’t understand what was going on, as banning Israeli products wasn’t even considered, EVER. Here is what happened. Basically, one of the benefits of the coop is that its members (about 16,000 or so) can write different requests about new products, policies, you name it. The requests are being read and discussed at the meetings. There was a request to ban Israeli products (amongst tons of other member requests). All that happened is that that request got mentioned at the meeting, just like all other member requests. It wasn’t taken seriously, it wasn’t considered for a vote, none of it.
    How this totally inaccurate information got to the news is a total mystery to them, but they are saying that this article is a total scam. Having been a member and seeing how coop operates for years, I tend to believe them.

    1. KPMc says:

      So.. you’re saying CBS jumped the gun and printed a sensational article that leads people to believe that Israel/Jews are somehow being unjustly persecuted. You mean they are using their media power to quash any possibility of a separate organization from deciding their own path and rules?

      With talk like that it as if you think CBS has a special agenda in which they show Jews/Israel in a favorable light, downplay stories that do not and vilify those that dare to question them.

      Who would have ever thunk it?

      ZBS?… uhhh.. I mean CBS?… really?… no.. say it aint so.

      1. Jenna Taylor says:

        Why don’t you back up your argument with facts rather than spewing unsubstantiated conclusions?

      2. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Thou ought never take the name Jew in vein.

        Thou ought never question anything Jewish.

        Thou ought down play religion and liken it to a fairy tale and belittle them who act upon their faith, except that of the followers of Zion and the Israelites whose faith is thus supreme and ought never be questioned.

  15. Mitk A. says:

    If there is anything a country can do wrong, Isreal does it. Beside, we give way too much attention and money to that country that’s almost useless, worthless for the US. I think banning Isreali product is going to be a great symbolic grsture and a reminder to Israel to her acts together.

    1. Besalel says:

      Instead of boycotting it, it would make more sense to stop giving Israel so much attention and money. An an American and a friend of Israel, I would like to see us end the handouts to Israel.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Diddo.More American tax dollars go to Israel than any other country, except for active theaters of American war.

      2. Besalel says:

        We give an equal amount to Egypt. With the home situation being what it is – it is high time we stop it. But that being said, I find giving a smaller amount to enemies of America (like the Felistines and Pakistan, for example) much more offensive than giving any amount to friends of America, like Israel. That being said, its time we stop giving money out to others and start using American tax dollars to benefit Americans.

      3. IgnoranteElephante says:

        You are incorrect. No one comes close to getting as much money as Israel. Check the Department of State statistics. The closest country is our neighbor to the south, Mexico.

      4. Besalel says:

        Could be i am wrong. ive been wrong before. but i cant find any state department stats as you allege. can you please direct me? what ive found is that iraq and afghanistan have been the largest recipient of us aid, by far.

    2. shimon says:

      Thanks to isreal our troops werent Nuked by Saddam Husain
      Thanks to isreal that syria isnt nuking its people
      Thanks toisrea for some ally in the mid east
      Thanks to isreal for all their pattens and ideas to society

      and look at their economy,
      weel obviusly they are a much smarter people then you

  16. IgnoranteElephante says:

    Howard, Seth? Those names are more Jewish than Joan Rivers. Anyone who was ever at or by the Co Op knows is is a Jewish controlled endeavor.

    A few socialist Jewish sisters tapped into their trust fund that daddy set up for them and started this cooperative.

    The fact that they or any faction of them want to boycott Israel is absurd. The level of self deprivation of the Jews never ceases to amaze me.

    1. Besalel says:

      Its a shame that many of the Jewish people’s greatest enemies have come from a parent or grandparent that was Jewish.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Re: My earlier comment. I meant Jewish Hipsters.

        In my book, those with a Jewish parent are grandparent are Jewish. I know that you will give me the maternal lineage definition, but anyone with any amount of Jewish blood in them should not be attacking the Jews. These types are the lowest of the low.

    2. Yep says:

      Sure, now we’re labeling Jews by their first names now. Is there any doubt those in favor are motivated by hate. Ignorant indeed.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Uh Oh. I guess I am guilty of the crime of “Pointing Out Something the Shows Jews in a Less Than Favorable Light.”

        Are you seriously saying that we can’t identify people by their first names?
        Are you seriously contending that Howard and Seth are not Jewish names? Would you still take offense if a surmised people with the names Moishe and Shlomo were Jewish?

        Make any observation that the Jews disagree with, and you’re guilty of hate.

    1. Besalel says:

      …are fun.

  17. Truther says:

    Solving the Israel vs. Palestine question isn’t going to happen on this website, or at the food co-op. The real travesty is that a few morons over there think that Israel is at the top of the human rights abusers list, such that its products should be banned. It’s the typical leftist obsession with Israel. Where are the calls to ban products from any Arab nation? Or China? Or African countries? They’re mutilating people on a daily basis, raping and stoning women and calling it legal, beating girls for attending school, imprisoning anyone who speaks out, etc. But no, Israel must be dealt with first. Then and only then will the world know peace. What a crock. Get a life.

  18. sara maimon says:

    theres a jewish shop in a jewish area where I live which stocks Israeli olives and Palestinian olives and i have not heard of any Jews trying to boycott the Palestinian product. Perhaps some don’t buy it themselves but no one has suggested that they shouldn’t be supplied. So who is promoting peace and who conflict?

    1. RN says:

      there is no such thing as israeli olives…Israel has tried to adopt everything palestinian- including olives, hookah, belly dance, hummus, tabouli etc. Most Israelis and america come from eastern europe dont they?

      1. Besalel says:

        You dont seriously believe that the Arabs invented olives?

  19. Marge says:

    Why are you so obsessed with Israel, yet say nothing about the
    persecution of Christians? According to Justus Reid Weiner, an
    international human rights lawyer, the dwindling Christian communities in
    Palestinian-run territories are likely to dissipate completely within the
    next 15 years as a result of increasing Palestinian maltreatment: “The
    systematic persecution of Christian Arabs living in Palestinian areas is
    being met with nearly total silence by the international community, human
    rights activists, and the media.”


  20. Count Yob says:

    Definitely, yes. Ban products from the the ethnic cleansing Jewish Supremacist apartheid occupier state of Israel.

    1. Besalel says:

      don’t forget your hood, Mr. Klan.

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  22. Steve says:

    Such left wing bs. How convenient of the left to iignore the fact that in muslim countries gays are killed and women can’t drive a car legally…..let’s ignore that and focus on the jews…..

  23. CN says:

    That’s disgusting. Only a bunch of low lives would even consider such a ban.

  24. keli says:

    Please If you are banning food then close yor registers cause the chips were either made or created by Isreal. Please don’t take any of your medicationd cause you won’t know which came from Isreal. Should I go on? There’s lots more made in Isreal then just food. please boycott all of it and your life will be misreable without it. NOT just fruit!!!!

  25. Frank Rizzo says:

    Typical right-wing nonsense from the far right. When will it end???

  26. Rasheed Kalifani Knowles says:

    “Do you think the co-op should ban products from Israel?”

    In a nutshell–YES.

    Did we not ban products from apartheid South Africa?

    Not initially.

    it wasn’t until righteous people decided to takes a stand….and freedom for the South African native was still a long time coming.

    The sanctions were the binding factor that lead to the dismantling of that racist policy that kept blacks from prospering and moving freely in their own native land.

    It seems that hurting the oppressor in the pocket-book is most effective at gutting vicious policy born of discrimination based upon bigotry.

    This is also the case with the Gay marriage legalization in NY, but for the opposite reasons: More marriages = More revenue for the state.

    1. Joel says:

      But it’s ok for Palestinians to advocate for the destruction of the entire state of Israel. Its ok for Palestinians to lobbing missiles indiscriminately killing children. Its ok for Palestinians to break into a family home and murder a pregnant woman. It’s ok for Palestinians to kidnap Israel soldiers and deprive them of their right to visitation by the Red Cross (oh I mean the Red Cresent because the use of the cross in Red Cross is offensive to Muslims). It’s ok for Palestinians to refuse Jews entry on to their only holy place. It’s ok for Palestinians to blow up teenagers going out to have a good time. It’s ok for Palestinians to blow up some kids trying to celebrate the joyous holiday of Purim. But it’s wrong for Israel to defend itself and its citizens. I think your priorities are wrong.

    2. Dustin says:

      Why then did Israel support the South African regime and try to arm them with nuclear weapons, illegally?

      Also, the Arab minority may get to vote, but they do not enjoy the same rights under the law as the Jewish citizens of Israel.

    3. Besalel says:

      Why did the US have an open relationship with S. Africa? Countries made mistakes. Arabs have full equal rights in Israel.

      1. Hardy Rection says:


        You know and I know that that is a lie.

        My best friend was in Israel recently. Israeli Arabs cannot go onto certain beaches, and they are also forbidden by law to purchase property from jews.

        In the West Bank, Israel is building EXCLUSIVELY JEWISH housing.

        How on EARTH could you say that Arabs have equal rights in Israel?

        1. avraham says:

          are you stupid? which beach bans arabs. I live in Israel and would like to know. Which law prevents them from purchasing property from Jews and finally, arabs as well as jews builkd in judea and Samaria. yes judea, (that where the word jew comes from). that is what you call the west bank. Are you so racist that you would not allow jews to live in judea? because you certainly sound like a bigot.

          1. Hardy Rection says:

            Avraham – what about the Palestinian guy that went to jail for rape, because he fornicated with a Jewish woman (and he’d originally lied and said that he was Jewish). Wow – that doesn’t sound like equal citizenship to me.

            I am not a racist – you don’t even know me – GO TO HELL for calling me a racist!!

            Besalel – you and I have perception/policy differences, but at least you’ve been an adult (and don’t automatically assume that anyone who criticizes Israel is anti-semitic).

    4. Besalel says:


      It is true that in the West Bank areas controlled by Jews, the Arabs do not enjoy equal rights (just like the Jews in the Arab section do not enjoy any rights). I agree that this situation in untenable and must change.

      In Israel proper, they are full citizens with full rights – can go to any beach they want and can purchase property anywhere they choose.

  27. JOSH SUCKS says:





  28. steffi says:

    The food co-op should stick to sellling food. Do they sell any food from Arab countries? Just asking.

  29. EF says:

    This CBS report is inaccurate. In about 4 different ways. See “1010 WINS/CBS Gets it Wrong about Park Slope Food Coop Israel Boycott” at

  30. max says:

    its a food coop not a political coop
    You cant please everyone so stick to supplying food and not solving or getting involved with the problems of the world
    I would not shop at the coop now just for that reason

  31. dpw says:

    The Park Slope COOP is NOT, repeat NOT considering a ban of Israeli products. There is a splinter group trying to put the ban on the agenda for consideration, against massive protest from most members of the COOP. The reporting here is completely stilted and irresponsible.

  32. R.Giuliani Jr. says:

    What food come from Israel? Great medicines do and Israel designed
    the Intel chip ,but food???

    1. Besalel says:


    2. JOSH SUCKS says:




    3. KPMc says:

      I thought Intel was an American company based in Northern California/Silicon Valley.

      I know they have a plant in Israel that surely ‘manufactures” chips but I am pretty sure the original chips were designed by the American’s that founded the company.

      Saying Israel designed the chip is like saying North Korea designed the internal combustible engine just because they now sell cars in the 21st century.

  33. Ballentine Mel Allen says:

    I think as a non Jew that Palestinians should change their views about
    wishing Israel to be eliminated, just saying.
    No one wants Palestinian’s
    in their country including all Arab states ,except as maid’s and field workers
    or in little construction.
    Israel is doing the world a favor by keeping Arafat’s
    shiftless men under control ,they do know how to throw rocks well.

    Israel has advanced in the world with technology and medicine,but Palestine even before the 1967 war just learned
    to throw rocks at Jews,ans supress their women unless they become militant.

  34. Tony J says:

    Boycotting Israeli products is not anti-semitic, and to suggest that it is displays a breath-taking disregard for the definition of the term. Israel is a state, a political entity, the behaviour of which some people disagree with. Anti-semitism is generally understood to be a dislike of jewish people (although the true definition of the term would be dislike of both jews and arabs.
    When people boycott American goods, is it anti-Christian? If you won’t buy things made in Italy, are you anti-Catholic? No, of course not.
    I’m sure the good people of the Park Slope Food Co-Op would be delighted to engage in reasoned argument about their decision – why not try that? Alternatively pop over there, build a wall around half of the store, and claim that God said you could have it.

    1. Besalel says:

      Israel is a JEWISH state.

      1. Joe says:

        Which is kind of the problem, since Jews are less than a majority, and barely a plurality, of the population in the territory it controls. And they’ve only been able to maintain those slipping numbers through a continuous project of forcible displacement that peaked in 1948 and 1967. So it’s Jewish state only by virtue of also being an apartheid state founded in ethnic cleansing. Were I a Jew, I’d run away from this boondoggle as fast and far as I could.

      2. Besalel says:

        Joe, thank you for clarifying that those that have a problem with Israel do not want its very existence. In any event, Jews are 70% of the population from the Med. to the Jordan River and never expelled any Arabs (although a better argument by you would have been Israel’s slanted right of return but why should you care about facts?) Israel has allowed so-called Felestines to live in Israel, the Jewish State. Would Felestine allow Jews to live there?

  35. Roni Gordon says:

    Typical mindless politically correct hard left reaction. What a disgrace! I will now stay as far away from that store as possible. They have a right to free speech but we also have the right never to patronize them again.

    1. KPMc says:

      Since it is a member co-op and not a store a venture to say you’ve never patronized them before so I don’t think they will be missing your business.

  36. Bigan says:

    They should boycott and it is not anti Semit because Arabs and Jews are Semit (same People.) Therefore, why should that be the reason avi? Boycutt should only last as long as Israel breaks international law and occupy Felestine (Palestine). Than you can not drag Nazi’s as always is the case when Israel is criticized.

    1. Besalel says:

      You are being intellectually dishonest. Firstly, while Arabs are Semitic the term anti-Semite has come to mean anti-Jewish. Secondly, anyone can be anti-Jewish, even other Jews. Thirdly, Israel does not break any international law or occupy anyone. The Felestines do not belong in Israel or the West Bank or Gaza. In fact, the word Felestine, is not even an Arabic word. They should go back to one of the 22 countries from where they originated. (have you ever considered why so many so-called felstines are called al-masri, etc. Fourth, the Jews, since 1987 have tried sharing the land with the Arabs but the Arabs cannot stand any Jewish presence in the region and have resorted to barbaric tactics including firing missles at children, which is what they did only last week in Eilat. Fifth, if you really want to boycott Israel then put down your cell phone, your laptop, your iphone, etc. as practically every piece of modern computer technology which was invented and developed in israel, Sixth, I am pro-Israel because I am a progressive liberal. Anyone that lends support to the oppressive, misogynist, anti-gay, radical religious bigots called Feslestines ought to be ashamed to call themselves liberal. You choose Hamas, I choose freedom.

  37. Alex says:

    Let’s call them (718) 622-0560 and tell them we will boycott their store if they ban Israeli products. let’s hope they will lose the business and leran their lesson.

    1. Joe says:

      Try reading the article next time, Alex. It’s a membership cooperative, not a business. And signing of for a new member orientation is impossibly difficult because of the demand. Nobody cares if you boycott them.

    2. KPMc says:

      What exactly is the lesson you hope to convey?

      Don’t mess with Israel/Jews or we will use all our political and financial clout to shut down a law-abiding business just because it doesn’t agree with or support us?

      Keep feeding the stereotypes and people will keep on turning them back on you.

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        I agree with you premise here, KPMc, but the cooperative is a Jewish created and run establishment. Look at the two people that they quoted, Seth and Howard.

  38. avi says:

    If you begin an anti semitic boycott of Israel, reminding us of the Nazi’s boycott of jews, I pray that the jewish community and supporters of Israel make your lives miserable. I am sure that singling out Israel for boycott in against the law in the US and you will pay accordingly.

    1. KPMc says:

      You are sure it’s illegal for a private organization to boycott the products of a particular country?

      Or do you mean just Israel?

      Talk about Chutzpah!

      And you wonder why so many Americans have a problem with Israel and self-serving, “special rules for us” Jews!

      1. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Or, the fact that Avi thinks a boycott of Israeli products is antisemitic. Chalk that one up to the “How dare you ever say anything critical of the Jewry or Israel.”

      2. Besalel says:

        Most people that are anti-Israel are anti-Jewish. Not everyone, of course. But most.

      3. IgnoranteElephante says:

        Yet, a boycott does not necessarily render the participants antisemitic.

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