Phillies Announcer Gary Matthews Tells Reporter: Mets Lose Because They Are ‘Crybabies’

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Mike Pelfrey was miffed at Placido Polanco.

The Phillies’ infielder then had some words for Pelfrey.

As for Philadelphia announcer Gary Matthews Sr.? Well, he delivered a piece of sharp criticism toward the Mets organization.

In the sixth inning of Wednesday’s 7-4 Mets win on Wednesday, Pelfrey threw a pitch in tight to Polanco and appeared visibly upset– he thought Polanco was leaning into it. Polanco snapped back at the Mets starter and catcher Josh Thole, while his Phillies teammates worked their way to the top of the dugout.

The whole hubbub prompted Matthews to call the Mets “crybabies” on air.

“I know Sarge has played a long time. I’m sure that as time passes he forgot how frustrating it can be when you’re going through a tough time,” Mets manager Terry Collins told WFAN’s Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts after the game. “So I just take it with a grain of salt right now.”

Listen: Terry Collins with Joe & Evan

Collins wasn’t as radio friendly when asked about Matthews’ comments by the New York Daily News.

“I don’t give a —-,” he said.

According to the paper, Matthews took it to another level in the hallways of Citizens Bank Park afterward.

“Tell them Sarge said it—the Mets are crybabies,” he allegedly told a Daily News reporter. “That’s why they lose.”

Matthews, apparently not satisfied, re-engaged the journalist and made the universal sign for weeping — closed fists rotating underneath his eyes.

“Make sure you have tears, like this,” said Matthews.

Matthews’ son, Gary Matthews Jr., batted .190 for the Mets over 36 games in 2010. He was released from the team in June of last season.

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One Comment

  1. NYSux says:

    Sarge works for the Phillies broadcast team genius, they are paid to be homers. They should just contract the Mets from the league already. A pathetic franchise thats not even fun to beat anymore cause they are so bad.

    1. phillysucks says:

      Shut up, sarge sucks and so does his son. Gary cohen is so much better than that loser. Why does he care what Mike Pelfrey does. He is unprofessional.

  2. pjs says:

    The Phillies and their punk fans are full of it. They will choke again this year in the playoffs. If they make it into the World Series, they will lose to the Yankees.

  3. pjs says:

    Gary Matthews who? It figures he is working for the Philly organization.
    He’s irrelevent. He never amounted to anything as a ballplayer.

  4. Bobby says:

    The mets lose because their franschise and their thug, criminal owners allow a culture of losing to permeate….

    we also have alot of fair weather fans who two months ago look at this team as a possible world series contender because they are playing .500 ball..or were playing .500 balll…..thats why this team sucks and will never go anywhere..

    think about it…a team playing .500 ball stands pat and only trades two of its players…

  5. Noodles says:

    There are a bunch of idiotic and rude Phillie fans but that does not mean the Mets are not crybabies. They are as are a good number of their fans.

  6. mike says:

    i can not stand people from philly because they don’t know how to win enjoy winning while it lasts because in a few years they will suck like they did in previous years before. why do they care about the mets still they are better so just leave the mets alone the phillies are crybabies. the phillies wont ever be the yankees, joey.

  7. Wally says:

    Dump ass probably voted for Obama too.

  8. Kurt Spitzner says:


  9. w. Lennie says:

    Even if your a Mets fan you have to admit that this team is not very
    likeable….and they suck ,so don`t get your panties in a bunch because
    of a stupid comment.

  10. Sam says:

    Mets ARE crybabies & losers-PERIOD!

    1. John says:

      Your mother!!!

  11. Ron Davis says:

    i think Gary is still bitter that the 80’s Mets won a world series and the Scrubinis of Chicago choked.

  12. Ron Davis says:

    I am so happy he cleared this all up for all of us. Well did you find more Steroids for your son to cheat with . Maybe the Ducks can use him. I used to have respect for Sarge but his days of playing is way over its time for him to watch and be concern about his own team then worry about the NY Mets.

  13. louie says:

    hes right, stop being cry babies every year and win games

    1. willie says:

      he’s wrong, you’re wrong, you both need to shut up, you crybabies (and I don’t mean the Mets)

    2. Ron Davis says:

      don’t poke the bear….

  14. joe says:

    I live in south jersey and put up with philthadelphia fans all the time.
    Just keep your mouth shut. He is not a profesional at all. He puts people to sleep.
    He is not objective either. He is nothing but a homer. The phillies are the Yankees of the national league..
    Just be thankful the owneres spend money wisely.

    1. Joey says:

      stop your crying about the Phillies & the Yankees. You’re more upset because they win and your loser Mets don’t.

  15. Master Shake says:

    Just another bitter old has-been, who’s desperately trying to remain relevant after the world has passed him by. Phillies annoncers are big-time homers anyway, so it’s to be expected.

    1. TheTheory says:

      Well, yeah. Almost any team-specific tv announcer is going to be a big homer. It only bothers me when nationally broadcasted announcers are obvious homers.

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