Heyman: Mets’ David Wright Cleared Waivers Weeks Ago, Was Never Claimed By Rockies

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Contrary to a report coming out of Colorado, WFAN’s Jon Heyman says that David Wright was never claimed off waivers by the Rockies.

He was placed on waivers, said Heyman, but cleared “a few weeks back.”

Troy Renck of the Denver Post wrote on Wednesday that the Mets recently placed their All-Star third baseman on waivers. Renck reported “it was unclear” who was awarded the claim on Wright, though the Rockies — among other teams — gave it a shot.

The Mets, according to Renck, told teams that Wright wouldn’t be moved.

Considering it’s routine for teams to place their stars on waivers and later pull them back — or have them clear — what’s the big deal?

The Mets could use the process as a way to procure a list of interested teams — and that could be used as a starting point for future trade talks.

Renck took it one step further, considering the Mets’ financial situation and their coming offseason pursuit of soon-to-be free agent Jose Reyes.

“Talking to multiple executives,” wrote Renck, “there remains a chance that Wright might become available if the team re-signs shortstop Jose Reyes at top dollar.”

We’ve heard that before. One MLB scout told the New York Daily News in late May: “Really, there are only a couple of shortstops in baseball that are on Reyes’ level, and Sandy (Alderson) is all about value, so I think when it comes down to it, he’d rather re-sign Reyes and trade Wright.”

“I think it’s well documented that I enjoy playing here. I really love playing baseball in New York and hope I can do that for a long time,” Wright said after the Daily News published its report. “Unfortunately some of that is out of my hands. If something happens I would be disappointed, but, at the same time, it’s something I can’t control.”

The Mets declined comment on Wright’s waiver situation Thursday, according to Newsday.

Mets fans: Is it fast becoming panic time? Sound off in the comments below…


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  1. dabooch says:

    Alderson’s plan is working well. Nobody is in the stands, when you water down the whiskey it’s time to find another watering hole.

  2. StLMetsFan says:

    Both players are injury prone, but I’d rather keep Wright as the face of my franchise and try to do a deal for Reyes. Big recent signings for the Mets haven’t been successful. Build a solid core of players around Wright who in my eyes is a proven clubhouse leader. These guys don’t need to be megastars, just decent performing and healthy. Pitching is the first need. Improve the pitching across the board and hitting will follow. I’m a Mets fan and always will be, I’ll never leave my team, but I sure will show displeasure to the owners.

  3. Jules Posten says:

    ii totallly agree with Burton Sachs. i was a live or die dodger fan from 1949 thru 1957. i becaqme a Dodger fan when i was 9 and a resident of Manhatten, where i took so much abuse when they never won a WS. when O’Malley ripped the heart from every Dodger fan, i dropped Baseb all compley, until i discovered the Mets. iwas in the service 1961-63 and came home just in time for the Doger sweep of the Yankees in 63. somehow i felt vindicated for all my Brookly Dodger disappoinments. my favoite Dodger was Campy.

  4. Avi says:

    Why do so many people want to get rid of David Wright. How many 3B are better than he is and how much would it cost to replace him. Stop being ridiculous. The Mets have a lot more important needs than getting rid of David Wright and trying to replace him.

  5. Beverly Ackerman says:

    Bev; The players that should go our as follows
    David Wright, Mike Pelfrey ,get rid of the pitching coachget a second basemen.
    and anew bullpen.

  6. Beverly Ackerman says:

    sket case and they should get a starter

  7. Avi says:

    You people who criticize the Wilpons are really ridiculous. They have spent tons of money on this team and really love it. Their commitment has not always translated into the results they and their fans would like. Get over it!

  8. Eric G. says:


  9. mike says:

    Fred Wilpon is right about wright he is not a superstar. Reyes is the best shortstop in the MLB and he can’t carry a team because is a table setter for someone else to do it and wright can’t do it. Trade wright and get some real talent. Ike Davis will be the face of the franchise next year anyway. 2012 line up 1. Jose Reyes 2. justin turner 3. Ike Davis 4. Lucas Duda 5.Daniel Murphy 6. Jason Bay 7.Angel Pagan 8. Josh Thole

  10. FRANK says:


  11. Avi says:

    I never said Reyes and Wright are as good as those Hall of Famers. I said even those great players never won a World Series because one or two players cannot carry a team. So, it is not right to blame the best current Mets for their predicament. Get some more good players.

  12. Jim says:

    Mets need to get prospects in their farm system and keep them. It seems to have worked for Boston. They need youth and reliable vetrans to build around such as David Wright. Not players who are injury prone or at the end of their prime. Jose was a good shortstop but he spends more time on the DL than on the field these days.

  13. Glenn DeMilt says:

    In the brief time Murphy played third he did so as well as Wright,despite his lack of baseball brains. If Wright could bring back a quality arm, then do it. Let’s start over building around Davis, Duda, Gee and Niese. In Citi Field it should be pitching, speed and defense.

  14. scott b. says:

    Today is great day to be a met fan..it confirms that we finally have a front office in place that knows what they”re doing. They realize that there’s no such thing as a “franchise player” or a “face of the franchise” when a teams done nothing but lose. Wright Reyes Beltran Bay Pagan Delgado Pelfrey to name a few all have or had losing in their DNA! I can’t look at them anymore! enough is enough!

  15. Sizzle Chest says:

    Oh great,here we go again back to the 1970s.Is M.Donald Grant in charge again? How can you let a home grown blue chip player like David Wright go? Next to go is Jose Reyes?Get rid of Jason Bay.
    I think it’s time for me to find a new team to root for.It’s obvious that there isn’t any consideration for the diehard Met fans.We have been thru thick and thin with this team,mostly thin.What a disgrace.Sell the team.Mr.Wilpon,you have no regard for us fans,We need owners who care,like the Phillies,Red Sox and Yankees.We should all boycott games and stop buying Mets souvenirs.We will give the Mets owners the same consideration as they give us.

  16. Tony M. says:

    I feel we need to keep both David and jose, but can’t we trade Fred and Jeff?

  17. mikey t says:

    stop making up stories and learn something about sports. nearly every player gets placed on waivers. good job reporting, FAN. you’re embarrassing.

    1. erik b says:

      and they said that in the story.

  18. Edison says:

    Gary Matthews got it all wrong, it’s not the Mets players who are crybabies, it’s the Mets fans.

    Keep Wright & Reyes they say. The Mets have never won with these two chokers. Reyes is about to be a free agent looking for a big payday & Wright becomes one after next year.

    Both are not worth the money they are making now much less what they will be asking for when they become free agents. This is a sure sign the Mets do not have money.

    Stop your crying Mets fans, both have been with the Mets for over 8 yrs now & they never have carried the Mets to a title, it over for both your overrated chokers as Mets.

    1. Sad Edison says:

      You managed to call an entire fanbase babies twice and Wright and Reyes chokers twice in your post, while making the two points that Wright is a FA after next year (he is not, he has two years left with the Mets) and that the Mets don’t have money based on the fact that these two players are not worth the money they want. I don’t even know where to start with that analysis, it makes no sense.

      I’m a Yankee fan but I understand logic, and when you fail to make a reasonable point and only call other people names, it reeks of someone who is just angry and unable to express why. I love my Yanks and don’t ever want the Mets to succeed, but calling my neighbors and friends that grew up Met fans names is just silly. If not but for the grace of the baseball gods go I.

      The lack of knowledge is fine. Why you spent the time to insult millions of people is mind-boggling, and I can only assume your own personal self-esteem is so low that you need to make other people feel bad to alleviate the pain.

      1. Edison says:

        Sad Edison, you just proved my point on what I said about Mets fans. Here you come crying your being a Yankees fans who’s defending crybabies Mets fans when we all know you’re a Mets fan as well. Come on now, you’ve shown your true colors.

        Stop it, you’re acting like a little girl. You don’t like what’s posted, don’t read it, no one asked you to. Move one

    2. Avi says:

      Ted Williams. Ernie Banks. Many more Hall of Famers have not been able to carry their teams to World Series titles. Stop being ridiculous. Reyes and Wright are two of the top players at their positions plus they’re homgrown. So what do you want to do, go after overpriced free agents. The Mets are freeing up a lot of salary. Keep Reyes and Wright and then fill in with hungry ballplayers like they did for most of this year and keep injuries down. Then they’ll be contenders.

      1. Nate says:

        Wright & Reyes are not & will never even come close to the players Williams & Banks were. Maybe Wright & Reyes make that so call Hall of Fame the Mets have at Citi Field. Let’s not put these two players up there with any true Hall of Famers.

        Wishful thinking on your part to even think these players match up there with them. Keep dreaming. Both players have been around for a long while now & the Mets have not won, period. The players that carried the Mets in ’06 were Delgado & Beltran. Reyes & Wright are chokers.

        Mets fans have waited 26 yrs for the Mets to win another title with better players on their roster & have not won. Wright & Reyes are what they are, good players, just not good enough to ever win.

  19. FRANK says:


  20. Joseph Gentile says:

    as a mets fan it will be a huge mistake to let him go any place we need him and reyes on the infield how about going for real pitchers ! GOD i wish the mets owners would get a clue how to run a ball club ! SIGN BRIAN CASHMAN and let him have money then we can maybe have a club with a winning record and KEEP A COACH FOR MORE THEN 2 SEASONS ! MAYBE THE METS SHOULD BUY A CLUE NOT A PLAYER !!!!!!!!

  21. teejay69 says:

    Why must Met fans have to suffer so much?

    1. Joe says:

      more like why must you guys be such idiots. Nearly every player in baseball is put on waivers. The news is actually not supposed to be let out because teams can get fined. this is nothing to worry about

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