Rex Ryan Needles Giants Again, Says Jets ‘Are The Best Team’ In NY

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — While Hurricane Irene continues its path toward the Tri-State area, Jets coach Rex Ryan is certainly not throwing any water on what he sees as a heated rivalry with the Giants.

In his book released earlier this year, “Play Like You Mean It,” Ryan proclaimed the Jets as the top football team and “big brother” in New York. They have been more popular on Long Island, but generally have taken a back seat to the Giants through the years.

With trips to the AFC title game the last two years while the Giants weren’t making the playoffs, Ryan sees his club as No. 1 in these parts.

Asked if he still believes that, Ryan said: “Oh, absolutely. Absolutely I do.”

The Jets will have their chance to back Ryan’s words up when they host Big Blue on Dec. 24, the next-to-last week of the regular season.

“I guess we get to find out on Christmas Eve,” he added. “Again, I am not backing down from one comment. I believe we are the best team in New York and the goal is to be the best in the National Football League, not just in New York. I am not backing down one bit from that statement. I believe that will be the case.”

Giants defensive end Justin Tuck irked Jets fans this week when he said the New Meadowlands Stadium, whose naming rights were just purchased by MetLife, will “always be Giants Stadium.”

Ryan took exception with that, as well.

“He can think all he wants, but I think of it as MetLife Stadium and it’s the home of the New York Jets,” Ryan said. “I guess he can think of it that way. He’ll probably be one of the only guys that think of it that way. I certainly don’t think of it that way.”

Neither does wide receiver Santonio Holmes.

“It’s the Meadowlands, the home of the New York Jets,” he said. “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Are the Jets better than the Giants? Let’s get the debate going in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. JayJets says:

    If i recall correctly the Giants don’t have their own stadium either.

    The Jets may have lost in the AFC Championship games 2 years in a row, but at least they didn’t choke in the regular season giving up a 21 point lead with 8 minutes left to miss the playoffs once again. Thats what the real losers in NY do…

    1. Michael Valenti says:

      And what exactly have the jets done besides LOSE back to back Championship games??? That’s not closing the deal in my book either. Eagles lost 3 NFC Championships in a row and were considered chokers yet somehow you think you accomplished something. We have rings, you don’t….BOTTOM LINE

    2. NYstuckinPhilly says:

      The Giants are 4-0 in NFC Championship games. The Jets get there twice and lose. I would rather not make the playoffs than to get to the conference championship game and lose. Jets come in 2nd which means they are the 1st loser. This is like comparing the Mets to the Yankees and I am a Mets fan…there is no comparison and history repeats itself all of the time.

      1. Tom says:

        What an ignorant comment.

  2. Bills Fan says:

    Best team in New York? Doesnt he know he plays in the Meadowlands which, if I am correct is in New Jersey. So how can he have the best team in New York?! Too many hits to the head I guess.

  3. Steven says:

    Bla Bla Bla… Who cares both teams represant New York Well. Hope they both win their division

  4. Billt says:

    Rex Ryan is a good defensive coordinator, but will follow the family tree as a head coach. When coaches talk that much, it’s usually a sign that they lack something and that Rex, is leadership. Sorry Jets fans, but it will be 42 years and counting…….

  5. Eric Mangenious says:

    Predticion: Jason Pierre-Paul wil salm pretty boy sanchez and take his butt out for the season. Bye Bye Mark and you Fat Fake tooth Foot licker

  6. Mike P says:

    Only the Jets think losing the AFC championship is an accomplishment. It is not. It is a failure. This explains why the NY Jets are one of the worst organizations in sports. They have been an embarassment to the Ny area for
    a long time. They probaly do have a better team than the Giants right now but it
    doesn’t mean anything if you can’t accomplish anything with it. The haven’t even been to a Super Bowl in over 40 years and this season will be no different.
    If you want to compare yourselves to the Giants just go do what they have done go win 3 super bowls.. They are still the only team in the NFL without their
    own stadium. They got suckered into paying billions of dollars to still play in Giants stadium.. It is only a matter of time before their fat coach and his disgusting perverted wife are run out of town.

  7. suge says:

    Ok retart one and retart 2 up hear the qustion is whos is the best team now…..
    Clearly the jets, giants have not made the playoffs in 2 years. You 2 should learn to read. J e t s jets jets jets!!!!!!!!!

    1. Boris says:

      and you should learn how to spell.

  8. Tony says:

    Last time I checked the Stadium is in East Rutherford thats in NEW JERSEY

  9. Mitnik says:


  10. LennyNYG says:

    Ryan is full of it. Let his talk all he wants. Can the Jets win a Super Bowl before he proclaims them the greatest team in NFL history, please? Sure Namath and Messier made predictions that came true, but Joe said it when the Jets were already in the SB, and Messier had no choice but to say what he did because the Rangers had to win game 6. How many times did Ewing make a prediction and fail to deliver. In NY, RESULTS matter, not bragging. You don’t hear this stuff from the Yankees.

  11. Otto says:

    What really matters is who has the most rings in NY? Case closed Rexy.

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