Orioles’ Buck Showalter Angry At ‘Hypocritical’ Yankees For Irene Scheduling Saga

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — The Yankees have once again found themselves on Buck Showalter’s bad side.

Bombers manager Joe Girardi asserted last week that the teams should have played a doubleheader Friday because of the looming Hurricane Irene.

The problem? That would have been just two days after former Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagan took his own life.

“It’s silly to me. I don’t understand why we didn’t play a split doubleheader,” Girardi said on Friday. “Someone’s got to step up, and they did it all over the country. They did it in Philadelphia, they did it in Boston, they did it in Florida. Football games have been moved up. Soccer games. Golf has been canceled, 18 holes. Why we didn’t play a split … I have no idea.”

Instead, the Yankees and Orioles will make up one half of their scheduled Saturday doubleheader on September 8, New York’s last true off day of the season. Yesterday’s nightcap, an 8-3 Yankees win, was rescheduled from the other half of Saturday’s rainout.

The Orioles’ manager wasn’t pleased with the talk coming from New York, going so far as to call the Yankees “hypocritical.”

“I felt that some of the stuff was a little disrespectful to Flanny, quite frankly,” said Showalter on Sunday. “That didn’t sit with me very well. I can tell you that.”

Flanagan’s body was found Wednesday afternoon about 250 feet behind his home. He won the Cy Young Award in 1979 and helped the Orioles win the 1983 World Series. After his retirement, he worked for the Orioles as a coach and in the front office before settling into a job as color commentator on the team’s broadcast network.

“Their opinion on what the Baltimore Orioles should do for their fans and for their organization isn’t really that relevant to me personally,” Showalter said, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. “I can tell you that.”

Flanagan was scheduled to work this weekend’s series against the Yankees.

“I respect where they are in the season and what their people are saying about the competitive part of it, but it means something to us, too,” said Showalter. “Sometimes we confuse some things from a real-life standpoint compared to what we’re actually doing here, OK? Obviously, there’s more, but I’ll stop there.”

Does Showalter have a point? Sound off in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. B. Cashman says:

    …hope you enjoy being 40 games out, Buck, you big-mouthed jerk!

  2. Joe says:

    Showalter is a bit of a blowhard. Everyone should know that by now. He’s frustrated because he can’t manage to do his managing job as well as Girardii is doing his. Has anyone asked the Oriole players what they would have preferred. According to Granderson, their players mostly sided with the Yankees opinion on rescheduling.

  3. John says:

    The day Mantle died, Sunday, August 13th, the Yankees played the game & the following day as well. Guess who was the Yankees manager? Yes, Showalter.

    The day Gehrig died, June 2nd, the Yankees played the game

    The day after Munson died the Yankees played. The players attended the funeral in Arkon, Ohio & played the game right after. A game we will all remember. That’s how you honor a player, you play the game.

    Those who have posted to criticized the Yankees what do they know, they’re probably a Mutts or Red Suck fan & a Yankees hater.

    So who’s Mike Flanagan?

    1. M.A.D says:

      WELL SAID!!

  4. John says:

    The day Mickey Mantle died, Sunday, August 13th the Yankees played the game and the following day as well. Guess who was the Yankees manager? Yes Showalter.

    The day Lou Gehrig died, June 2nd, the Yankees played the game

    The day after Thurman Munson died the Yankees played. Hell, the players attended the funeral in Arkon, Ohio & played the game right after.

    A game we will all remember. That’s how you honor a player, you play the game.

    Those who have posted to criticized the Yankees, what do they know, they’re probably a Mutts/ Red Suck fan and a Yankees hater.

    So for Showwalter to say it’s desrepectful to Flanny, who’s Mike Flanagan? The game must go on.

  5. SteveB says:

    Well, Girardi is arrogant and at times petty. That said, what was the big deal of playing 2 games on a day when there was already 1 game being played? Answer- the Orioles want to make the schedule as tough for the Yankees as possible- that’s what is really going on here. As a Yankees fan, I don’t have a problem with that, because if it was me, I’d do the same thing. But let’s call it what it is, I mean, Showalter talking about ‘disrespect to Flanny’… did he say that without smiling? What, since last August he’s a Orioles traditionalist? Ken Singleton would have broadcast both games for YES & he’s more an Oriole than Buck.

  6. Reg says:

    LOL. I bet not too many Oriole players would know Flanagan if they put his body right on the field. This is the same team with the group of players that were so aloof that they weren’t aware when the Orioles last won a pendant. Hey just look up for a clue. Sheesh..
    If it was coming from anyone but Showalter, then I can say it’s a legit issue but Buck has shed too many tears over Yankee “grievances” over the years. Get help. The man can’t keep a job long enough because of his Yankee problems. This guy has all the issues of first wife syndrome.

  7. DCLaw-1 says:

    Maybe the Yankee fans that infest Baltmore for these series could have spit on Flanagan’s wife and family?

    1. Mo15 says:

      they played friday anyway! if they had cancelled the game, that would have been fine, if it was out of respect for a great baseball man like flanagan. but their player rep says it was for baseball reasons and their front office said nothing. so, please, spare me the indignation.

    2. Richard says:

      No more than when other fans spit on Yankees fans. I’m sure you’ve done your share of spitting or are you a swallower? I bet you’re a swallower.

      1. Jose Camacho says:

        HAhaha, well said Richard.

  8. Rocco says:

    typical yankees they want their way and if not they will cry about it, grown up

    1. Ken says:

      Flanagan is dead, he took he’s own life, life goes on. This is a sport where people get paid a lot of money to play, fans have spend their hard earn money to buy tickets, the game must go on. Girardi is right, other teams played two games, the Orioles could have done the same & played the game.

      You’re Yankees haters Rocco & Jake. Showaters haven’t gotten over the Yankees firing his *ss. You’re all dumb*sses for thinking the way you do. Find something else to do with your pity lives.

      1. Jonas Altman-Kurosaki says:

        Nope, you’re just dumb, dude. Typical Yankees fan…

      2. Ken says:

        Jonas Altman-Kurosaki, stick with your loser Mets. By the way. how’s your summer been with the losers this year.

        Have your tissues ready when your overated Reyes leaves town. LOL, LOL, LOL

      3. Jose Camacho says:

        Well put Ken.

  9. jake says:

    Showalter is right.
    Girardi wanted the Orioles to “step up” to give the Yankees what they wanted?.
    What a petty, arrogant way to react to a difficult situation.
    This was a time for him to shut up. He showed no class

    1. BleacherCreature26 says:

      completely agree. I am a big Yankees fan, but i hate Girardi because he doesnt know when to shut up. Its ironic because hes a relatively quiet guy, but he shows no respect to those who deserve it — for example he has no problem benching Posada or throwing Jeter under the bus, and he used to do the same thing to Pettitte! This was another example of lack of respect shown by Girardi. The man is arrogant.

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