Mysterious Animal Spotted In Coverage Of Irene Has Many Wondering ‘What Is That Thing?’

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – What the heck is that thing?

That’s what many people are asking after seeing video of a creature struggling against the raging waters brought on by Tropical Storm Irene.

You can see the mysterious creature at approximately 1:54 of the video below:

The creature has a pointed snout, what appears to be matted fur and a tail. It can be seen in the video holding its nose high and lifting its forelegs high out of the water as it attempts to scramble through the water.

Photos: The Wrath Of Irene | Aftermath From Above | Facebook Fan Pics

Gothamist spotted the creature and asked viewers to comment on what the heck it was, and many seemed to think it was an opossum.

One user suggested it was “Godzilla!”

No word yet on whether the creature has set up its own Twitter account, which has been the case for many an animal these days.

What do you think it was? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Hillbilly Jim says:

    Dang New Yorkers who ain’t never seen a live wild animal other than that Hilary woman! That MYSTERIOUS animal ain’t nothin’ other than something we’d have on our Sunday dinner table – a possum! Good eatin’. Quit wonderin’ and go fetch some firewood or whatever y’all do productive up there in the Big City.

  2. MoonRidr says:

    Looks a lot like Edward Gorey’s “Doubtful Guest” (Amphigorey 1972)

  3. Paul says:

    It’s a wet Nancy Pelosi

    1. Kwasnish says:

      I don’t think Nancy Pelosi is capable of being “wet”….

  4. Tom says:

    Its a possum. They can’t see very well. Feel bad for it; people tend not to like them, but they’re totally harmless.

    1. Duncan Renaldo says:

      @Tom: If you think possums are “totally harmless,” you’ve never cornered one, brother. They ain’t got much muscle and they can’t see worth a damn, but they do have big, sharp teeth that will mangle you.

      1. Christopher Hall says:

        Then don’t corner one.

    2. Angela Snapp says:

      They will totally bite the p*ss out of you! LOL and they are scary. But they taste good!

  5. Tony says:

    it looks like my mother-in-law…

  6. macullough says:

    Opossum, no doubt about it.

  7. d chen says:

    That is not a dog, but an opossum. Opossum are found everywhere. I see them in Queens often.

  8. Rodin says:

    Looks like a Dog and a lot of people with empty lives and nothing better to occupy their minds to me.

  9. LUCIA PEREZ says:


  10. SI mom says:

    The white things at the top/back of its head are the ears…what is hanging down is wet fur…it is a large, unfortunate opossum

  11. fred says:

    Opossum……def! They do have ears like that. Next time you see a dead one on the side of the road(with an intact head) look at its head from the back. Looks like a puppy. I hit one once….thought maybe it survived…..went back to check and was amazed at how different it looked without that signature muzzle in the equation while looking at its head from the back.
    Maybe this will help.
    Wet possum

  12. Carol L. Gonzalez says:

    It’s a big dog. An oppossum has a very thin, long tail!

  13. B J DAVIS says:

    It’s a rat. a big one.

  14. frank says:

    It’s my ex-wife

  15. iggy says:

    if there was a helicopter above it, the ice idiot sarah sound-byte was hunting it

    1. NoSenseLibMedia says:

      Only New Yorkers could be so dumb as to not know a DOG when they see one. OMG; and we thought the morons in California were stupid. Can liberal media can’t any dumber? Oh yeah….wait a few more minutes. roflmao.

      1. advance2go says:

        Have to get political on this? You are a dumb ass. Proof your not a liberal. Your too stupid. Its a possum!!

      2. frank says:

        Next you’ll yell, “Get your government hands off of my Medicare!”

      3. Leah says:

        Sorry Folks! This is absolutely an opossum.TRUST me i live in Alabama. Have had 2 in the backyard last year. The reason that it looks very awkward walking (notwithstanding the torrential current) is because opossums are not used to all fours, on the ground walking. They are primarily arboreal and are still slow in the trees which they are more comfortable. With. Frank! Hahahah. your ex, huh? Lol. The creature does have a long, thin tail. It’s ears are drenched, but are of recognizable shape

    2. Cleea says:

      People it is a dog. If you look at the dog when it turns it’s head, opossums don’t have ears that stick out like a dogs. They are also lower to the ground. A dog will walk picking it’s paws up carefully, when uncertain with ground below their feet. Reporters need to take a field trip to the country and really see what animals look like. So should Sam would works with the NYC wildlife.. I took the picture into Photoshop and enlarged it, to make a positive ID after I started to write my comment. It definitely is a dog, it has ears hanging down you cannot see in this photo. Opossums don’t have ears that hang. Everyone enjoy your day. Hope the dog found it’s owner…

  16. Sam says:

    That is very clearly an oppossum. Possums are marsupials and I do believe she is carrying babies, which is slowing her down. As someone who works with NYC wildlife, its disheartening that so few New Yorkers can recognize one of the most common examples of wildlife we have here.

    1. Sam says:

      Also, they can and do grow to be as big as a small dog. They are also not rodents, regardless of their appearance.

    2. TomNJ says:

      Sam, you are right. That is an opossum. I have seen many here in Jersey all my life and that is what that is. Sad that the almighty media, with there opinions on how we should all be living our lives, do not even have the basic education of the local wildlife.

      1. Unbelievable says:

        An opossum LOL! look how deep the water is, then look how long the animals legs are. If that was an opossum it would have to be 4 feet long. LOL!. then look at the shot when the animal turns, it has ears that stick out and down. ITS A WET DOG.
        Maybe Sam works with albino alligators in the sewers or CHUDS, but Sam don’t know opossum

      2. TomNJ says:

        No, not a dog. And yes, an opossum can get to be quite large. Water depth is tricky, but you can clearly see its facial structure and it is not a dog. Obviously not a 4 foot one, but maybe 2 1/2 or so.

    3. Mary says:

      I live in the Bronx and this is definitely an oppossum. I see them in my backyard all the time and trust me they are big.

  17. Bob says:

    Looks like a soggy dog!

  18. robert says:

    Big groundhog that’s all folks

  19. Patrick says:

    No Dogs and Ferrets leap, likely and Opossum as its tying to Climb out slowly…

  20. decalman2009 says:

    wet dog to big to be an opossum

    1. diana bulgarelli says:

      It’s a dog. The morons that took the picture should have tried to save it.

      1. diana bulgarelli says:

        And whilst I’m thinking about it, who was the idiot reporter who wrote this story and who obviously doesn’t know what a dog looks like?

    2. Kathleen Rose Ann Maghie says:

      I have seen opossums that big

  21. tigereyes says:

    The animal obviously is a wet dog;poor creature, he was probably scared, disoriented, hungry, and it is a shame pictures were taken instead of the animal being rescued. This is probably someone’s pet and maybe he’s lost. I hope all turned out well for the little fellow.

  22. JMS says:

    after watching it a few times I’m certain it’s a rodent and probably an opossum. at about 2;09 of the clip you can get a fleeting glimpse of the extra long tial which possum’s use to hang on trees.

  23. DCLaw-1 says:

    Does GagGa have an alibi? I

    1. 3rdTyrant says:

      Now that’s precious :). I’m still laughing.

  24. why it’s BIGFOOT!!

  25. brian says:

    Well if it is a opossum its the king of all opossum,bet it would make a great meal

  26. L,. Floss says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, that is an adult Opossum. Unfortunately, many different kinds of animals were forced out into the open because of the flood waters. And yes, even some animals that are “nocturnal” were also forced out into the open. This animal just looks very decieving because its coat of hair is wet and clinging to its body. If it was dry, there would be no mistake about it, you would definitely recognize it.

  27. Sydelle Houston says:

    Looks like a wet mutt to me.

  28. Theresa says:

    That is definitely an adult a possum. I have them living under my deck in Rockaway Beach. Just posted a picture of a baby one sitting on my fence.

  29. The Philanthopist (no, not Fullonrapis) says:

    Some possibilities: 1) Al Sharpton swimming against the tide of public opinion. 2) Anthony Wiener struggling against the flood of public ridicule (note the cell phone in his paw). 3) A dog.

  30. Tracy says:

    It’s so sad that all they probably did was take a video of this “creature” instead of rescuing this poor struggling animal. Breaks my heart.

    1. Anthony Pepe says:

      you’re crazy. how about having your heart broken over a human being who was hurt in the storm, not some disgusting rat

  31. Guy who once saw Lyle Alzado at Newark Airport says:

    A bird? A plane? Superman? Doubt it is Lyle Alzado as didn’t look anything like that when I saw him August 1989. Also, I believe he has been deceased for nearly 20 years.

    Hmmm………maybe a………….DOG?

    Stupid f***ing media once again posting a non-story.

  32. Shulem Weinreich says:

    its a bear

  33. D says:

    wet dog wearing a collar.

  34. OfficerJoeBolton says:

    My Mother-in-law

    1. Vicky says:

      Officer Joe!!!!! Is it really you????? I haven’t thought about you in 40 years!!!! How are you….and the Stooges…how are they? I miss the old gang……you must write and tell me what you’ve been up to since 1965!


  35. JMM says:


  36. Me says:

    A ferret maybe?

  37. Ed says:

    It is a fischer cat.

  38. DianeD says:

    It’s obviously a dog, you morons!

    1. Pawfect Day says:

      This doesn’t look like anything else but a dog. Poor thing.

    2. JMS says:

      i don’t think it’s dog at all u knitwit. the head shape, short legs, wispy tail and body language make it more likely something in the rodent family, either huge rat or opossum as far as i can tell.

    3. niklu52 says:

      You are the moron DD… it’s a opossum.. probally looks a little like you, I’m sure!

  39. ojo says:

    Looks like a wet beagle. Mine looks like that when hi is wet.

  40. NYC says:

    Ugh you people disgust me! Its a helpless dog! I cannot believe you will make a mockery of a dog clearly stuggling for his life! A shame what this world has come to!

    1. NYC says:

      how u no it’s a HE?

    2. chelleybellyx0 says:

      wouldn’t a dog be paddling?

    3. niklu52 says:

      Figures a NYer wouldn’t know a opossum from a dog
      BTY, you disgust me!

  41. MikeD says:

    It is the sign of the apocalypse; firts an eartquake, then a hurricaine, now the creature we fear most – Snookie without her makeup! Judgment day is upon us, grab a clean pair of underwear and head towards the Himalayas!!!

  42. NYGirl says:

    Did any of the idiots filming this try to save it? Who cares what it was, it obviously looked like it needed some help.

    1. NYC says:

      Well said, at least somone with a brain and heart!

    2. Pattie says:

      I was wondering the same thing! Put down the camera and HELP!

      1. TLooWho says:

        I also wondered the same thing! And, they kept showing it over and over…it was heartbreaking!

  43. Damien says:

    That’s HELLDOG!!!! And he’s hungry as heck right now, so keep midgets, children, small animals, dog food, etc away from the water’s edge right now.

  44. LoQueImbeciles says:

    Really??? It’s been such a slow news cycle that you morons at CBS have to manufacture stupid non-stories….like turning a grainy image of a wet dog into freekin Bigfoot? Great journalism, folks….seriously.

  45. snowdog says:

    An Opossum that big!?!? Google an Opossum and look at it’s ears. People can hold it in their hand and this video/picture has it with long god-like ears.

    It’s a wet dog. Ever wash your dog in the bath tub and realize with all his fur wet his looks totally different and funny looking. Geez, it’s easy to now see where all your UFO stories come from. People make this what they WANT them to be.

    1. Frightened in Farmingdale says:

      It’s a space-possum!

  46. Marina Ios says:

    this is unbelievable…..WHO cannot see that is a DOG, maybe pointer, or smth???????????????

  47. Donna says:

    It looked like an Opossum.

    1. Nad says:

      Your mom’s an opossum.

  48. moco says:


  49. MIKE says:



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