NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – What the heck is that thing?

That’s what many people are asking after seeing video of a creature struggling against the raging waters brought on by Tropical Storm Irene.

You can see the mysterious creature at approximately 1:54 of the video below:

The creature has a pointed snout, what appears to be matted fur and a tail. It can be seen in the video holding its nose high and lifting its forelegs high out of the water as it attempts to scramble through the water.

Photos: The Wrath Of Irene | Aftermath From Above | Facebook Fan Pics

Gothamist spotted the creature and asked viewers to comment on what the heck it was, and many seemed to think it was an opossum.

One user suggested it was “Godzilla!”

No word yet on whether the creature has set up its own Twitter account, which has been the case for many an animal these days.

What do you think it was? Sound off in our comments section.

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