Boo-Hoo Belichick: Patriots’ Stoic Coach Chokes Up Over Giants Stadium In NFL Network Trailer

NEW YORK (WFAN) — So the Jets’ robotic nemesis has feelings, after all.

“You’ve seen him coach for 37 NFL seasons. You’ve seen him record 177 career victories. You’ve seen him win 5 Super Bowl rings,” boasts the trailer for “A Football Life,” the NFL Network’s new two-part documentary on Patriots head coach Bill Belichick.

“But you’ve never seen him… like this.”

You mean reminiscing over an old teddy bear? Or holding back tears in the hallways of old Giants Stadium?

Well then, that’s pretty accurate.

“I was just trying to establish my coaching career,” the normally stoic Belichick says while touring Giants Stadium for the last time. “Be a good coach. Win some games. It’s hard not to get choked up about it.”

Watch the trailer

Belichick began his 12-year tenure with the Giants in 1979. He rose from defensive assistant and special teams coach under Ray Perkins all the way to the defensive coordinator position in 1985 with head coach Bill Parcells.

And he has two Super Bowl rings with Big Blue to show for it.

However, New York’s love affair with the coach quickly ended after the 1999 season, when he scribbled his resignation as “HC of the NYJ” on a piece of paper. He was on the job for just one day before eventually bolting for New England.

Cut to Belichick slowly walking into the shadows below Giants Stadium, with his head hung low: “Damn, I spent a lot of hours in that room.”

NFL Films wired Belichick for sound — not only for a few games, but for the entire 2009 season.

“Bill Belichick doesn’t only make history — he studies it, he understands his place in it, and he appreciates our desire to capture it,” NFL Films’ Steve Sabol said in a statement. “Belichick and the Patriots gave us access to his football life and what we created is a portrait of the coach, the father, the taskmaster and — most importantly — the man.”

The special includes scenes filmed on Belichick’s boat before the season, and the previously mentioned teddy bear moment.

“This is it,” Belichick says, smiling over his childhood keepsake. “It’s been sewn together. Looks like he’s had open heart surgery.”

The first part will air Thursday, Sept. 15, at 9 p.m. on the NFL Network, with the finale set for Thursday, Sept. 22, at 10 p.m.

Jets fans: what do you think of Belichick’s hidden side? Be heard in the comments below…


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  1. robert says:

    paul your stupid plain & simple. rex is a fat loser just like his old man.

  2. NMS says:

    I love how Jets fans say things like “he could have been coach to the NY JETS”…as if that would really mean that much to a student of NFL history. Like Lombardi, he spent a significant portion of his early career with the NY Football Giants.

    Hypothetically, if he was given the choice years ago between the Giants and the Pats, I believe he would have chosen the former. I also think he would have had a greater interest in Green Bay or the Bears…but that is just my opinion. However, things seemed to have worked out just fine for him in New England…

    I mean seriously, could you imagine Bill with the Jets? Talk about a mismatch. Besides, the Jets ended up with what they always deserved…a coach like Rex.

    And to the first poster – he was not getting choked up at Metlife, he got choked up while reminiscing at his time spent working at the original Giants Stadium while IN the original Giants Stadium…where he spent 12 years of his early career worked his way up the ladder within the NYG organization and winning two Super Bowl rings. Somehow I don’t think he was feeling that nostalgic about his three ring-less years with the Jets…

  3. Marc Weiss says:

    As a Giants fan I have no hate for the guy. In fact most of us still love him for designing those gr8 Giants defenses. Jet fans have a right to hate him, but we have no such animosity. In fact I would hope that one day he might come back to Big Blue after his run in NE ends and after Coach Coughlin decides it’s time to retire.

  4. Billy Puskas says:

    I’m a JETS fan and i just watched the trailer, and can’t believe he had the nerve to get choked up and shed some crocodile tears over being back at JETS/GIANTS or METLIFE stadium. lol what a joke. you could have stayed here and been the head coach of the NY JETS. I can careless about him or the cheating Patriots! I’m very happy with our coach GM and owner. we have a coach who wants to be here and is grateful to be the head coach of the NY JETS in the greatest city in the world. Thank You REX MIKE and MR. JOHNSON Billy from Connecticut

    1. Richard says:

      Yeah, you say that now, but the Jets would have finally won a title under Belichick, something the Jets have not done in almost 1/2 a century & Jets fans have been praying another one since that luck day in ‘69.

      Those imaginary titles Rex has promise Jets fans do not count.

      Belichick has brought success to New England. He walks the walks by winning titles (3) and not talk the talk like that blow hard who makes predictions that do not come true.

      That’s the thing about Jets fans, they live in a fantasy world created by the Wizard of Not & not reality, the real world.

      You say you don’t care, yet you have shed many tears seeing the Patriots win title after title, while seeing your Jets get the league championship only to lose twice, this after the Wizard of Not promised a Super Bowl title & could not deliver.

      One year ’09, they got in the playoffs because the Colts sat their full squad allowing the Jets to get in from the backdoor.

      “I do not care” you say, but we know you do. LOl, LOL

  5. Jesse says:

    as much as i hate him…there is no chance im missing that

    1. paul says:

      You patriot fans can say all you want about the Jets & Rex Ryan. The bottom line is that the patriot organization was the laughing stock of the NFL. The only reason that they have had success with Bill Belechick is because he is a cheater. We all know that the patriots have won squat since the whole world found out they are a bunch of cheaters, evidenced by the ass whomping the Jets put on them at home in the playoffs last year. Anyone who would rather have that cheating robot of a coach over Rex Ryan out to have their heads examined.

      1. metsies says:

        lol cheating lol. The Patriots didn’t have to cheat to beat your lousy team. lol.

      2. caltenn11 says:

        How many rings does fat boy have?? You are the typical NYJ moron.. I am a Saints fan where class is foremost with management, coaches and players…Ryan is a joke and so are his players as future seasons will show..All blow and no show!! Your team talks and talks and talks the talk..They don’t walk the walk..

      3. Fred says:

        Paul, wait, you mean when the Jets got their *ss kicked 45-3 in January was because the Patriots cheated. What f*cking planet are you from?

        Oh wait, I can answer my own question. Planet Moron

        You’re just jealous & envious of a team that wins while your loser Jets, who haven’t won in 46 yrs, continues to choke in the big game, so any excuse you can make up will make you feel better about yourself for rooting for a loser team.

        Now I get your analysis.

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