Officials: Chelsea Drug Dealer Hid Heroin, Cocaine In Daughter’s Stroller

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police have arrested a suspect who they sold drugs out of his daughter’s stroller and diaper bag at a housing complex in Chelsea.

Police say Epifanio Santiago was one of three men arrested for drug trafficking after a four-month investigation at the Chelsea Houses.

They say in June, Santiago along with a second suspect, Deion Alonzo, sold $4,000 worth of heroin and cocaine that was stashed in the stroller and diaper bag of Santiago’s daughter.

“He took his toddler along with him. The toddler sat in the stroller and Alonzo reached in and pulled out heroin from the diaper bag and there were more drugs pulled out from inside the stroller,” said New York City special narcotics prosecutor Bridget Brennan.

Officials say Santiago also sold two guns in June.

Officials say Alonzo and a third suspect, David Rodriguez, helped Santiago sell the drugs and acted as lookouts.

The suspects are charged with selling heroin, cocaine, crack, prescription painkillers and the two guns.

Alonzo and Santiago are also charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

“Involving your child in a drug dealing activity is very rare,” said Brennan. “It shows a level of disregard for the safety and security of your child that kind of shocks all of us.”

Brennan said Santiago sold nearly $11,400 in drugs and guns during seven meetings with undercover officers.


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  1. As Usual says:


    1. LG says:

      Let me take at look at you mofo probably some slime ball white trash.

  2. thor's hammer says:

    we are not nearly severe enough when it comes to punishing drug dealers.inject them all with a significant quantity of the poison they are peddaling and just let them experience the misery. this skel, with his baby in the stroller – what if the kid reached in & ingested. punishment must be severe – pound rocks, no perks, no pity, no plea deals for perps.

  3. Bigbrostyx Walls says:

    The columbia university students’ got six months.Lets’ see how many years these guys get when judged?

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