Power Surge Likely Cause Of Fast-Moving Fire That Destroyed Levittown Home

LEVITTOWN, NY (CBS 2) — A Levittown woman is dealing with more than just storm damage from Irene. After days in the dark, a fast-moving fire destroyed her home when power was finally restored to her neighborhood, CBS 2’s John Slattery reports.

For Jackie Walton, it’s a blessing she has her family to support her now that her house is gone.

A fire Tuesday afternoon shot through the roof and gutted the upstairs.

“It’s horrible. Forty years. It’s my life,” she said.

Inside, the house is a picture of destruction. Burned beams on the second floor and severe fire and water damage on the first floor.

It’s believed the fire started in the upstairs bedroom at the same time the power came back in the neighborhood.

“Either a power surge or, really don’t know, but a power surge when power went back on,” said Walton.

The five family members who live there were not at home. In a touch of irony, Walton, who is a Nassau County 9-1-1 operator, was informed of the fire by a fellow operator.

“I got a call that one of my co-workers at 9-1-1 dispatched a call that your house was on fire and to get home.”

She’s been through a lot since losing her husband Donald this past winter.

“She just buried her husband seven months ago,” said son-in-law Brian Thomas. “I don’t know how she does it. I don’t know how she keeps going.”

“I had breast cancer surgery this year. Double-cataracts and today’s my birthday,” said Walton.

So out came an ice-cream cake from a daughter’s freezer for an impromptu celebration, just steps away from the Walton’s latest tragedy.

Insurance adjusters have already told her the house is a total loss.

“Forty years, almost 40 years,” she said. “It’s all gone.”

A woman of bravery and good cheer who will never forget the wrath of Irene.

There are still more than 5,700 customers without power in Levittown.

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  1. How says:

    That’s our Jax. A true vision of strength when faced with the impossible. The anchor has it right in the end of the piece. She is amazing

    1. Brian Oakes says:

      We are having a 90 minute Zumba Fitness FUndraiser with 100% of the proceeds benefiting the Walton Family, if anyone is interested in attending:

  2. stephanie g says:

    this is my family home im in nc now so to see your family home on the news and all there faces is bringing tears to my eyes and sadnness to my soul much prayers i say for all of you aunt jackie i love you …..stephanie

  3. mak says:

    Why don’t you just shut up? You are the poster boy for low class-no class.

    1. mak says:

      Gee whiz, webmaster, if you are going to remove the crass remark I was replying to, then it would make sense to remove my response to him too.

      To the public: I was not telling CBS/1010 Wins to shut up. I was replying to a stupid post somebody had written.

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