Pundits Praise Christie’s Hands-On Irene Response, Call Cuomo ‘Very Distant’

NEW YORK (CBS 2) —  Hurricane Irene’s impact in New York and New Jersey revealed a tale of two governors. Both Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie each answered the storm’s call in their own distinctive ways.

If a picture was worth a thousand words, the images of New Jersey Governor Christie hugging, holding and consoling flooded-out Wayne homeowners, including Valerie Meter, are worth a whole lot more.

“I’m here because I got to see stuff like this for myself,” Christie said on Tuesday.

Christie had a hands-on approach to Hurricane Irene — he was all over the state cajoling and listening to constituents. He also empathized with residents while talking of his own loss of property during Hurricane Floyd, CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer reported.

“We lost everything we owned, so I understand the emotional feeling. Watching my wife sit in that warehouse and literally watch the pictures of our children disintegrate from the acrid flood water,” Christie said.

In contrast, New York Governor Cuomo’s approach was much more managerial. Cuomo toured flood zones by helicopter and did briefings in his Albany office.

It wasn’t until Wednesday — three days after Hurricane Irene left the area — that there were the first pictures of Cuomo not in a cocoon of aides actually getting up close and personal with storm victims.

Many are now saying that based on their actions, Christie became the face of the storm in the Tri-State Area.

Political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said that in many ways, Christie has “become the new regional governor.”

“Chris Christie is all over the place. He’s touching, he’s talking, he’s screaming, he’s yelling — taking on government. Andrew Cuomo, he’s very distant. Chris Christie’s the guy people are paying attention to,” Sheinkopf said.

The 2016 Presidential race is still way far away, but pundits say, this tale of two governors could have repercussions.

Who do you think did the better job during the storm — Cuomo or Christie?  Share your thoughts in the comment section…

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One Comment

  1. Ted says:

    I think Christie and Cuomo are both doing a pretty decent job, they just have different ways of going about things. They are effective leaders and they are making some very difficult choices.

    The Hurricane may have been weak in terms of what it could have been, but there was tremendous damage in NJ that I saw first hand and many people have suffered tremendous loses. People really need to get a grip and recognize that this storm, regardless of rating was very damaging and many people have lost everything.

  2. Paul says:

    Governor Cuomo is doing a great job for parts of New York State.
    Gov Cristie is a blowhard and a photo opertunist who is trying to make up for past mistakes.

    I prefer a speak softly and carry a big stick type of leader.
    Cuomo so far is getting things done in NY without being in the newspapers every day.

    That says it all for me.
    Cuomo is saying it all without saying it.

  3. Vrina says:

    I cannot say I care for some comments and arrogance Gov Christie has exhibited at times. He did at least give our President thanks for his leadership for quick response and I am sure that will not endear Christie to his fellow Republicans.

  4. Shoddy work by Ch 2 News says:

    The “pundits” cited in the headline and quoted in this non-story is one person, hired political gun Hank Scheinkopf, who had been on the NYS democratic payroll during the Cuomo for Governor campaign. Why? Were the democrats concerned he’d work for Paladino’s campaign? Wouldn’t have made any difference. Kramer is probably a drinking buddy of Scheinkopf, who’s pandering to Christie to get on his campaign payroll (with Kramer’s help.)

  5. Mike says:

    Umm….the so called hurricane was only a wind with some rain…clap clap clap…oh yeah stellar job..sorry Blimpo you havent yet lost enough weight that anyone would seriously consider you as Presidential material…oh is that your private hellicopter I hear whirring outside? Must have another of his kid’s soccer games to go to..bye bye….

    1. Sgt. Barbieri says:

      Take a ride down to fairfield nj. Over five hundred homes have been flooded, and local businesses have been shut down since Friday afternoon.
      I guess you don’t get out much.

    2. MARIE says:

      Educate yourself and turn on the TV. Have you seen the destruction and flooding in Boundbrook, Wayne, Passaic, Paterson, Parsippany to name a few. Or how about the loss of life from this storm. By the way, it wasn’t a soccer game, it was a baseball game – get your facts right! Gov. Christie did a great job in handling the storm.

  6. Vienna Joe says:

    Christie has two priorities: Expanding Corporate Welfare and expanding his waistline by gouging himself with piles of fried food. Of course both will be fully paid for by the middle class, the elderly and the disabled. To coin a Steinbrenner description, “Fat Toad!”.

  7. young says:

    The fat cow Christie was just trying to make up for being away on vacation during the winter blizzard. He’s the most arrogant jerk in politics today. It’s funny how many pepole love to be treated rudely by him and support him like moronic drones who cannot disobey their lord and master. What is so great about not “sugar coating” things? If everyone in society talked and behaved liked this idiot Christie, there would be street fights everyday. He’s the king of no-bid contracts.

    1. Classic says:

      What an enlightened call to reason in the comment above! We “moronic drones” are chided for admiring a: “fat cow”… “arrogant jerk”…and “idiot”… because, we’re told, he treats people rudely and engages in the kind of talk thatprovokes street fights. Alas, I guess some of us are just too barbarian to appreciate the elevated discourse in the comment …. so I’ll just watch the video again as Chris Christie manages to tell disaster victims what we’re all thinking, while giving them a hug. Yeah…. I just don’t appreciate the “sugar coated” diplomacy exemplified above….

  8. bv says:

    I guess Christie is making up for staying on vacation during the February ice storm.

  9. lulu says:

    I like the way Christi throws his weight around. Cuomo, a real pisano with Federal governement experience.

  10. Raynlaw says:

    Before, during and after Hurricane Irene, Chris Christie became our voice, much as Giuliani did at 9/11.

  11. BergenNJ says:

    Exactly. Let me say it first. You are blind!

  12. Disappointed in CBS News says:

    Ridiculous story, written by someone with limited subject matter knowledge. Slow news day? Ed Murrow must be spinning at 600 rpm.

  13. Meme Meyagi says:

    christie sealed his fate when he cancelled a much needed tunnel from nj to ny. next

  14. From New York says:

    Christie is the man. Against gay marriage, religious, has morals, values and is no nonsense, doesn’t sugar coat. Cuomo is just a different style. He’s doing great for New York, even though I don’t support his gay marriage agenda, but I like them both. I would work for Christie any time!

  15. Dale Auburn says:

    Let’s see…

    – Christie staged a few strategic photo ops.

    – Cuomo stayed “behind the scenes” and let the responders DO THEIR JOBS.

    I’d say that Cuomo wins this one.

    1. Pepe Roni says:

      LOL…mmm, Yea OK.

    2. what u talking bout willis says:

      Wow you must of been watching the wrong hurricane or just very blind.

  16. James says:

    Please tell those “pundits” to get a life. Anybody who thinks Gov. Cuomo is not performing his duties is totally clueless on what goes on in NY State Government.

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