Flood Waters From Creek In Cornwall, NY Destroy Business Complex

CORNWALL, NY (CBS 2) — A creek running toward the Hudson River became a river of destruction, sweeping away several businesses and hundreds of badly-needed jobs in Orange County, CBS 2’s Lou Young reports.

The flood waters rushed into a creekside complex of businesses in Cornwall, reducing it to rubble.

“All the businesses that were down here have been wiped out,” said Bill Diamond.

On one end of the scale is a candlemaker who picked through the mud for remnants of his livelihood. At the other end, a processed food-wrapping firm that still has Welch’s fruit rolls that were on the line when the flood came as workers try to save the ruined machinery.

“I don’t have another job,” said worker Marta Herrera.

There was also an electronics firm, a distributor of restaurant products, and a furniture maker.

The damage is amazing. An awful smell emanates from a brand new furniture delivery truck buried up to its wheels in sand and ruined by the river water.

Around 700 workers came to this complex every day and many of them may soon be unemployed.

“I’ve been working here 15 years and this could be it,” said Christopher Lloyd.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do for a living next week,” said Joe Longobardi. “I do some construction but this is how I make my living. I don’t know.”

The big employer here, SP&G packaging group, says they have two to four weeks to find financial help, rebuild the plant, and reopen before their clients move elsewhere.

But many of the smaller operators are already finished.

“I have insurance but they say not for flood,” said Samuel Marcus of Simcha Candle Co. “It’s almost a million dollars worth.”

“Do you see a business here? Do you see any way a business can operate the way things are here? I don’t think so,” said Haskel Landau.

One employee says he always considered the sound of running water to be soothing. But after this he says, it will forever fill him with a sense of dread.

Ironically, the complex was built by the creek to take advantage of hydro-power a century ago.

Now its proximity to the water has been its undoing.

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  1. Pontiacwhite says:

    I wish that things were better, or that they will get better for you. I am an insurance agent that tries to convince people to buy flood insurance. No one thinks it will happen to them and the cost is not cheap. The policies are not perfect since our goverment run insurance programs are not that good. However, he might have gotten $500,000 in this claim. Now he has to close or borrow money from FEMA.

  2. Does CBS employ D-grade JHS students? (KPMc) says:

    “The awful smell from a brand new furniture delivery truck that was ruined by the river water, is buried up to its wheels in sand.”

    This sentence says that the awful smell is what is buried up to it’s wheels.

    Does anyone at CBS know how to construct a proper sentence. Does anyone know how to identify the subject in a sentence.

    I realize most of these articles were originally written for on-air and writing for the ear is a little different than for the written/printed word but this is ridiculous.

    1. KPMc says:

      In the interest of fairness I am correcting myself…

      “it’s” should be “its” and there should question marks after MY second and third sentences (excluding the opening quote)

      Back to JHS for me… but that still doesn’t get CBS off the hook. I wasn’t PAID to write my comment.

  3. Irene j klark says:

    God should help you all, and let’s hope that at Least there won’t be any jobs lost

  4. Steven says:

    Thank you Lou Young and CB2 for FINALLY coming to the Hudson Valley. We always get the shaft in coverage. It’s always about Long Island and N.J.

  5. jay mark says:

    Mr President while you are preparing for your big speech next week on how to create jobs, here you have 700 precious jobs going down the drain, For a few dollars you can save it, PUT ACTION TO YOUR WORDS, If you dont save these jobs and all the people will be added to the unemployment rolls the cost for the federal government will be much much much higher then to put them back into buisness and still keep collecting taxes on payroll, SS, income ETC. its a win win situation and your monthlly jobs report will not look as dismal.

  6. Mary says:

    Wow, I used to live right near there When there was a bad storn, the creek would get high and overflow it’s banks, but those buildings have been there, for decades, so I can’t imagine the force of the water. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

  7. Good says:

    Can the County, State and FEMA try saving these jobs? We spent 300K+ per “saved or created” Stimulus job. If we spend here $100,000 per job it is $70 million.

  8. CCK says:

    Mr. Brach and Mr. Friedman we hope you find help soon and get back to business ….

  9. j.deutsch says:

    mr. friedman i just cant think what i would do in your case…

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