Stuyvesant Alumni Banned From Holding 9/11 Vigil At School

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — Stuyvesant High School students witnessed the terror attacks on September 11, but now alumni are not permitted to hold a vigil at the school.

“Many of my classmates, as they were walking to school, actually saw the plane hit the World Trade Center,” said Jukay Hsu, who was a senior at Stuyvesant just four blocks from the Twin Towers.

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Ten years later, along with dozens of his classmates, Hsu wanted to return to his alma mater.

“To sort of reflect on our experiences these past 10 years,” he told WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman.

LINK: Videos of the 9/11 attacks

The principal, however, said no.

“His first reaction, unfortunately, was that he doesn’t want to relive that day,” Hsu told Silverman. “He didn’t understand why we would.”

At one point, he told Hsu the alumni would have to pay to use the space.

“He mentioned possible vandalism, threats to school property,” Hsu said.

The Department of Education says another group has a permit for the auditorium that day, but the school is 10 stories tall with plenty of other space, Hsu says.

“People feel really strongly about it and they feel very emotional about this and they really want to see something occur,” Hsu said.

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  1. 9/11 important to some not to all says:

    You cant live in the past .If you ask most kids in 5th grade and below most will not know 9/11 unless they had family member involed .It is sad but true Some people like to remember that day others choose to forget do not for your beliefs on someones right to choose.

  2. itsnotme says:

    These kids were very young ten years ago; it is likely 9-11 had affected them more profoundly than it affected Principal Teitel.Imagine you have just started to go in to the ‘big city’ for High School, your first taste of independence… and then this happens. It is too bad the Principal cannot empathize with that and make some compromise. I hope these kids found another place to get together.

  3. steffi says:

    You can bet if muslims wanted to use the school, it would be a safe bet that the principal would let them. colleges today are teaching students to be liberal anti-american. The principal said he doesn’t want to relive that day and then he said he was worried about vandelism. He can’t make of his mind. The fool of a principal thinks 9/11 will go away. Everyone reading this should flood the schools e-mail in protest. The principal is a moron. His kind of thinking will lead to another 9/11 or worse. History will repeat itself in the worst possible way. All of the school’s alumni should hold back any money to the school until he changes his mind. Monehy talks and BS walks.

    1. Rodin says:

      As ignorant and ill informed as you showed yourself on “Ban On Clergy-Led Prayer At 9/11 Anniversary Draws Criticism” (,

      “Let me get this straight, Bloomberg doesn’t want any clergy prayer but his ok with building the mosque two block from ground zero. What’s wrong with picture. Please fax, e-mail, call the mayor’s office to tell him what you think,”

      you now show yourself bigoted as well.

      You certainly didn’t attend Stuy. How you would have a clue as to what is taught in colleges anywhere. You couldn’t get through the door at Stuyvesant!

      Agreed, “the principal IS a moron.” So are you. Before you write anything public again, get an education … and SPELLCHECK!

  4. E holder says:

    That police officer is a product of affirmative action.

    1. Rodin says:

      What police officer? What article were you reading???

  5. carl says:

    To forget the past is too let it happen again in the futher

    1. Carl put down the gin n juice says:

      Ok what is futher and when is it .Carl were you drinking again bad Carl bad Carl

  6. Barre Flynn says:

    How complicated is this. Hold the vigil in the park next to the school. Or in the middle of the West Side Highway, if you want to make a point. Who needs to be in that school. They are breeding morons.

  7. M.M.O'Reilly Jr. says:

    Am I the only one getting post 9-11 burnout from the media ?
    I was downtown when we were attacked, even my wife (not at my
    workplace) ,heard a low flying plane from her apartment that turned
    out to be the first plane to attack. That was enough for us to
    remember that horrid day and actually a horrid sad month.
    I feel now like this is a very commercialized holiday like Christmas as
    to who has the most attended post 9-11 audience. Tis a pity!

    1. 2gruesome2b says:

      it doesn’t take too much to imagine what disgust you must evince when someone brings up the holocaust. after all, that ended in 1944/1945, eons ago.

      1. Rodin says:

        The mention of the holocaust may not “disgust” me but its constant use for political and religious propaganda, to justify Zionist abuses in occupied Palestine and to get around secular law worldwide sure does.

  8. or consequences says:

    If the Stuy High principal really did say no because of possible vandalism or threats to school property, then he is not worthy of that position. Such remarks are the canards of low I.Q. people. Or lazy people. Will someone please check that he didn’t falsify his job application to the Board of Education.

  9. Pat Johnson says:

    I so remember the Stuy.H.S. newspaper that the kids did right after
    the attack ,it was even linked from the New York Times back then.
    This is very sad that those young people cannot have a reunion of
    their own ,where they wish.
    I wonder if this Principal is getting pressure from some Muslim or Arabic

  10. truth says:

    then hold your vigil outside… ask the city for a permit!

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