Brooklyn Shooting Wounds NYPD Officer, Leaves 2 People Dead

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A fatal shooting in Brooklyn Monday night has left a New York City police officer in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the arm.

Two people are confirmed dead after gunfire exploded on Park Place in Crown Heights.  CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis reported that one suspected shooter is in the hospital and another shooter is also believed to be involved.

While details remained sketchy late Monday night, witnesses said the street was littered with bullet casings.  There is no word yet on what exactly led to the deadly violence.

The wounded officer was in uniform at the time of the shooting and was taken to Brookdale Hospital.


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  1. Ty Johnson says:

    Let me tell ya right this second. The way people acted in the parade today was down right disgusting. It shames me that these people tryin to represent my country. I know the majority ain’t from the Islands. They be comittin Black on black violence left and right. I took my family to the parade all I gots them seein was what a woman slashed in the face. Then what happens? We be ducking behind cars to not get shot in the head. What is wrong with the youth in my neighborhood? Sickening. They make us look like a savage culture. I see a lot of post be sayin that its racist tocall the youth savage, but that’s what many black youths in my neighborhood be acting like pure savages. We as a culture can not bury our heads any more. We must stand up and fight the violence. I am sick to my stomach that I even brought my kids to that parade. I wanted them to see my roots, I left afraid for their lives. The cops are hard on our neighborhood for a reason. They not being racist. The fact is, the youngins be violent.The youth don’t know how to behave. My son got jumped multiple times, he got his game boy stolen and ipod stolen. I’m afraid to buy him nice things because he be a target. Lets stop being ignorant and stand up to the violence. It’s our own fault. I never thought I’d be sayin this 10 years ago, but now that I have a family and I grew up a bit, I actually feel safe when I see them rookies on every corner on foot every night.

  2. Sruli Es says:

    Wake Up…

    Read more about it here…

  3. Denise Finelli says:

    There’s only about 4 sentences in this whole thing and the people who blogged on this already made presumptions! At one of New York City’s St. Patricks Day parades someone was murdered… his name was Michael Sarti. He was from our WHITE neighborhood at the time beaten by others who were attending that same Irish Parade. So before you start judging, perhaps you should do some research. It’s usually bigot, judgmental, and intolerable people who commit crimes…. as well as the same type of people who write hateful blogs. Just saying.

    1. Ty Johnson says:

      Denise. There’s no sense bringing up a solo incident from 1997 to justify any that white people can kill white people. I have lived in Brooklyn for years after I moved from Kingston down in the Islands. I been raising my family here. Every year J’ouvert is gets worse and worse. Other then the noise pollution from those pipe instruments the irish use and a few drunk white people fightin each other, the parade seem to go smooth. I aint tryin to be a devils advocate but I work at wells fargo close to 5th avenue in manhattan where they have that parade. Its nothin like what we throw in Brooklyn. The best way to describe it is Chaos (J’overt/ W. Indian parade) vs Organized (every other parade. Whether it be whiite (st patricks day), black (african day parade), or hispanic (dominican day, puerto rican parade). After what I experiance yesterday, I would feel safe bringin my family to any parade but the one that celebrates my own culture sadly. SMH at you brooklyn.

  4. Denise Finelli says:

    Jesus was the biggest LIBERAL there ever was…. and most of you conservatives are bible beaters… I don’t get it!

  5. Lee says:

    You are the only person who needs to wake up, i don’t know where you have been…..for the past few decades. Then again if we didn’t have people like you there would be no hell. You deliverance and civilization asap. May God forgive you, people like you are there reason why Americans are misconstrued.

    1. Very conservative says:

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      1. john a says:

        Get the damn guns off the streets. Wake up–more are killed by gunfire than killed in wars. We need gun control–the hell with the NRA!

  6. sammy says:

    ‘Nuff Siad

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